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Heechul Twitter Update [pic]

cold hearted man & sulli is jinli
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Sungjin, Sungmin’s brother is here in the Philippines?

Filipino ELF’s, don’t be too alarmed because this is just a rumor. Nothing is final so please, don’t react too much >.< Just today, a friend of mine from facebook asked if it is true that Lee Sungjin (Lee Sungmin’s brother) is currently here in the Philippines. I was shocked and confused so I asked here if where did she get the news, and on yahoo, I found some comments about Sungjin’s issue.
Here is the real story about his issue:

No, Sungjin’s not in the Philippines primarily because he’s undergoing military training right now. Min even posted in his cyworld that it’s only him celebrating the anniversary of his parents because Sungjin’s currently in the military. Sungjin also commented on Min’s cyworld and telling him about NOT BEING GRANTED SOME TIME OFF. And even if he was, I doubt if Sungjin’s going to spend it elsewhere other than with his family.
His comment on Min’s cyworld:
” I wanted to go see your musical…!! but they’re not giving me time off ㅠ (Daebak Brothers! – Lee Sung-jin*) “
* Sungmin’s brother, who is currently in the army
Source: 이성민 미니홈피 (Lee Sungmin Minihompy) English Translation: Chrissy @ TwELFs.comSo for all the Filipino ELF’s please don’t try to look for him :D

Heechul Recording Family Outing

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Super Junior on Top 10 Twitter Trends (again) this week!

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Sungmin & Yesung @ Hong Gildong Press Conference

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Super Junior Come To Play [Pic]

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Eunhyuk Twitter Update [Twitvid]

i forgot to post this vid..this is Eunhyuk version

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ShimShimTapa Update

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Kiss The Radio Update

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What They Want? TWELFS The Best

What they want actually? Making all E.L.Fs angry? I believe it's from the antis? I hate this so much.
Proud to be E.L.F

Fan support from


Zhoumi Weibo Update

(I am) seeing BBQ in Korea~ What is everybody else doing

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Super Junior grabs 2nd win on televised music programs

Korean idols Super Junior rose to the top of a televised music program over the weekend again.

The boys claimed their second consecutive win on KBS' music show "Music Bank" with their latest single "BONAMANA" from their fourth full-length album of the same name which they have been promoting since the album's release on May 13.

They thanked their fans for always supporting them and also their agency SM Entertainment, while member Shindong performed a belly dance to express his happiness.

They were competing against Wonder Girls' "2 Different Tears" while other contenders on the show included Rain, 4minute, CNBLUE and f(x).

Super Junior been enjoying a successful comeback to the local music scene, topping numerous online and offline charts with "BONAMANA" and selling over 700,000 copies of their album in just five days of its release, according to Hanteo's music charts.

Meanwhile, the "2010 Dream Concert" featuring Korea's top singers such as Rain, Lee Hyori, Girls Generation and SS501 aired instead of SBS' weekend music program "Inkigayo" on Sunday.

Reporter : Lucia Hong
Editor : Jessica Kim

Leeteuk "Trying to Seize Japanese Fans Uses Japanese..Learns That it was Foul Language"

Super Junior Leeteuk has revealed a story that he experienced when he was promoting overseas.

During the recent filming of MBC "Yoo Jaesuk Kim Wonhee's Come to Play,' Super Junior Heechul, Leeteuk, Shindong, Donghae, Kyuhyun and Wonder Girls appeared in the 'idols who promoted national prestige' special.

Leeteuk said, "when performing in Japan, I thought I could seize Japanese fans if I use Japanese when I'm singing" explaining that "it was when singing Gee."

Leeteuk said, "There was a word stupid in the lyrics, so I cutely sang 'baka,' but the fans' reactions were weird. I learned that 'baka' is not a cute word that we use and actually is a foul language that has all the bad meanings." His story made everyone burst into laughter.

The show airs on May 31st 11:15 PM.

Source: Newsen
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Wonder Girls’ YeEun Didn’t Have a Good First Impression of Super Junior’s Leeteuk?

