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Heechul Steam Bun Series Fanart

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Kyuhyun's Twitter Update

@GaemGyu: 삼총사 막공...지금쯤 끝났겠구나, 함께 할 수 없음이 아쉽습니다 ㅜㅜ 우리는 하나 ~ 삼총사 화이팅!! 흡수된다 흡수되^^

@GaemGyu: The Three Musketeers last has come to an end now, I feel sorry that we couldn't be together ㅜㅜ We're one ~ The Three Musketeers fighting!! Getting absorbed absorbed^^
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MBC Enjoy Today Ep1096 [Part 3]

MBC Enjoy Today Ep1096 [Part 2]

MBC Enjoy Today Ep1096 [Part 1]

YeTeuk Twitter Update

Brazil's magazine introduced Super Junior!!^^Thank you!!! If there is time(,) I will definitely go and meet (the fans)!!!!Even if (going) is just repaying a little bit of your love(,) I will still go^^

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@shfly3424: 싱가퐁콘 ..무사히끝내구갑니다 ㅎㅎ 곧있을발라드콘서트도 준비잘해서멋진모습보여드릴께요 ^^고마워요엘프!!

@shfly3424: Singapore con ..finished them safelyㅎㅎ since I'm preparing well for the upcoming ballad concerts as well I'll show you a wonderful image ^^Thank you ELF!!

Kibum's Twitter Update [30.01.2011]


@ikmubmik: 강촌에서 택시타고 집에오는데 택시비 십만원 넘게나왔다.......
@ikmubmik: I rode a taxi from Gangchon to my house but the taxi fee came out to be more than 100$......

@ikmubmik: 오늘부터 나 잠수탑니다~ 안녕~
@ikmubmik: Starting from today i'm going to be on a hiatus~bye~

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Super Show 3 in Manila featured on 'The Philippine Star'

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The Philippine Star | January 29,2011 | Supreme Section : H-3

Sunday, 30 January 2011

YeSung hit by a light stick at SS3 Singapore!

We have reported on the accident involving LeeTeuk and HeeChul yesterday and a small accident happened during the concert as well

A fan threw a light stick up on the stage and it hit YeSung accidentally.He looks painful in this video at 3.20,i guess fans were too hyped up when the boys performed on stage,but still have to keep in mind,"Safety First"!!

Korean Boy Band Super Junior in 6-Vehicle Pile-up on ECP: Were fans to blame for crash?(With words from organisers)

Were fans to blame for crash?

Two members of Korean boy band, Super Junior were involved in an accident along the East Coast Parkway near the Bedok Exit yesterday at about 6.30pm.
Fortunately, the duo, who arrived on the 5.30pm flight from Tokyo yesterday, were unhurt.

Concert organisers say overzealous fans may have been the cause.
Leeteuk and Heechul were on their way from Changi Airport to their hotel. The rest of the 10-man group were arriving separately.

The boys were in one van while the two employees of organisers Running Into The Sun were in the car ahead of them. Running Into The Sun is a subsidiary of Fly Entertainment.

According to an employee who was in the staff car, eight fan vehicles were giving chase and were trying to get close to the Super Junior van. 

10 Gold medals for Super Junior from Indonesian Elf

Super Show 3 - Super Junior the 3rd Asia tour- that held on 29-30th January 2011 in Singapore rocked the night. Super Junior showed the most entertaining side of them that pleasing all the ELF who attended the concert.What is the most surprising us is 60% of the audience are Indonesian Elf. They even held a project to give 10 Gold Medals for Super Junior. Each Medal costs about $ 442.77.
We could see on the picture Eunhyuk wore the Gold medal. Some fanaccount said other member of Super Junior also took the Gold Medal such as Siwon and Yesung. Leeteuk even said thank to Indonesian Elf for the award ( Gold Medal).

