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SJ-M experiences Taiwan’s night market delicacies, especially loves bubble tea

CHANNEL [V]’s “I Love JK” hosted by Ken Wu Jian Heng specially invited Super Junior-M to the recording location today (30/3). While testing the members’ Chinese levels, Super Junior-M’s Siwon strived hard to show his Chinese by reciting poetry, receiving favourable feedbacks from the audiences. When they were guessing famous local products, Siwon looked closely at the Chinese words written behind each individual item, comparing each and every word. He unexpectedly answered all the questions correctly and was happy like a child. When they spoke about the games at the night market, all the members began to demonstrate various weird tricks. Sungmin did a split, Ryeowook relied on the members’ strengths while Siwon used his own skill to successfully toss two hoops around the bottles causing Ken Wu to shout: “I should take you to the night market to play games.”

Super Junior’s presence at “I Love JK”’s recording location raised a lot of attention, their unwavering charm causing the fans to wait outside the recording venue. After watching Super Junior-M performing their dance on-site, Ken Wu expressed that he too would like to learn. Eunhyuk took up the role as the little teacher to teach Ken Wu the choreography, and unexpectedly, Ken managed to learn up the dance steps. When Ken was asked to show the dance, Siwon said: “It’s like he is performing martial arts!” Super Junior-M expressed that before being part of the showbiz industry, they were slower than Ken when it came to learning dance.

During the Chinese test segment, Eunhyuk held the board with Siwon’s name written upside down. In the end they had to depend on eye contact to decide whose name was written on the board. Siwon, who was rather serious when it comes to learning Chinese, kept asking Kyuhyun how to recite his famous poem. This demonstrated his great effort in learning Chinese, allowing the audience to feel his seriousness. Even when they were asked to guess the origins of the famous local products, he was closely reading the product descriptions, comparing the manufacturing place of each product. In the end, Siwon answered all 5 questions correctly causing him to dance and gesticulate with joy, making him look like a child. 

Super Junior-M, who has been very busy since arriving in Taiwan said that they have yet to have the chance to go around the night market in Taiwan. Therefore “I Love JK” had instead brought the night market delicacies to the recording location. There was the salted chicken, marinades, fine noodles, deep fried scallion dough cake, bubble tea, beancurd dessert and rice cake. The Super Junior-M members started hugging each other in joy upon hearing the phrase 'bubble tea', and they were exceptionally excited. The recording venue was filled with delicious aroma, but it’s not that simple to have a taste of the delicacies. Super Junior-M had to pass the night market’s little game. They have to successfully toss the hoops around the bottle in order to have the opportunity to enjoy the delicacies. The members continuously used various methods. Sungmin did a split and hence managed to taste the delicacies. Ryeowook did a bridge with the support of members and managed to place the hoop around the bottle. Siwon, on the other hand, used his own skill and with astonishing accuracy, he successfully tossed the hoops around two bottles. He happily enjoyed the marinade dishes. 

Due to the fact that Aries was the most common horoscrope amongst the Super Junior-M member, “I Love JK” held birthday celebrations for the April babies on-site. The atmosphere was extraordinarily lively. Super Junior-M also secretly prepared a cake to celebrate Ken Wu’s birthday causing him to be so surprised, and there were unceasing joy and happiness at the recording location.


Snowdrop splash page Update

[31032011] Snowdrop splash page - Sungmin! *^^* (Cr:hana0815)


Leeteuk disclosed “Shindong has vocal cord ulcer”

It was revealed that Super Junior member Shindong had vocal cord ulcer.

Recently, the beautiful long-legged singer Kim Hyunjung participated in the recording of MBC Everyone’s Super Junior’s Foresight as a guest. On the show, there was a segment on singing Kim Hyunjung’s hit songs.

First up, Yesung displayed a powerful singing ability, perfectly interpreting the song. When it was Shindong’s turn, Leeteuk said that Shindong had vocal chord ulcer.

Shindong, who originally didn’t have a singing segment, had a recording with Leeteuk, and contracted vocal chord ulcer the next day. In regards to this, Shindong could not conceal his embarrassment. 

In addition, the 3 MCs (Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong) were coached by the guest Kim Hyunjung and displayed their vocal ability. 