On a recent recording of MBC Lee JaeSuk and Kim WonHee’s Come to Play, Wonder Girls‘ YeEun revealed her first impression of Super Junior’s Leeteuk.
This episode was a special idol-packed episode with the Wonder Girls and Super Junior’s Heechul, Leeteuk, ShinDong, DongHae, and KyuHyun.

YeEun took this opportunity to reveal her first impression of Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk, saying, “Our stylist during our Tell Me promotions passed by Super Junior’s waiting room when she heard Leeteuk say, ‘I don’t know why you like the Wonder Girls’. Our furious stylist then told us what he said so my first impression of Leeteuk wasn’t good.”

A flustered Leeteuk quickly replied, “This is a big misunderstanding. I have a Wonder Girls poster on my bedroom window. If I really didn’t like the Wonder Girls back then, I probably changed my mind right after.”

It’s hard to imagine Leeteuk not liking anyone. What do you think? A misunderstanding or an ancient opinion?

Source: Lee EonHyuk
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Eunhyuk Twitter Update [Twitvid]

E.L.F are so great for me...

Heechul's Twitter Update [vid]

Eunhyuk Fancafe [3 entries]

uh-hut !!!!!

10.05.26 04:24

Hey everybody!!! OnlyU family people~~~~
Where did all of you go ㅜ ㅜ

Why there is no activity here like this ?

Come on....let's try something to make it aliveㅋㅋㅋ

What should I do? ㅋ

I miss (it) ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

10.05.28 04:03

The entry below....who.....wrote it ?
Was there someone hacked my ID again ?
You want the attention rite??.......I didnt write words like that...
Of course you want the attention.....writing the nice words and (post) here once everyday...
This sounds a little awkward ㅜ ㅜ
However since it seems like (here) has become alive are you happy ? ㅋㅋ
Indeed OnlyU.....ㅋㅋ I'm really surprised~ jjang!!!!!

****************************************************'s scary ㅜ ㅜ

10.05.29 02:01

 had deleted the entry but you logged in by my ID again.....'s really scary ㅜ ㅜ
Anyway the two entries below as well as this are really from me~
Everybody must be confused now rite ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
In the past I didnt use those like hong-hong-hong-hong or ^ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ^ in my written ㅋㅋㅋ
It's not that I didnt use it on purpose however it's really me now
What am I sayingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
To confirm (that it's me) after writing this I will go to mihihompy and post a photo there ~^^
The photo of the trophy for being no.1!!!!
And I has read the entry that people who manage this cafe wrote~
OnlyU has come to the state like now......uhm.......thank you for working hard !!!!
I will help with the thing I can do too ~ fighting !!!!!!!
OnlyU hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ^

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Super Junior fans wait for chance to see idols

THOUSANDS of fans lined up outside the World Expo site from early yesterday to get a ticket to see Super Junior, a South Korean singing group, perform at the Expo Culture Center last night.

Some fans even began their wait at about 11pm on Saturday, hoping to get a glimpse of their idols.

The crowds mainly gathered at the entrances on Changqing Road, Shangnan Road and Gaoke Road W., which are closer to the performance venue than other entrances. Their enthusiasm surprised security guards who hadn't seen anything like it, not even on the eve of opening day on May 1.

Several girls from Beijing said they flew to Shanghai on Saturday morning. After they rushed to buy Expo tickets for the following day, they returned to queue outside the Expo site.

Tickets for the concert, which also features other South Korean stars, were not for sale. People had to show their Expo tickets to get a concert ticket. With half the tickets reserved for South Korean groups, only 2,500 tickets were available but at least 5,000 ordinary visitors were in the queue in front of the Expo Culture Center.

Some fans who stood in lines overnight said it was worth the wait as they only needed to buy an Expo ticket to see Super Junior, a ticket which would usually have cost them several hundred yuan or more. The group's China appearance was also a fairly rare event.

Tickets had been snatched up within five minutes, and some unlucky fans moved to the South Korea Pavilion, hoping the group would appear there.

By around 3pm yesterday, the roads leading to the Expo Culture Center were blocked by fans and armed police had to be dispatched to keep order.


[Preview] 100531 Come to Play With Super Junior and Wonder Girls

A special prepared by 'Come to Play' for the current global era!
Two idols who are in the middle of Hallyu comes to 'Come to Play'!
Korean girl group's pride who seized America!
Super Idol (Heechul, Leeteuk, Shindong, Donghae, Kyuhyun) who conquered Asia!

