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Sukira, leeteuk and eunhyuk's first day as DJs (eng sub)

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[28/02/11] Sukira Update : Eunhyuk's Letter

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[28/02/11] Sukira Update : Eunhyuk Eeteuk crying on eunhyuk's last day

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[28/02/11] Sukira Update : Caps

imageimageimageimageEunTeuk cried T^T 110228 YeEunTeukKira.

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[28/02/11] Sukira Update : Caps by Sinyi88

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[28/02/11] Sukira Update : KTR eunhyuk rap 太完美


Ryeowook's message on - Thankful people,,,

Hello~ I'm Super Junior Ryeowook.

It's the last day of February~^^

How the moon really gone... It was really gleam at East and West~~

No matter where am I you still support~ Thank you for loving!!!

I'll become Ryeowookie who never forget his heart and work hard~~!!!

Now March the new semester is starts!

Everyone~~Let's cheer up~

Thank you for support Super Junior M a lot ^^ The music video was well~~ㅋ

China activities work well~Will meet 5th album~As the development of Ryeowookie these days~

All be healthy and healthy again!! ^^ ( The most important thing is healthy!)

I love you

This is Super Junior Ryeowook..

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Translated by: mook_yeye @ WeLoveRyeowook


Ryeowook's message on - The last story

I love to say..
but when I have broadcast, I get petrified.

I string my nerves.. and to say in front of people who I don't know
and smile like don't mind, and sing are so afraid ...

I also don't know about myself but many people create an image about me
and they whisper that playing with dolls.

I received many things.

I received huge love too much

I feel appreciate for being someone who I can say the difficult feeling when I feel hard...

6 years I've been...and create my own..seems to reach here.

Another one fence that Ryeowook is in called Hyungnim.

I only hope that it keep come and dare proud of it.

I'm so grateful
Thank you for your help...
Just saying that I'm so glad together.......

A lot of memories,.
Later when I'm not a singer
I hope you can remember good memory while you listen my song

I promise that will never forget..
I love you..

Hyungnim.. I will never forget^^.

*NOTE - Hyungnim is the master of which will be closed very soon. Ryeowook often leave message, talk to fans there.

Credit: Hyungnim

Translated by: YY & mook_yeye @ WeLoveRyeowook


CCTV Happy Dictionary with SJM

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SJM Official Website Update [HQ]

SJM Official Website Update

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Super Junior-M_太完美_MUSIC VIDEO_Korea Ver.

Super Junior M released 太完美 Music Video Korea Version.
Check it out!

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Sukira Update

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[DKP Exclusive] Super Show 3 Manila is the "loudest"!

And they invaded the land of pearls again!! Greatest KPop boy group in Asia once again proved how popular are they to Filipino ELF.

February 26, 2011 in Philippines' biggest stadium which is Araneta Coliseum, Super Show 3 Manila was held.

After a year of preparation by PULP Productions, they have been able to bring back the boys in the country. Super Junior support projects and individual projects were prepared by Filipino ELF. The much awaited "super show" is again conquered the hearts of thousands of ELF.

As usual, ELF camped outside the venue the day before the concert. All are excited to see the boys. Just before the show started, the stadium was already filled and screaming fans are uncontrollable.

Heechul Is A Taylor Momsen Fan?

Heechul recently Tweeted a picture of Taylor Momsen. The Tweet said, "The Pretty Reckless – Make me wanna die". ELFs are saying, "Heechul likes Taylor?" "I have to listen to her now?" "Oppa likes that song?"

What do you think? Do you know who Taylor Momsen is?

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Vote Eeteuk For Top 10 K-Pop Leaders

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SS3 Manila: Kyuhyun

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K-Pop craze spreads through Europe and South America

From top to bottom (2NE1, Super Junior, SHINee, Girls Generation)

Korean popular music, called “K-pop,” has an increasing fan base among teenagers and young adults not only throughout the Asia but also in Europe, South America and North America. While neighboring countries quickly picked up on the charms of K-pop through conventional channels, its recent spread in Europe and the Americans has come in part through social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

YTN reported on February 17 that Korean songs have become more popular at German karaoke venues, including songs by Kara, the WonderGirls, 2PM and other K-pop groups. The report included footage of Germans using their smart phones to read English lyrics as they sang a 2PM song. According to YTN, many fans are extremely enthusiastic about K-pop, with some going to great lengths to acquire posters, pictures, and related merchandise for their favorite bands.

Italy’s state-run URI television network ran a program on Korean idol groups, including Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, 2NE1 and SHINee. The program included music videos from the groups themselves, along with Italian fan recordings and interviews with young people who found the distinctive styles of the Korean groups fascinating.

In Mexico, the internet has proved an important way for fans to follow their favorite K-pop groups. There are at least 20 fan clubs and thousands of fans across Mexico. The first Korean drama in Mexico was broadcast in 2002, sparking interest in Korean dramas, films and music. According to a Yonhap News report on February 20, even the most remote parts of Mexico have K-pop fans and fan organizations.