Good job! We hope there will be Super Show 3 in Jakarta as well to satisfy Indonesian Elf :)

cr photos : edrictjandra @ twitter and evilFs @twitter

Saturday, 29 January 2011

[HQ] Super Junior- Biting My Lips MV (President OST) & Mp3 Download Link

credit to 2istidStrsPro

Heechul's Twitter Update

Lady HEEHEE in Singapore!! Button Hair (by. Sun O)
Lady HEEHEE in Singapore!! Button Hair (by. Sun O)

김정모 @guitarjm
김정모 @

source: @heedictator

Kibum with Ida Simmons

Simsimtapa Update

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TAKEN ON 11.01.27

MBC ICON Ep. 12 - Last Broadcast with Siwon

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Yesung and Kyuhyun with Lee Jungyeol

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SBS Starking Special Ep.200 – Bubble Show Leeteuk, Yesung & Sungmin

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Henry To Be in Strong Heart

According to a tweet exchange between @SBSPD and @henry_concerto,
Henry will be on Strong Heart. Recording has taken place already.

Original tweets (@SBSPD is Strong Heart's PD, Park Sanghyuk):

@henry_concerto@SBSPD Hello! This is a Korean fansite for SujuM Henry. Is it true that Henry was present for a recording this week? It's really significant since this is Henry's first appearance in a Korean talk show..! I only heard about it from Chinese fans, since it was so sudden I don't know whether to believe it or not. That's why I'm sending a tweet.

@SBSPD@henry_concerto Henry ssi did the recording. We'd be happy if you look forward to it as well.

Translated by GAIA @pastakyu SJ-WORLD.NET

Super Junior featured in an Iranian Magazine

Besides Korea, Super Junior is famous even in other countries like Japan, China, and especially Taiwan, where Super Junior broke a record when they released "Sorry Sorry". "Sorry Sorry" started a nationwide phenomenon that lasted for over six months. Super Junior has already proved that they are one of Asia's biggest groups.

One would think that their dominance in Asia would be enough, yet, the talented boys have managed to prove that they are not just Asia's stars, but also stars all over the world.

In the January issue for this year, an Iranian magazine published a four page color spread on Super Junior. With this kind of international attention, especially in a countries like Iran that typically do not have a large Eastern Asian population, it is easy to see that Super Junior has carried their portion of the Hallyu Wave to all corners of the globe.

Leeteuk's real sister Park Inyoung, "Two Kkabs" star formation with Jo Kwon, "Is this really your first variety programme?"

Super Junior leader and Strong Heart Teuk Academy’s president Leeteuk’s different from usual side has caused people to be speechless. 

Leeteuk's Sister Park Inyoung "Crazy Presence", Entertainment Blood Certified

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul involved in minor car accident

Members of Super Junior have arrived in Singapore for their first “Super Show 3” concert in the country. However, it looks like they ran into a bit of trouble during their stay.
On January 28th, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul were involved in a minor car accident. Both reported the incident through their Twitter pages.
Leeteuk wrote“This is Singapore..I get the feeling that it is a beautiful place..^^ I like that you are following our car..but please be careful..a 7-car rear-end accident..I almost died..ㅠㅠ”.
Heechul tweeted“Now, now, if you want to see us, then come to the stadiumㄱㄱ Everyone is being put in danger. I don’t want to be reminded of those past events ever again~”. In the past, several Super Junior members were involved in a more serious car accident and some members had  suffered injuries.
But have no fear ELFs, both Leeteuk and Heechul are said to be fine. Super Junior will still be officially meeting their Singaporean fans through the “Super Show 3″. Heechul tweeted later, “Beautiful Singapore!! Clean Clean!! But did I take a picture of the night view or of myself–”, and posted a picture of the “night view”.
Heechul’s “night view”:
Source: Twitter 12

[Audio] LeeTeuk and Krystal released duet song Grumbling!

Super Junior's Lee Teuk and f(x)'s Krystal collaborate to release a duet song titled "Grumbling".
Earlier this month, Super Junior's Leeteuk and Shindong released their duet song "Please Give Me". The song was also released as part of MBC Sunday Sunday Night show "Hot Brothers" and "Enjoy Today".

Leeteuk was recently praised for his singing ability during the ballad auditions on "Enjoy Today". He ended with a score of 35/40, with f(x)'s Krystal following close behind with 34/40.

Because of their score, Leeteuk and f(x) member Krystal were given the track "투정 (Grumbling)", to record. Their duet is also part of the "Enjoy Today" ballad project. The track emphasizes the voices of both Leeteuk and Krystal as they blend together to produce a smooth ballad melody. Check out their duet below. Who do you think Leeteuk will duet with next?
Check out the audio clip here,love this song? &

Sungmin greets HeeChul through Siwon’s Twitter account.