[Promotion of national prestige Guinness record]
President of Asian girls! Super Junior!
- The story about being photographed by a bodyguard and in the bathroom!!
- Concert ticket sold by a scalper! The highest price is?!
- Leeteuk! I'm a man who has gold! The story about receiving a present of a mic filled with gold!
Wonder Girls who seized America with cute+sexy!
- 'Nobody' used in the election campaign in Philippines
- Sohee, the story about being kissed by an American fan!
- Wonder Girls' new member Hyerim! Who treats her the best and the worst?

Nobody and Sorry Sorry dance which influenced prisoners!
Those funny videos revealed!

[Small room meeting!]
Korean's global idols Wonder Girls-Super Junior! The project to make the two group close!
Small meeting started with the intent to have fun! However, slowly some peculiar feeling starts to occur..
- Won't let go of a woman who he picked once!! Who's the one from Wonder Girls that Donghae picked?
- Ye Eun! The story about her first impression of Leeteuk being bad is?
- A meaningful text sent to Sunye! The writer of "Do you remember oppa" is?!
- Sohee! Bad boy Heechul! But I think he'll treat me nice!

Twist that exceeds the movie Six Sense!
Who will be the final Wonder Girls-Super Junior couple
that succeeded in proving themselves as a couple through a music program!
on Monday night~
Source: Come to Play official website
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Sohee, comment about Heechul being her fan "so I cant show him my natural face" with shy simle

Wonder Girls' Sohee has shown her shy expression when meeting her own fan Super Junior Kim Heechul.

Wonder Girls have been the guests on the show SBS "Family outing" which was aired on May 30th, on that day, Shin Bongsun said to Sohee "Kim Heechul is Sohee's crazy fan" which she said "Really ? So I cant show him my natural face".

Also on that day, Heechul has changed into a quiet person when meeting his ideal girl in Wonder Girls Sohee. Heechul's face has become red when meeting Sohee for the first time and couldnt say any harsh words. Especially Heechul has given Sohee a nickname "kitty~" and called her that.

Sohee has responded with a chic comment "The animal that I hate most is cat", but when being asked is there anyone in the member that she wants to record "We got married" with, she said "Everybody knows that I will choose Kim Heechul. But just for one day".

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Super Junior: "Shindong's wedding? We're not sure if all of us will be able to attend!"

Super Junior's Shindong's proposal to his girlfriend through the band's 4th album has become a hot topic.

At a recent interview, Shindong captured the reporters' attention by saying "I want to get married within the year". Then with a joking look he added "I'm not sure if all the members will be able to attend".

In regards to his wedding, Shindong made his feelings about his marriage plans public, saying "We still haven't set a date but we've met each others parents. Weddings aren't just a one-person decision, but personally I'd like to get married within the year."

He added "After we went public with our relationship, my girlfriend had a more difficult time than I had expected. She received a lot of attention from journalists once her name was revealed in an article, which scared her and was hard on her, but at the same time she also thought it was fun". He also said "We've had to be more careful than before when we meet up."

Shindong said "Although I proposed to her through the album, she still hasn't given me a reply." His fellow members said "Shindong seems like the coolest guy".

Leeteuk said about Shindong's proposal, "This is really Shindong's type of proposal. While we were shooting a photo shoot, he was looking at his keyboard intensely and working hard. I had no idea Shindong was being so clever."

Also Heechul showed his appreciation for such a passionate proposal method by smiling and saying "I knew [about the public proposal]. I thought it was so cool that he had a girlfriend he likes and was going to tell her like this that I thought I should applaud him. But then I thought that this would really be interesting. He was even going to write down her name"

In reply to the question "Who will sing at the wedding?", Yesung jokingly answered "At Shindong's wedding I should sing 'Love Really Hurts'". The members all said "We sincerely congratulate him. However we're not sure if all of us will be able to attend the wedding", relieving some of Shindong's worries through their playful jokes.

Meanwhile, Super Junior (Leeteuk, Heechul, Hankyung, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, Kyuhyun) have released their new album with their SJ Funky style. In only 8 days, their album sold 100,000 copies.