In South America, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Chile said that there are 50 fan groups devoted just to Super Junior and Girls’ Generation, and that Korean idol groups and K-pop have found great popularity in the country.

Argentina also boasts a considerable K-pop fan base. Last year, a special K-pop contest drew participants from across the continent.
Korean dramas and music have also made significant inroads, thanks to the internet, drawing viewers across South America. Spanish-language websites( feature translations of dramas and music videos from across Asia.

The popularity of K-pop overseas has broader benefits than just increasing album sales. The booming popularity of Korean popular music and dramas has stirred interest in Korean culture in general. 
A Chile-based Korean language school reported that even without advertising, their classes are often full. 
Many of the students reported that their initial interest in Korea was sparked by K-pop, which lead to their enrollment in Korean language classes and plans to study abroad in Korea.

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SS3 3D Songlist

01 Intro VTR
02 Sorry, Sorry (Remix)
03 Don’t Don (Remix)
04 VTR – E.L.F. balloon
05 너 같은 사람 또 없어 (No Other)
06 VTR – Super Junior T
07 똑똑똑 (Tok Tok Tok)
08 둘이 (You & I)
09 VTR – basketball
10 너 아니면 안돼 (It has to be you)
11 VTR – celebrity SJ
12 미인아 (BONAMANA)
13 갈증 (A Man In Love) (Remix)
14 Dancing Out (Remix)
15 VTR – vegetable SJ
16 요리왕 (Cooking? Cooking!)
17 차근차근 (Way For Love)
18 Ment – greeting in foreign languages
19 You Are The One
20 Short Ment
21 Wonder Boy
22 Ment – ending greeting
23 Ending credit
24 Epilogue – from Kangin (Rinaldo)

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Leeteuk – Yesung – ShinDong. “Welcome to Super Junior’s 3D Concert!”

Popular group Super Junior, whose large scale concert, Super Show 3 3D (with SM Entertainment/ production, distribution by SBS Plus) held its screening on the 23rd at Seoul’s Haengdang CGV theatre. 

“Super Show 3 3D” was first held in August last year at Seoul Olympic Park Stadium and it was a great success. This time, the Super Show 3 3D consists of recorded images from the Seoul concert, compiled into a 3D concert movie, and will be in theatres on the 24th.

The film showcases “Sorry Sorry”, “Don’t Don”, “Bonamana”, together with other hit songs, as well as Super Junior’s witty charm and vibrant performances, a blend of a perfect stage that will be shown again in 3D, making it more realistic and lifelike, probably almost like a real concert opening.

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Why was Sungmin clenching his fist in anger at Choi Su Jong?, Article on Sungmin in "President"

On KBS2TV’s new drama “President” which was broadcasted on the 15th, Super Junior’s Sungmin challenged his acting skills for the first time. When Sungmin clenched his fist, it drew much curiosity from the people. 

In “President”, Sungmin is acting as the son of Jang Il Jong (played by Choi Su Jong), who joins the election campaigns in hopes of becoming the President. 

In the first episode, Sungmin prepares a party for his parents’ silver wedding anniversary* and supports his father in running for elections, showing an example of a “model child”. 

However, on the upcoming second episode on the 16th, the situation would not be the same. Sungmin, who wants to show his capability as the eldest child, carries out invesitigations on the opponents, in order to use the information against them. This resulted in the refusal by his father, who is against children interfering in the elections.

Sungmin later told his mother: “Father does not listen to my suggestions. I must get approval using my skills”, and showed his determination.

The producers evaluated Sungmin: “Although this is Sungmin’s first time acting in a drama, he is able to understand his role and the script very fast. He displays an extraordinary passion when approaching his acting seniors for advice in acting. 

Source: Newsen
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Super Junior-M is conquering China with their new song

Male idol group Super Junior-M is conquering China with their new song.
After the publicity photos and MV for the new mini-album, “Perfection” were released, they immediately gained fans’ attention all across Asia, and from the 22nd, Super Junior-M will appear on various major programmes in China, officially starting their promotional activities in the Chinese-speaking circle. The members arrived in Beijing on the 22nd, and was immediately broadcasted by more than 100 TV stations, including Beijing TV (BTV). They have also recorded “Live Entertainment” and “Music Feng Yun Chart” among other programmes, and their popularity cannot be looked down upon. On the 23rd, they will participate in the first episode’s filming of CCTV’s brand new entertainment programme. SJ-M will reveal their title song “Perfection”, ” Destiny”, “Super Girl” and other popular songs live.
 “Perfection” is composed by popular composers Remee and Troelsen, and is a dance song with beautiful lyrics. BoA’s popular (song) “Eat You Up” was also composed by them. The entertainment company said: “The new mini-album will first be sold on the 25th in Taiwan, and would then be released in various parts of Asia. On the 28th, the Korean version of “Perfection” will be launched.” It is reported that after SJ-M has ended their programme filming on the 23rd, they would arrive in Taiwan and hold a press conference on the 24th.
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