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Sungmin's Twitter Update

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He must be upsad because he has to give someone to take care of his sons (his cats). Poor Sungmin playing with his cat.

Donghae & Leeteuk Selca

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Super Junior in Cool SPAO Jeans

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Spao Organic T-Shirt Campaign [Siwon & Heechul]

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Kyuhyun Going Into a Class

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Donghae & Heechul Twitter Update []

The boys is enjoy their lunch

고기 맛있다ㅋㅋ 토마토 먹자ㅋㅋ
Eat delicious meat, tomato

Donghae said something to heechul- he talk about the tomato and he want it

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12plus interview with Siwon and Donghae

△How many times has Siwon been to Thailand?

Siwon: Including this time, I've been here 9 times, sir. But no matter how often we come to Thailand, our fans give us a great welcome which makes me think of Thailand like my second home.

△This is the second time coming to Thailand [for Donghae], how do you find it? Have you seen the previous CF?
Donghae : Firstly, I have to thank 12 Plus for choosing me to film this CF. I've seen the last one but this CF concept will be different from the previous one. For this one I must fall in love with Pancake* and I feel very happy that I'm filming with Siwon because we're very close and I feel happy and honoured to have the chance to film a CF together with Pancake.

△How do you prepare for coming back to film the CF?
Siwon: Of course, I use the new product by 12 Plus which I use to make my face softer and control oiliness. It's very suitable to Thai girls, you should find it and use it.

△How do you feel about having the chance to film with Pancake?
Donghae: I'm acting as a guy who's fallen in love with in Pancake's charm because she used '12 Plus Miracle BB Powder'. She has a certain charm which made me fall in love with her. If fangirls want me to fall in love with you, don't forget to use it.

△How do you feel about filming with other Thai stars?
Siwon : I'd like to thank 12 Plus very much for choosing me to film with Thai stars each time.

△How do you feel about your colleagues?
Pancake : I'm very glad and thankful that I was chosen to be a presenter, I'm very excited to be filming. I hope everyone will see the CF when it's done.
Donghae : I'm disappointed that I've only been able to spend a moment with Pancake.
Siwon : I've heard that Pancake is the queen of CFs. I think that must be true because she's a person who is very focused on her work. She's a professional. I feel honoured to work together with her.

△When 12 Plus contacted you to work with 2 men, how did you feel? I heard that you were very excited?
Pancake : I wasn't very excited because both of them are very professional. They're very concentrated on their work and they also work fast. When they received the script, they tried really hard to learn it fast.

△How about Pancake's filming experience?
Pancake : It was very enjoyable. There're many scenes that take place in settings like Korea.

△Where did you go to film? Did you enjoy it? Tell me about it.
Siwon : For the filming this time, we went to Suan Luang Ror 9** The atmosphere there is as beautiful as something out of history. I really enjoyed filming and although I regret that it was raining during filming, the work was completed without problem.

△Have any fans followed you guys?
Donghae : This CF was filmed at Suan Luan Ror 9 so there were many fans who followed to support us. Even though the weather was not very good there were a lot of fans waiting for us there. I was impressed that the fans followed us everywhere. I hope everyone uses '12 Plus Miracle BB Powder' because it will make other people enchanted with you.

△How do you feel about Thai fan's welcome?
Siwon : I have to thank the Thai fans and reporters. No matter how many times we come here, Thai fans always support us. It has become our energy to work and we will return the favour by working hard and doing well.

△This is Donghae and Siwon's second time coming here. When you go back home, if you saw a fan use '12 Plus Miracle BB Powder', how would you feel?
Donghae : Like its name, sir. '12 Plus Miracle BB Powder'. Something might happen, I might fall in love with that girl. I might suddenly hug her (laughter)
Siwon : I might help her put the '12 Plus Miracle BB Powder' on her face.

△ When you go back to Korea, who is the girl you would most like to take '12 Plus Miracle BB Powder' to?
Siwon : I would like to take it to my mom and younger sister. And friends in the same company such as Girl's Generation. Even though they're already really beautiful, if they used '12 Plus Miracle BB Powder' they might be prettier than before.
Donghae : I will take it for myself. I'd like to smear it on my face, I actually already use it. I hope everyone else uses it too.