For Shindong’s vocal chord ulcer story, it would be revealed on 23 March, Wednesday at 11pm on MBC Everyone’s Super Junior’s Foresight. 

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SJ Donghae boasted sense of variety through one-day MC-ing stint, praised by Kim Taewoo

SuJu’s member Donghae replaced Yesung and became an MC for a day on MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight”. 

Originally, Foresight’s MCs are made up of Leeteuk, Yesung and Shindong. However, one of the MCs Yesung began to feel unwell on the day before the filming, and on the day itself, his condition did not seem to be getting any better, and hence an SOS was requested from his group member Donghae (to take his place on the show). 

This is the first time that Donghae, who ran over to fill the vacancy left by Yesung, became an MC, but he showed perfect cooperation with the other members. Kim Taewoo, whom appeared as a guest on the show, praised Donghae saying that he did a better job than was expected, and another guest, KCM, said that Donghae, who made a mistake and pronounced his name wrongly, did not do as well as he had expected, intentionally making things difficult for him, causing the recording studio to be drowned in a sea of laughter. 

On the other hand, on that day, through speaking about the songs that would directly express their love and also discussing about their ideal types, the SuJu members gave a glimpse of their close relationship. 

Donghae’s variety show MC-ing challenge will be revealed on MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight” at 11PM on the 30th of March, Wednesday.

Source: BNT News
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Super Junior's Eunhyuk-Siwon-Donghae flashes a pout and acts cute, have delicate and fair skin like a children's

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Siwon and Donghae’s selca was exceptionally adorable, causing fans’ heart to beat incessantly. 

On the afternoon of the 29th, Eunhyuk uploaded an adorable yet funny picture of himself together with Donghae and Siwon on Twitter, along with the message saying “Eun Si Hae in Taiwan, because there’s friends and the members are here, it feels really good”. In the published photo, the tiny faces of the three of them were squeezed together, and they were pouting their lips while trying to act cute. The three of them were like little kids with delicate and fair skin, attracting much attention. However the most eye catching one is Eunhyuk who had a lollipop in his mouth, demonstrating unrivalled cuteness. Internet users who saw the picture commented: “Cute terminators~” “Even at this age, they can still be this adorable~””Loveliness of the flower boys” and more.


SJ-M Siwon spotted in a store in Taipei buying daily items among the crowd

South Korean power group Super Junior-M (abbreviated as SJ-M) will be in Taiwan for a 2-month-long stay; member Siwon has already accepted the offer to appear in GTV's idol drama "Extravagant Challenge", and the drama will be entirely in Chinese. On the previous night, he appeared at the COSTCO store in Neihu*, mixing among the crowd and picking out best-buy clothing items and also daily items. He even brought along his Chinese script (for the drama), not forgetting to memorise it while doing his shopping.

They (SJ-M) are Super Junior's subunit, and the members include Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Henry, and Zhou Mi, in addition to the two new members who joined this year, Eunhyuk and Sungmin, and they have just released their Chinese album "Perfection". They shifted into a rented apartment in Taipei, and even hired a tutor in order to improve on their Chinese language. While Siwon and Donghae are preparing to make an appearance in the drama "Extravagant Challenge", the other members are readying themselves for fanmeetings and also other schedules.

Bringing along the Mandarin script while shopping, fans clamour to take a photo with him

On the previous night, Siwon waited for his assistant at the entrance of the store; in the beginning, he still had his cap on, and only removed it when he had ascertained that no one else around could recognise him, walking around the store in a relaxed and carefree manner. His handsome looks and trendy outfits managed to attract a lot of attention from the opposite gender, and while picking out items, he would bite his finger in a child-like manner, showing off an interesting appearance.

While shopping, he did not forget to bring along the script, which was packed with Chinese words. He even used labels to note certain sections, and was really hardworking. When asked whether it was taxing for him to memorise the script and also recite the lines in Chinese, he turned around to ask his assistant what was a 'script'**, before saying that "I'll work hard!" with a smile using Mandarin.

He first picked out best-buy clothing items at the apparels department, before going to the area for articles of daily use, picking out a large stack of towels, detergent and various other objects, in addition to several packets of imported snacks. When asked about the reason behind him purchasing the clothes and towels, he shyly replied that: "Because I have to stay here for many days." There was a female fan who went to his side, and asked to take a picture together, to which he agreed happily. However, his assistant immediately objected to it, biting his lips and using gestures to indicate that no photography was allowed.