Original source: TVDaily
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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Opening ( May,30,10 )

Sⓤpⓔr Jⓤnⓘⓞr - BⓞⓝⓐMⓐNⓐ ( May,30,10 )

Best Friends Amongst Idols

Although there is friendly rivalry between idol groups, one can’t help to also form close friendship with each other in the music industry. Who are the best of friends among these idol groups?

The most famous friendship among fans is perhaps 2AM’s JoKwon and Wonder Girls’leader SunYe. They knew each other ever since they were in 6th grade and trained underJYP Entertainment for a long time that the two developed a strong bond.
Reminiscing their friendship, JoKwon tweeted, “A friend I have not seen a while. Today, although we did not say anything, we knew how tired we both were, and ended up crying. These tears were not only for the times we’ve endured, but also for our hopes and memories.”
Another idol-best friends in the list are DBSK’s Jaejoong and Boa. Their friendship is also well-known among the fans as Jaejoong once revealed, “Boa and I are close enough to be able to tell each other about our worries, and give each other relationship advice.” Boa also expressed her warm feelings towards Jaejoong as she stated once that she cherishes him.
Super Junior’s Sungmin and SNSD’s Sunny also shared a close friendship that they were once accused of dating. They both became a DJ in a radio where they revealed each other’s secrets and goofed around each other.
The last on the list for now are Super Junior’s  Heechul and f(x)’s Sulli. Selca pictures between these two always surface the net. Heechul even advised Sulli, “If anything happens, such as another male celebrity asking you out, you have to tell me first,” showing the brother-sister love between them.
Idol groups are always fighting over the number one spot, but you bet in backstage they enjoy each other’s company. Can you name more idol-best friends?
cr: Lee Soo Yeon
translation: ch0sshi

Super Junior’s Donghae Complains About Shin HyunJun

KBS 2TV ‘Celebrity Broadcast’ went on Guerilla Date with Super Junior membersLeeteuk, Shindong, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Siwon, and Eunhyuk. During the broadcast, Donghae called out actor Shin HyunJun. Why?
It seems like Super Junior’s Donghae is complaining about HyunJun because he won’t buy him food. Donghae claimed, “Shin HyunJun told me to call him, and that he’d buy me food, but he never picked up my call.”

Who wouldn’t be attempted to complain when one promises free food but never obliged? Apparently, HyunJun was in the studio watching the interview and responded, “I want to answer his call, but I’m sleeping when you call at 3~4 in the morning,” causing much laughter in the set.
Try aiming for a better time to call if you want free food Donghae! The episode also showed MC Lee SiYoung smiling after glancing at LeeTeuk’s abs so try not to miss the episode if you want more Super Junior goodies.
cr: Lee Uhn Hyuk
translation: ch0sshi

Shanghai's airport hit by Korean Wave while fans wait for stars to arrive

The Shanghai World Expo music festival would be held on the night of the 30th while Korean stars Super Junior, Kangta, f(x) and Boa make their grand appearances respectively. Many fans have long since started to wait at the airport while security is kept tight and no one dares to let their guard down.

As soon as the Korean stars have landed, the entrance of the airport turns into a scene of chaos. After a few moments of waiting, the first artist to leave, Boa was led away by 5 to 6 guards. Not long after, when Kangta and f(x) started to make their exit, huge crowds of fans rushed up to their idols, surrounding Kangta and f(x). The security took much effort to gather the artistes in the centre as one of the guards shined his torch at the crowds, preventing them from taking pictures.