△Right now you're promoting 'Super Girl' with 'Super Junior-M' in China. Please give a message to your fans.
Siwon : If I hadn't received love from fans, there would not have been the Super Girl song because the song is for everyone. Unlike Sorry Sorry, "Super Girl" is a song which shows happiness. If fans would like to support us, they can now purchase Super Junior M's album in Thailand too.

△In Siwon and Donghae's opinion, who is a Super Girl?
Siwon : I have to say that any girl who uses '12 Plus Miracle BB Powder' would be my Super Girl.
Donghae : If someone uses '12 Plus Miracle BB Powder' I am sure that that girl would be my Super Girl.

△This is Super Junior-M's 2nd album. Will you have the chance to promote in Thailand again?
Siwon : Right now we don't have any plans to promote in Thailand but if fans want us to, we'd come fast. We will try hard and I hope that someday the girls will use '12 Plus Miracle BB Powder', and on that day, we'll come to Thailand.

△Say anything you'd like to Thai fans.
Donghae : We're very thankful that we've received love from Thai and Korean fans for 'Sorry Sorry' and 'It's you'. Now the 'Super Junior-M' album is coming out in China and soon we'll come back to Thailand again. Please follow up 'Super Junior' and don't forget to give us a lot of love because it will be our energy and don't forget to use '12 Plus Miracle BB Powder' too.
Siwon : Thanks Thai fanclub a lot for coming to the Super Show 2 concert in Korea. We were very surprised and impressed that there were so many people there. Soon we'll have a concert in Thailand too. We're sorry for making Thai fans wait so long.
Donghae : Yes we're very sorry that Thai fans have had to wait for a long time. We'll have a concert in Thailand soon so please look out for it and love '12 Plus Miracle BB Powder' a lot too.
Siwon : Lastly, don't forget to love Super Junior and 12 Plus Miracle BB Powder too, thank you.

△Before leaving, do you have any Thai sentences you'd like to say to your fans?
Siwon&Donghae : 'You're my miracle'
Donghae : 'Your face is delicate'

* Pancake is Thai Super Star who is very popular and famous in Thailand
** Suan Luang Ror 9 was built December 5, 1987 to praise 'King Bhumibol Adulyadej(The King Of Thailand right now)' . Suan Luang Ror 9 is both a park and a botanical garden. It's located in Eastern Bangkok, Thailand.

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Kim HeeChul is good at dressing up as a girl

Super Junior Kim HeeChul has always been famous in the Kpop circle for his appealing feminine features and for his cross-dressing

Beautiful Kim Heechul
What can u describe about him? As for me he is the Beautiful Kim Heechul.

Super Junior Kim HeeChul to join Family Outing 2 as fixed member

Super Junior Kim HeeChul has been chosen to be the fixed member of SBS Family Outing Season 2.

Kim HeeChul has been invited in the past by SNSD YoonA to make guest appearance on the show, and it seems that his ability to lighten up the atmosphere during the filming with his sense of variety has very influenced the production team’s decision to add him to the team.

A SM Entertainment rep commented, “It is true that he will be appearing on Family Outing 2, it is confirmed that he will be appearing as fixed member on the show.”

Kim Hee Chul will join as the 8th member to the existing Family members Kim WonHee, Ji SangRyul, Yoon SangHyun, Shin BongSun, YoonA, Jo Kwon and TaecYeon on the show.

The first filming session for Kim HeeChul will be on 17th May.

S: TodayKorea

Leeteuk's cute fail, 15 tweets

APRIL 25th, 2010

@donghae861015 Hello TeukieTeukie Leeteuk too!! got into twitter^^
{DELETED TWEET} @donghae861015 It's quite hard for twitter addicts..ㅋㅋㅋ
{DELETED TWEET} ..I'm tired^^; This 4th album will really have to create many good memories.. memories...^^


APRIL 26th, 2010

{DELETED TWEET} It's raining a lot..getting melancholic..!!
{DELETED TWEET} @donghae861015 this is difficult..ㅋㅋㅋI'm completely at a loss..ㅋㅋ

APRIL 27th, 2010

{DELETED TWEET} ㅋㅋㅋit's possible even with an iPhone ㅋㅋ
{DELETED TWEET} Merong*~~^^
@henrylau89 ㅋㅋHey Henry it's hyung ㅋㅋㅋ

* Sound you make when you stick your tongue out.