* The name of a place in New Taipei City.
** Meaning Siwon didn't know about the term for 'script' in Mandarin.

Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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Channel [V] 'I Love JK' Update

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Youngstreet Update

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Sukira Update

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SBS Star King Update

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Fred Perry Endorsement

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Super Junior's Foresight Ep.17

[News] SJ-M Devours Taiwan Street Food at Filming Studio

Korean band SJ-M made an appearance on Channel[V] ‘s programme and took on a challenge; the production unit brought the night market into the studio. The members did this and that just to have a taste of Taiwan Night Market delicacies.

SJ-M performed a dance which made the host want to learn as well. Eunhyuk became his teacher. Unfortunately, when he(the host) did so, Siwon said “looks like wushu”. But SJ-M revealed that during their pre-debut, they took even longer to learn dances.

During the Chinese challenge, Eunhyuk recieved a board which has Siwon’s name written on it… however, he held it upside down. (Lol i bet he doesn’t even know that Siwon’s chinese name looks like). Siwon who is very serious in learning mandarin kept asking Kyuhyun how to recite “众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在灯火阑珊处”(chinese phrase which I don’t even know what it means),showing his diligence in learning mandarin.

When it came to guessing the place of manufacture of each of the local Specialties(Goods), Siwon even went to look at the labels on the items. Eventually, he even got all 5 questions right. He was so happy he danced(WAHAHAAHA), like a child.

SJ-M who were really busy when they came to taiwan have not had a chance to go to the night markets, so *show name* brought the night markets’ delicacies to the studio. There was XXXXL crispy chicken, onion(shallots?) pancakes, bubble tea, bean curd and ricecake(not the korean kind). When SJ-M heard that there was bubble tea, they hugged each other in excitement. (HOMG OUR KIDS ARE KIDS)

However, SJ-M had to play a mini-game for a chance to be able to try the food. The members came up with many schemes, like sungmin who did a split to be able to eat, ryeowook got the other members’ help; Siwon’s accuracy was astounding and he hooped the bottles twice. He happily tried the braised dish.

Kay… I think the game they had was the one with many bottles and they have to throw hoops onto the bottles.
trans: Fayerielf
source: sj baidu bar

Eeteuk Twitter Update

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Watched the dinosaur performance for the first time in a long time's great ㅋㅋI thought I was going to die from laughing..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


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Yesung Donated Ddangkoma

YESUNG has donated Ddangkoma this afternoon, please, believe it, YESUNG make sure Ddangkoma is living at the BEST PLACE like YESUNG's room.

Via: @yesungworld

Yesung's goodbye message to Ddangkoma

[0329 KTR Yesung's goodbye message to Ddangkoma]
 My turtle's name is Ddangkoma, because it's a tortoise so please never put it into water, it can't swim. I hope you can live well Ddangkoma, I will miss you...You have grown too big to be kept at home, I'm sorry TT although (I) even rebuild the turtle nest for you...but didn't thought that you will grow so big in such a short time, 80years later when we both became grandfathers(,) we shall meet again.

【0329JKTR 艺DJ给宠物龟的离别赠言】


[CR: 朴进儿 l TRANS: paperheartsMIN]

Eeteuk Cyworld Update, BGM List

he added one more song^^

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SJ-M After Interview at i-Like Radio Studio

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SPAO's Blog Background + Advertisements

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Super Junior Foresight Update - Last Episode Part 2

Ryeowook Twitter Update

This is what he tweeted:
►This side is my room^^ how is it? ~ among all of our rooms(,) it is too big hehe so they are jealous of me~~

What he actually probably wanted to mean:
►This is my room^^ how is it? ~ Among all the rooms(,) mine was the biggest hehe so they are jealous of

Original Source: @ryeong9

Translated by ★//囧酥餅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Eunhyuk, halts guesting in Strong Heart temporarily due to Super Junior unit activities

Super Junior's Eunhyuk will stop guesting in temporarily due to overseas unit activities.