Lastly when the Super Junior members walk out one after another, the airport turns into a big mess, majority of the Super Junior fans have sealed off the exits points. Although there were multiple security guards, but as compared to the fans, they were still small in numbers. Within moments, the Super Junior members were split up by the crowds, the situation at the airport’s entrance reached a standstill. Out of helplessness, the guards could only resort to force although the fans did not give up, and followed the Super Junior members all the way to the carpark. Only until after all the artistes have left the scene, did the usual peace return to the airport.
Source: Sina
Translation: bulletproof@

MYX Daily Top 10 Fan’s Choice Awards

Shared and MADE by. Blue★Princez @
For Filipino ELFs/ fans who doesn’t know this one yet and also for those who have facebook account (if you want to help us Filipino ELFs), please vote Super Junior in “MYX Daily Top 10 Fan’s Choice Awards

They’ve been nominated in so many categories and currently leading on Major Categories.
▷ Go to 
this page and click “Like Page” (it will allow you to vote on their page)
▷ To vote, simply click 
LIKE on the nominees that you would like to win.
▷ 60%: Fans’ Votes
▷ 40%: Admins’ Choice
▷ (
IMPORTANT) MAKE SURE YOU WILL VOTE FOR ALL CATEGORIES. Votes will not be counted if you don’t vote for all the categories.
▷ You can vote for more than one in a single category.
▷ Highest percentage of votes will be proclaimed as winner at the end of the voting period.
Deadline of voting will be on June 5, 2010 and the announcement of winners will be on June 6, 2010.
▷ Major Awards Nominees (Click here! to vote)
  • Song of the Year
    - Baby
    - Telephone
    - Pyramid
  • Artist of the Year
    - Justin Bieber
    - Lady Gaga
    Super Junior
    - Taylor Swift
  • Male Artist of the Year
    Super Junior
    - Justin Bieber
    - Christian Bautista
    - Jonas Brothers
▷ Semi-Major Awards Nominees (Click here! to vote)
  • KPOP Artist of the Year
    Super Junior
    - 2ne1
    - Girls Generation
    - U-Kiss
  • Group of the Year
    - Paramore
    Super Junior
    - Hale
    - Tokio Hotel
▷ Minor and Special Awards Nominees (Click here! to vote)
  • KPOP Song of the Year
    - Run Devil Run
    - Try to Follow Me
    - Bingeul Bingeul
  • Best New Music Video
    - Your Love is my Drug
    - Eenie Meenie
    - Can’t Be Tamed
I didn’t put all the categories, I only put the one’s that has Super Junior in it but please still vote for other categories to make your votes will be counted. Thank You! Let’s make Super Junior #1 again in the Philippines.
You might ask if there will be an award ceremony, don’t ask me because I don’t know too LOL. But you can ask the admin there. mhm.gif

Super Junior, Justin Bieber & Christian Bautista* bags highest no. of nominations in MYX Daily Top Ten Fans’ Choice Awards 2010
K-Pop Group Super Junior bags the highest number of nominations in the 1st ever MYX Daily Top 10 Fans’ Choice Awards 2010. The phenomenal Korean Group bagged some of the major award nominations, including “Song of the Year” for “BONAMANA”, “Artist of the Year”, and “Male Artist of the Year”. The K-Pop Group also bagged semi-major & minor and special award nominations, including “K-Pop Artist of the Year”, “Group of the Year”, “K-Pop Song of the Year” for “BONAMANA”, and “Best New Video”.
On the other hand, rising superstar Justin Bieber, and Filipino balladeer Christian Bautista bagged six nominations, with Bieber having 3 major award nominations & Bautista having 2 major award nominations.
Other artist who bagged more than two nominations were: Girls’ Generation, Sarah Geronimo, Charice & Taylor Swift with 4 nominations, and Lady Gaga, U-Kiss & Paramore with 3 nominations.
Who will win the awards?It’s up to the fans and to the admin because 60% of total points will be coming from the fan’s likes, and 40% of the total points will come from the admin’s choice of winners.
* Christian Bautista is a local artist here in the Philippines

Kpoplive Giveaway: Super Junior(Bonamana) and f(x)(NU ABO) Signed Albums!

Yeah, Kpoplive has another giveaway for the readers. 

Where would KPOP be without Super Junior. They are sort of the beginning idol groups who brought international attention. Even my friends at school who have no interest in kpop knows them. They are that popular.
But how awesome would it be if you can their newest album signed? Super Junior,  the group known by millions across the world, and you can have the chance to have their album and signatures right in front of you! Kpoplive saved you the trouble of getting these albums signed.The same goes for f(x)!
We will release the contest details this Friday since we already have another contest going on. Stay posted. Meanwhile, start twittering, facebooking, fan forum browsing all those international suju and f(x) fans!