It seems like our Sungmin has decided to give twitter a small chance again. Through Siwon’s twitter account he posted a reply  to Heenim after he tweeted: Ya~Good Singapore Clean Clean:) Then Sungmin responded by saying:
Hyung , This is Sungmin. Now i’m goingㅋㅋㅋㅋit’s been long time i appear on twitter
Its so great to see that the members are that close to eachother that they know eachother’s account passwords!!! Lets hope that Sungmin will create another twitter account in the future!!!!
Translation done by: tomozuki1

Super Junior’s next track of 2011 to be titled…?

Although we’ve heard no official news from SM Entertainment regarding Super Junior’s return to the music stage, a little net browsing by one of allkpop’s readers has revealed some details suggesting a comeback this year with an album.
The name GoodWill & MGI may not ring any bells for the average kpop fan, but the American-Finnish producing/songwriting duo makes up the brains behind numerous hit tracks in the United States and Europe.
Having opened their official website earlier this month, GoodWill & MGI’s discography page brags an impressive list of successful productions, as well as a section of upcoming songs to be released in 2011. Aside from a line-up of tracks for Justin Bieber (“Latin Girl”), Sean Kingston (“Wake Up the Neighbors,” “GO”), Lazee (“All That She Wants”) plus a collab between AkonTimbaland & Pitbull(“Boomerang”), the selected discography page also lists Super Junior with a track titled, “Gotcha Numba.” Excited?
Interestingly enough, the German artist Jimi Blue is also listed right below Super Junior with a track of the same title, so there is a possibility that the songright was sold to both SM Entertainment and Universal Germany.

83Lines - Heechul & Eeteuk Fanart

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Friday, 28 January 2011

Eeteuk & Heechul Twitter Update

@special1004: Here's feels like quite a beautiful place..^^By the way it's okay to follow our car..but please be careful...7 cars rear-ended..I thought I'd die...ㅠㅠ (/via @pastakyu SJ-WORLD.NET) 

@Heedictator: Now come on if you want to see me then do so at the concert venueㄱㄱEverybody is in danger. I'd rather not get flashbacks of past days a second time again~ (/via @pastakyu SJ-WORLD.NET) 

@: Beautiful Singapore!! Clean Clean!! 근데 이건 야경을 찍은거야 셀카를 찍은 거야ㅡㅡ
 @: Beautiful Singapore!! Clean Clean!! But is this a night view I took or did I take a selcaㅡㅡ htt..

Heechul's Twitter Update [Taken from SJ-WORLD.NET]


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 From @SANGCHUKANGCHU@Heedictator 너같이 자유로운 노예가 있다면 나도 노예할래ㅋ
@Heedictator If there are slaves that are as free as you are then I want to be a slave tooㅋ

@SANGCHUKANGCHU Hyung is a slave for muscles

Now I have been released

 아 완전 짜증나요 지금
Ah I'm really annoyed now

Why?? Wassup??

 양말이랑 팬티 손빨래 해야되는데 내 양말이 사라졌음.. 아 이럴때 진짜 짜증나요. 모처럼 손빨래 할라하는데
I have to handwash my socks and underwear but my socks went missing.. Ah at times like these it's really annoying. (To think that) it's rare for me to handwash them

 From @chakiaki 함께 영웅본색*-당연정** 을 노래 부릅시다 :D (저 노래 부르고 있는 사람은 나가 아니예요 :D Let's sing A Better Tomorrow's song - Love In Those Years together :D (I'm not the person singing it :D)

 나 이노래 진짜 좋아하는데ㅠ슈퍼쇼때 할라 했었는데 넘 어려워서.. 아 남자의 영화 영웅본색ㅠㅠ
I really like this songㅠ I wanted to do this for Super Show but it's really hard (to sing).. Ah a man's movie A Better Tomorrow ㅠㅠ

* 영웅본색/英雄本色 (A Better Tomorrow) is a multiple award-winning 1986 Chinese movie, which saw the appearance of Chow Yun-fatt, Ti Lung, and Leslie Cheung.
** 당연정/當年情 (Love In Those Years) is the theme song of A Better Tomorrow, sung by the late Leslie Cheung