APRIL 28th, 2010

The privilege that only those who truly loved can feel..wouldn't that be a farewell?In the future we will try to love each other more♥
{DELETED TWEET} @ShinsFriends Shindongah Teukie I doing this right??It's difficult...I must be stupid..

APRIL 29th, 2010

It's Jeju Island!!!!!Wah...the air is good^^/Why wasn't it like this when I came with Donghae and Eunhyuk???ㅋㅋㅋ Entering twitter!!^^I want to post this personal photo first^^

{DELETED TWEET} Where is this place?That's Jeju Island. Today I went to Jeju Island and back!!Up all nightㅠㅠAh I'm sleepy... Where is this place??^^That's Jeju Island!!Today I went to Jeju Island and came back!Because of schedule...stayed up all night..ah sleepy...ㅠㅠ

spread!!!Please spread the word!!Follow~~do follow!!!^^

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Eeteuk's Cyworld Sidebar Update

..@special1004 follow twitter!..

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Shindong Confirm Eeteuk's Twitter Account

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Super Junior member!! TeukieTeukieLeeteuk!! Starting Twitter!! Many of you go follow him please!!^^ President of Teuk Academy, Super Junior's Leader, next generation MC, Angel without Wings TeukieTeukie Leeteuk!! We have to show Teukie hyung how fun tweet is --> @special1004 follow him immediately!!

Eeteuk Finally Got His Twitter Account

Another good news to ELF before Super Junior release their 4 jib next month. Our lovely leader Eeteuk oppa finally has his own Twitter account. Click this link to view his twitter account @special1004

Some captures of his twitter account.

Personal photo of me

Where is this? That's Jeju Island. I got to go. Got schedule.

He also posted 2 photos in his twitter.
So, ELF let's follow Eeteuk.

Donghae's Twitter Update [29.4.2010]

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Zhoumi 5 UFO Replies

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

[100429/Sungmin/CY] 1 Diary entry and Board's msg

2010.04.29 11:55

It seems that raising Hyaku and Sen is not always a happy thing..
Although I really like doing it...
But the neighbourhood have suffered a lot..
And our beloved members' bronchial tubes are in weak condition..
So I dont like it either...
Although they're very very lovely that I want to be with them forever..
and I should raise them until the end..
Although I have been continuously looked up for a solution here and there but it seems that I cant find an answer..
So I had to make an unavoidable decision to give them up...
I'm finding the people who will take responsibility with their love to take care of our Hyaku and Sen until the end..
(That person) Please dont let my sons suffer like I've done because I'm not a good father with my schedule didnt let me play with my sons much and I couldnt take care of them well...

The people who will love Hyaku and Sen more than me please leave your writing on the "Board" folder..

2010.04.29 11:57

Title : To the people who will raise (the cats)...

To the people who will raise (the cats)...

Real name/



Your experiences of raising pets/

The agreement from the people that you live with/

Your phone number/

Please write these...

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Zhoumi selca

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Promote World Expo 2010 Shanghai, China


Shindong's Twitter Update

Shindong did the same pose and they also wearing the same jacket

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Super Junior’s Heechul writes about Hankyung on his minihompy

This is article by allkpop. It's related to the article that I have post yesterday.
Although none of the Super Junior members have publicly spoken up about the situation between SM Entertainment and their Chinese member Hankyung, it seems like they do know what’s going on and they miss him dearly.

On the 28th, Heechul updated one of the photo albums on his minihompy with a anime picture and a long poetic caption. He wrote:

There is a friend of mine.

The friend’s Korean isn’t the best but he’s amazing at Chinese

This friend’s singing is alright but he is really good at dancing

I like cats and this friend likes dogs

I can’t cook but this friend is good at cooking

I always cursed but this friend always laughed


Now that time has passed, I never did anything good for him kk

It’s making me sorry..

When he was next to me, I never did anything nice to him kk

I don’t self-pity myself usually..

I think I’m just drunk which is why I’m crying kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

It’s a special and sacred thing to have someone beside you

Though I grew up, I never realized that


A lot later….Now I know.. Wow..kkkk

There’s a reason why you should appreciate what you have

Saying “I miss him” is a phrase I can use now. (-┏)

The tears that never came out when I filmed sad scenes

Are coming down painfully now.

It sure seems like he’s going through a hard time. He doesn’t fully say it is Hankyung he is talking about but honestly, who else could it be?

Credit: allkpop

Sukira Recording - Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun

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