On the 29th March broadcast of SBS , Eunhyuk who brought laughter to the audience together with Teukigayo's Leeteuk and Shindong (,) expressed that he will be leaving temporarily. Eunhyuk decided to leave temporarily due to his participation in Super Junior's subunit activities and is not able to continue appearing on .

That day, presented a golden xylophone as a special present to thank Eunhyuk, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Eunhyuk revealed that the most popular Super Junior members in Japan are Sungmin and Leeteuk who both own an adorable appearance, pretty boys Heechul and Siwon for China, and (as for him,) his friendly image is more receiving in Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, attracting laughter.

(omitted similar info of above article)

Leeteuk stated that during this period (,) a new member will take over (Eunhyuk's position), Eunhyuk expressed "This position is very important, (you) have to perform the xylophone very well."

During the ending, Eunhyuk voiced out "(I'm) very thankful to the support given by (and) "Teukigayo". I'll finish the overseas activities promptly and return to the program, (I'll) will definitely work hard!"
Source: + star news

Chinese translation: bluestream + 佳佳 @ 音悦台
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Strong Heart Update

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Filming of drama and program hosting, SJ-M comes to Taiwan for two months

Super Junior-M (SJ-M)'s Siwon and Donghae will be filming an idol drama in Taiwan, and came to Taiwan the other day with Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Henry, and Zhou Mi, and the 8 of them will be staying in Taiwan until the end of May, and during that period of time, they will also host a travel program produced by Dongfeng. They will be living in two separate dorms, and each of them have 1 large, 2 medium and 1 small room respectively. The members played a game to pick their own room, and in the end, Henry, who had the most amount of luggage, got the smallest room, causing him to feel like crying upon returning to his own room.

Cheesily reply 「I love you」

Because Henry brought along his piano and other musical instruments, his luggage neared 100kgs in total, and the room was so small that it was filled only with his things. Luckily the relationship between the members are good, as Donghae switched rooms with him yesterday, and claimed that "I am a kind older brother", and Henry also cheesily replied: "I love you."

Came to Taiwan for 3 days, fans following closely

Siwon and Donghae, who will be filming GTV's idol drama "Extravagant Challenge", will meet with one of the female leads Bianca Bai soon, and Zhou Mi laughed and said that: "I told Donghae not to stand next to Bianca Bai no matter what he does, she's too tall." Siwon said that he didn't know whether there would be a kissing scene at the ending just like the original story, and Donghae, on the other hand, would always practise kissing scenes with his three managers in turns: "There's a need to film a kissing scene, it's not something that I want, but it's the audience who wants to watch a romantic love story."

They have been in Taiwan for three days, though their movements have been shadowed closely by the fans, (and) their management company asked the fans to give them more personal space. In Taiwan, aside from attending schedules and fanmeeting, they would also be learning Chinese, Taiwanese, recording a travel program that introduces Taiwan's local products and also tourists locations, which would be aired on the Dongfeng channel.

Source: China Times
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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Super Show in Vietnam

Super Show

For the first time ever, Viet Vision Ads is proud to bring Super Show 3 to Vietnamese fans.

The hurricane named “Super Junior” - the world-wide popular K-Pop boy band has chosen Vietnam as one of the stops in their Super Show 3 - Super Junior The Third Asia Tour.

Super Show 3 in Vietnam is promised to reciprocate the fan’s expectation by night of the band's own music and style. The performances will take place on May 7th 2011 in Ho Chi Minh City with a capacity of 13,000 seats following a series of giant success of previous Super Show in Seoul and numerous Asian cities. The whole show was deeply invested with ideas and techniques in order to bring Super Junior closer to the audiences, also many surprises will come in the show. With a huge number of fans in Vietnam, on May 7th is expected to be a memorable day for all those who love SuJu.

Following the record in sales of their 4th Album Bonamana, Super Junior started their 3rd Super Show in Seoul and plans to travel to Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Yokohama, Manila, Kuala Lumpur for concerts. There will be a total of 16 concerts in 13 cities. Ho Chi Minh City is proudly to be the final destination of their tour through Asia and hopes to host the most biggest and gorgeous show ever, making a step forward to spread the Super Junior phenomenon world-wide.

Super Junior first arrived in Vietnam in March 2010 at the MTV Exit concert which drew nearly 50,000 fans and concert-goers with their high-energy music and spectacular dance moves. In this comeback, biggest show ever in Vietnam is expected to bring the amazing concert with gorgeous ideas of performance, ingenious stage design and state-of-the-art techniques that have never been seen in local concerts. Some of the stage sets are specially flown in from Singapore to assure the high interaction of the band with fans. In addition, to ensure the global characteristics of the Show, Vietvision will work closely with the production team from Korea to bring fans a Super Show 3 in similarities with one in Seoul - South Korea.

The Super Show 3 - Super Junior The Third Asia Tour in Vietnam will be held on 7th May 2011.


Please read carefully and process correctly.
You can buy ticket by either ways: online or offline

- Offline ticket sales will take place 7 days prior online ticket sales
- Either ways, one Passport/ID card apply for one ticket

If you want to purchase ticket offline, you can choose one of these two ways:

1.Group purchasing:
Location: Viet Vision Advertising Company
8 Hoa Lan street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City
Time: 10.00am to 4.00pm, 06/4/2011 and 07/4/2011

Step 1: A group representative to be appointed. To have the right to buy, the representative have to send her/his profile and contact to organizer at email address: before April 2 2011

Step 2: Lists of representatives would be announced on website. Guideline to be sent to representative via personal emails.

Step 3: Registration list to be sent to organizer via email address:

Step 4: Group representative have to go to confirm purchasing on date April 6 and April 7 2011.

After completing the process, confirmation letter would be sent to individuals’ emails who actually buy tickets. If anyone do not receive confirmation letter, please contact group representative for details. Any queries, group representative can contact us at:, or call Hotline: +84125174067 (Time: 10.00 am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday)

Note: Purchaser have to be responsible for the credibility of the representative. Organizers do not take responsibility for any fault in communication between purchaser and representative.

2.Individual purchasing:
An individual can purchase maximum 4 tickets for 4 different people, with 4 different ID card/Passport.
Location: LotteMart – Super Market
469 Nguyen Huu Tho street, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Time: from 9/4 – 12/4/2011


Step 1: Please consult seat map on website and choose type of ticket.

Step 2: As purchasing ticket, please provide us with the personal information, email address, and ID/ Passport numbers, Nationality.

Step 3: Check carefully before leaving ticket booth

Once the purchase process is completed, confirmation letter with details will be sent to each purchasers’ personal emails.

If anyone do not receive confirmation letter, please us at:, or call Hotline: +84125174067 (Time: 10.00 am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday)

Monday - Friday: 10:00am to 4:00pm


Purchaser can buy maximum 4 tickets for 4 different people, with 4 different ID/Passport. Following instruction online.

Once the purchase process is completed, confirmation letter with details will be sent to each purchasers’ personal emails.

If anyone do not receive confirmation letter, please us at:, or call Hotline: +84125174067 (Time: 10.00 am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday)


Pickup at Outlets with time and location to be update on website. Please do not appoint someone else to collect ticket. Tickets to be given corresponding to your registered ID card/ Passport.

Source: supershow3vn

Yesung'll donate Ddangkoma tomorrow

Yesung just said (At Sukira tonight) that he's going to donate Ddangkoma tomorrow ! He said it's because Ddangkoma is too big to be kept that's why he's giving him out... that's why he bought kkoming? :/
"Ddangkkoma is land turtle, Don't put him in water. He can't swim..." and he also said , "Let's meet 80 years later.I'm really sorry to send you away..."
SAD :( 
Ddangkoma i will miss you so much T_T

Credits: the_chess @ twitter 

*Yesung must be sad.. poor Ddangkoma..

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Eeteuk's Twitter Update

 Ipad 2!!!!!!woah!!!!!!!Really awesome!!!!ㅠㅠ

Source: @special1004

Update with Hae Replied:
@donghae861015: @special1004 Hyung I miss you !!!!!!!!!!!! Do you like the iPad ?Or do you like me ??It's white like hyung's favourite ㅎㅎ it's pretty pretty ㅎㅎ I'll go soon so wait ㅎㅎ
(/via @pastakyu ㅡ SJ-WORLD.NET)

Replied to Donghae:
 @donghae861015 Donghae-ya how can you compare yourself with IPACK*...
So this is the feeling of using IPAD to use twitter ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

*Mistyped IPAD into IPACK in Korean.

Original Source: @special1004
From Korean to Chinese: Psycho蝉儿 @ WEIBO
From Chinese to English: ★//囧酥餅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Siwon's Twitter Update

All that times.. In its place! Miss that time :( 

Source: @siwon407

At "i Like Radio" - Entertainment "e" Generation

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Siwon Shopped at Costco Taiwan - Apple Daily



Super Junior's Foresight - Last Episode

Super Junior Foresight Leeteuk Secret Confession!

He gathered attention for confessing that his affection for Han Gain, Yun Junghoon’s wife, has not been altered.
On the episode of MBC Everyone’s Foresight which will air on March 30th, singer Kim Taewoo and KCM came as guests and taught how to sing soulfully.
On the day of filming, Super Junior 3 MC (Leeteuk, Shindong, Donghae) were very intimate and knew a lot of each other, so suggested recommend each other their ideal types. To this KCM chose Kim Hyesoo as Kim Taewoo’s ideal type while Kim Taewoo chose Han Jimin as KCM’s ideal type.
To this, Donghae, who successfully became a replacement MC of Yesung, chose Leeteuk’s ideal type. As soon as a picture of Han Gain, Leeteuk’s ideal type since a long time ago, came into the studio, the studio became chaotic. Leeteuk made everybody laugh, as he held the picture to his chest and looked as though about to cry as he noticed a rip in the picture, noting that there was a “rip” in her head.
Donghae’s choice of Leeteuk’s ideal type will be fully revealed on March 30th, 11PM through MBC Everyone’s ‘Super Junior’s Foresight’.

Source: bntnews
Translated by Jee (

Donghae scared to look shorter, Bianca Bai stand aside

[SJ] Super Junior sub unit [SJ-M] Super Junior M fulfiling the wish to come to Taiwan for a long stay, member Siwon and Donghae will be filming GTV Idol Drama “Skip Beat”,although they haven’t met the 2 main actresses Ivy Chen and Bianca Bai, but Zhou Mi already worry that Donghae’s height will become “shorter” because of Bianca Bai,smiled and suggested “Don’t stand beside her!”
Siwon: Taiwan stay for 4 months
[SJ-M] in order to expand into the Chinese market,arranged by management agency FuLong Production Co Ltd, 8 members reached Taiwan quietly on the 24th,putting long stay plans into action. Their previous album was nominated by Golden Melody Awards,this time Mandarin new album “Perfection” sales broke 20 000, Zhou Mi said “This time placing the focus in Taiwan, if Perfection gets nominated again, then it will be prefect!”

Siwon and Donghae filming Taiwan Idol drama for the first time, plans to be stayin in Taiwan for 4 months, before the press conference on 31st, 2 of them will be meeting the 2 main actresses Ivy Chen and Bianca Bai for the first time,Siwon who had already seen the photos said “I feel that they are very pretty, it’s my honour to be able to film with them.” And Donghae whose has a height of 177cm,got a cold bucket from Zhou Mi better not to stand beside Bianca Bai,in case he looks shorter.
Donghae joked, kiss scenes are filmed because of audience
Will you reject kiss scenes? Siwon said ” The original had kiss scenes at the end, but haven’t got the script,not sure if there will be.” But Donghae said blatantly must have kiss scenes,jokingly said “Not that I want it myself! It’s what audience what to see, everyone loves romantic love scenes.”Eunhyuk by the side joked “Donghae always practises kiss scenes with managers.”

As for the plans in Taiwan, other than learning Mandarin, hopes to have more different developments, Donghae and Kyuhyun together joked in Mandarin “Our prices are negotiable,food, beverages anything can do.” But when asked the places they would like to see? Donghae said in dismay “Cannot really go out, cause a lot of people will follow.”And hopes that fans can give them more privacy to fit into Taiwan’s lifestyle.

Credits: The Liberty Times
Translated by: Eternalhua@StringswithHenry

Eunhyuk's Twitter Update

은 시 해 in Taiwan. 친구들이 있어서, 멤버들이 있어서 다행이다^^

Eun Si Hae in Taiwan. Because there're friends, (and) members here (, so i'm) really glad^^

*originally written in english

Note: he tweeted twice, first without the picture and deleted it after which.

Chinese translation: Psycho蝉儿 @ weibo
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET