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Leeteuk Thanked fans for being with Him since debut

Its been 2000 days since the debut of Super Junior. On this special day Super Junior Leeteuk Tweeted and thanked all E.L.Fs for being with them;
He Tweeted on 29th;
“2,000 days since our debut. I still have so many things that I want to do, it just isn’t enough yet. To all of the E.L.F.s all over the world that have given us so much love! I would like to genuinely thank you. I love you.”
데뷔2000일..이제 고작 데뷔 2000일이다..^^ 앞으로 하고싶은것도 더 많고 아직 너무 부족하다 큰 사랑주신 전세계 E.L.F 여러분들!!진심으로 사랑하고 감사합니다!그리고 일본 싱글 예약판매 1위도!!!^^정식데뷔란게 뭐가 중요해요..^^

Since their debut Super Junior is the only Korean Band Group who has great fan following around the world that even Goodwill and MGI has admitted that they are E.L.Fs.
There is good news for all k pop lovers, that SM entertainment has decided to built an Idol theme park, there would be different zones relating to the idols like Super Junior, Shinee, SNSD and all others.


Kangin on Twitter

Kangin has recently joined Twitter so go ELFs and follow him @Himsenkangin.

May Issue of GQ, translation of his Interview

Q:What are your plans of your activities for 2011?

A: I finished with “Athena” and now am working as part of the sub-unit which works in Taiwan, Super Junior-M. I am also planning to show a new side of me through the drama which is based on Japanese popular manga “Skip Beat” called “Extravagant Challenge”. I will be working with my member, Donghae and Taiwanese popular actress Chen Yi Han. Also, we are not sure of the date yet, but we are planning to visit our Korean fans through Super Junior’s new album in the 2nd half of the year. There are also other plans. I think this year is the busiest, and the most fruitful year yet.

Q:What is the difference of the life as Super Junior’s member and as an actor Choi Siwon?

A: Rather than trying to focus on one, I try to devote to both as actor Choi Siwon and Super Junior’s member Choi Siwon. But because I am trying to do both roles, members are more considerate when it comes to scheduling. Thanks to the members who respect the actor Choi Siwon, and for their great help, I am able to maintain my singing life and acting life balanced.

Q:Who is your favorite fashion designer? Even if it’s not a particular fashion designer, what kind of fashion do you like?

A:Rather than being fashion designer of a particular brand, I think it is more admirable and excellent, if they are able to reflect the country’s culture through their design. In that, I admire fashion designer Andre Kim. Maybe it’s because I had the opportunity to walk in his show three times, but his clothes seem to be perfect in any way on any stage. Also, I think his design is a good mixture of Korean and modern beauty, which, I think, is the cultural icon that represents Korea.

Q:There aren’t many opportunities to see your airport, press conference fashion, fashion that is natural. What is your style?

A: Rather than extravagant and unique designs, I prefer simple and basic colors. I like to give change among those simple and basic colors. Usually, I wear t-shirt and jeans, and buy the shirts that I like in different colors.

Q:Then, what do you think is the most important when it comes to styling?

A:Ever since I was young, I was told that to a man, a watch is very important. There is also a saying that the watch completes a man’s fashion. I like simple and basic clothes but prefer watches of different designs and styles.

Q:What is your favorite style of watches? Sporty? or classic? Bracelet like watches that seems like accessories or normal straps?

A:Rather than daring designs that are very “bling bling”, I prefer classy and leather straps, like the one that I wore for today’s photo shoot. But in the summer, I wear sporty ones to give an accent to the overall look of my clothes.

Q: Lastly, please say something to your fans.

A: Thank you for always loving me, and of course, Super Junior. Because of your love, Super Junior members and I are here, growing. Like now, let’s go through the hardships together, rejoice together when something good happens, and make a lot of good memories. Thank you.

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Tickets for SM Town Live in Paris were sold out one day and French fans will have a flash mob!

Tickets for SM Town Live in Paris were sold out one day after the ticket sale started. Even fans from Italy and England purchased the tickets for the SM Town’s first live concert in Europe.

Members of Korean Connection, a Korean pop culture fan club, are now gathering signatures through facebook for a petition to request one more round of the SM Town Concert.

Thousands signed up for the petition even in less than 24 hours since the campaign started. Korean Connection members will have a flash mob as part of the campaign in front of Le musee de L’ouvre. KBS is going to report on the demonstration.

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First Japanese single BONAMANA Album Version

First Japanese single “bonamana” to be released along with their first CM appearanace in Circle K Sankis; “Korea Fair WITH SUPER JUNIOR” which will run from 2011/5/17-6/13

CD+DVD【First Press Release】【Regular Edition】
AVCK-79017/B ¥1,890(tax included)
1. 미인(BONAMANA) Japanese Version
2. 미인(BONAMANA) Korean Version
3. 미인(BONAMANA) -Less Vocal-
미인(BONAMANA) Live Version @Yokohama Arena in JAPAN
미인(BONAMANA) Korean Version Music Video
Circle K Sankiss CM shooting Sketch
・ Card (1 random of 11 members)
・ 8 page booklet
・ video recording of the Circle K CM

■CD【First Press Release】【Regular Edition】
AVCK-79018 ¥1,050(tax included)
1. 미인(BONAMANA) Japanese Version
2. 미인(BONAMANA) Korean Version
3. 미인(BONAMANA) -Less Vocal-
미인(BONAMANA) Japanese Ver. 자켓 Sketch
・Card (1 random of 11 members)
・Japanese messages, member sign (printed), all lyrics and with mini-posters

■Circle K Sunkis 【Limited】
AVC1-79020 ¥500 (tax included)
1. 미인(BONAMANA) Japanese Version
【First Press Release】
・4P booklet
・FLASH privilage download card attached (1 random of 10 members)
※FLASH cards is a common privilage card that can be downloaded to your desktop.
※Can be bought from 4/27(wed) AM9:00 from Circle K Sunkis counter/WEB shopping site 「KARUWAZA ONLINE」

■CD【Limited・mu-mo Limited】
AVC1-79019 ¥840(tax incl) ¥800(tax incl)
1. 미인(BONAMANA) Japanese Version
2. 미인(BONAMANA) - Less Vocal-
・Card (1 random of 11 members)
・Circle K Sunkis CM Making video pictures

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Eeteuk's Twitter Update

@special1004: 영국BCC가 주목한 국가 브랜드 슈퍼주니어..이런거 내입으로 말하는거 아닌데..ㅋㅋ그래도 좋으니까^^ 오히려 이렇게 외국에서 인정해주니 감사합니다!!

@special1004: Super Junior got noticed as a national brand on British BCC..but it shouldn't be me saying these things..ㅋㅋNevertheless it's because I like to^^ Thank you for recognizing us overseas like this instead!!

PS. Clearly BBC, not BCC.

@special1004: 나도 한국인 인데 어느나라를 가던 한국은 좋은나라 한국사람은 친절한 사람 이미지 만들려고 노력하는데 결국 더 인정해주시고 알아주는곳은 외국..더 겸손하고 더 열심히 노력해겠다...^^

@special1004: I'm a Korean myself so in every country I go to I make an effort to convey the image of Korea being a nice country and of Korean people being kind people and in the long run the place that recognizes and acknowledges it more is overseas..I'll be more humble and work harder...^^

@special1004: 데뷔2000일..이제 고작 데뷔 2000일이다..^^ 앞으로 하고싶은것도 더 많고 아직 너무 부족하다 큰 사랑주신 전세계 E.L.F 여러분들!!진심으로 사랑하고 감사합니다!그리고 일본 싱글 예약판매 1위도!!!^^정식데뷔란게 뭐가 중요해요..^^

@special1004: 2000 days since's only 2000 days since debut now..^^ There's a lot more things I want to do in the future too and I'm still so lacking. E.L.F all over the world who gave us such big love!!I sincerely love you and thank you!Also our Japanese single got 1st place even in booking sales order!!!^^What's important about an official debut..^^

Translated by. @pastakyu/Gaia for SJ-WORLD.NET

SJ Twitter Update [27.04.2011]

아..가끔 차끌고 나가면..왜 그때만 비가 내리는거지..세차하고 아껴두면 뭐해..바로 비맞자나..ㅠㅠ흐억..
ah..why does it only start to rain when I occasionally drive my car out..(I) washed my car and maintained got drenched immediately..ㅠㅠheueok

축구대박!!!아 잼나 ㅠㅠ
soccer daebak!!! Ah so interesting ㅠㅠ

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From Korean to Chinese: Super Junior Baidu Bar
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@shfly3424백점만점 강원충남팀에 팀웍 아자!!

@shfly3424 100/100 POINTS Kangwon Choongnam team teamwork aja*!! 

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Performing in KIMCHI, Super Junior brings 2 additional personnels, Korean Idol Music Concert Hosted in Indonesia

Jakarta - Male group from Korea, Super Junior (SuJu) will juice up Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted in Indonesia (KIMCHI) on the upcoming June 4 at Istora Senaya, Jakarta. For this performance, SuJu will bring two additional personnels.

Henry and Zhoumi will be joining the other 10 members of SuJu. They are ready to form SJ-M which is the third sub-unit from SuJu. Originally, SJ-M was formed to target the music market in China.

"Henry and Zhoumi will be joining (SJ in Kimchi) " said W Production's Managing Director Sean Sudwikatmono in 'KIMCHI 2011' press conference at Planet Hollywood, Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta, on Thursday (4/28/2011)

Not only SJ-M, 'KIMCHI 2011' will also be enlivened with The Boss, X5, Girl's Day and Park Jung Min. The show is planned to be started at 6PM (west Indonesia time). The Boss will be the opening performer.

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Konsert percuma Super Junior M 28 Mei

PUTRAJAYA — Kumpulan muzik terkenal dari Korea, Super Junior M, akan mengadakan konsert percuma pada 28 Mei ini sempena Himpunan Sejuta Belia di sini.
Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek berkata, konsert itu bertujuan menarik lebih ramai belia menyertai sambutan yang akan berlangsung dari 27 hingga 29 Mei.
Beliau berkata demikian ketika berucap pada majlis prapelancaran tiga segmen sempena sambutan tersebut iaitu Segmen Modal Insan, Segmen world Youth Fantasy dan Clash of the Bands, di sini hari ini.
Menyentuh segmen-segmen tersebut, Ahmad Shabery berkata di bawah Segmen Modal Insan, sebanyak 26 aktiviti dirancang termasuk khutbah Jumaat khas, Karnival Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, Karnival Polis Diraja Malaysia, Pesta Buku/Majalah dan Festival Amal Islami.
"Seramai 1,500 anggota tentera dan 500 anggota polis dijangka melibatkan diri dalam segmen ini, tidak termasuk jumlah anggota yang akan bertugas di setiap lokasi acara. — Bernama
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Article 2
Super Junior M [SJM] in Malaysia-28 May 2011
Posted Image
Popular music groups from Korea, Super Junior M, will have free concert on May 28,2011 in conjunction with the Million Youth Associationhere [Malaysia]

This is a very good news! Especially for the Malaysians. And the 2nd good news is it was FREE. No ticket! Just for FREE~

So for who want to go to the concert, just feel free. For sure many fan in Malaysia are going to be crazy and can’t wait it!

Thats all! Super Junior M Hwaiting!!^^


Super Junior-M, "Perfection" repackaged album to go on sale simultaneously in Korea & Taiwan on 29th

Super Junior-M, who is active in China and Taiwan, has repackaged their album “Perfection”, and is expected to be on sale simultaneously in South Korea and Taiwan on the 29th (of April). 

In this time’s repackaged album, they have even included a popular Taiwanese folk song 《西风的话 (Whistle of Zephyr)》, and was rearranged by popular composer Kenzie to possess an acapella feel. The song is covered by Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Zhou Mi, and at the same time the Korean version of the cover will also be specially included in the “Perfection” album that would be released in China and Taiwan. 

The DVD includes the behind-the-scenes footages of Super Junior-M’s album cover shooting and MV-filming location, and also the Korean and Chinese versions of the “Perfection” music video. These classics will no doubt be the perfect gift that is anticipated by the fans. 

The Korean version of “Perfection” and “Whistle of Zephyr” will first be released through the three major sites in China, Sina, Sougou, and NetEase Entertainment, and is currently being broadcasted continuously. After they were first made public on the 18th on the broadcasting stations and television programmes in Taiwan, it has once again attracted the attention of the Asian fans. 

In February, after Super Junior-M’s title song “Perfection” was released, it shot to the top of China’s most authoritative music chart “Music Billboard”, and on the album sales chart in Taiwan, they have also occupied the first position on (the charts of) Guangnan, CCR, and also the music broadcasting website HITFM, exhibiting unrivalled popularity. 

Aside from that, Super Junior-M’s “Perfection” has also occupied the first spot on the album sales chart B2S Top20 of Thailand’s biggest music chain store BS2, receiving fervent love from the Thai fans. 

In addition, they have also won the Most Popular Group award on the “Global Chinese Golden Chart” award ceremony which was held in Taipei on the 9th (of April), once again confirming their red-hot popularity throughout Asia. Super Junior-M plans to hold a diverse range of activities throughout Asia, inclusive of China.

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SM, to hold joint concert in September at Japan's Tokyo Dome with a scale of 100,000 audiences

SM Entertainment will be holding the “SMTown Live” concert at Tokyo Dome on the coming 3-4th of September. 

The concert, which was initially scheduled for 9-10th of April but was postponed due to the earthquake in Japan, will be held for two days in September, and about 100,000 audiences are expected (to watch the concert). 

SM Entertainment predicted that “In addition to the ‘SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO’ which was held for two days on the 25th and 26th of January at the Yoyogi National Stadium, Tokyo, Japan, which had 24000 audiences in attendance, and exceeded 40000 ticket purchasers, seems that the reaction towards this time’s performance in Tokyo Dome will be even more fervent (than before).” 

On the other hand, the joint concert “SMTown Live” between the artists under SM Entertainment has had successful performances in Seoul, Tokyo, LA and other places, and will also be having a performance on the coming 10th of June in Paris, France, showing off SM’s global brand power.

Source: OSEN
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South Korea's K-pop craze lures fans and makes profits, SuJu mentioned on BBC News

Super Junior, who with 13 members are one of the world's biggest boy bands, are household names across Asia

Korean wave
Bands such as Kara and Super Junior have become household names in much of Asia. They belong to a new hip generation of South Korean artists that has launched the musical genre K-pop.
Coupled with the success of Korean TV shows and films, they are part of a wider cultural movement here that has become known as Korean wave.
The number of people who visited South Korea specifically to attend events such as album launches, concerts and awards ceremonies doubled to 34,000 in 2010. 

Two cents' worth
Mr Youn says K-pop has proved such a hit in Asia because it offers something different, but is still familiar enough for audiences to relate to.
And the fact that K-pop's unique style is attracting foreign fans is something that benefits both the people who visit South Korea and the bands whose music they like. 
In fact, according to music industry veteran Bernie Cho, K-pop stars do much better financially when they sell their music abroad, rather than just at home. His company, DFSB Kollective, markets and distributes a range of Korean music.
"If you bought a single on iTunes in the US, you're paying around $1," he says.
"In Korea, the price was originally 50 cents, it dropped to 12 cents, then it dropped to six cents. And the artists are getting 35% of that - they're making two cents a download."
According to Mr Cho, many of K-pop's top acts are selling 100,000 or 150,000 albums straight after release. It is an impressive number in any major market.
"Music is so heavily discounted in Korea that a lot of them are looking to go overseas, or are relying on their popularity to boost their income in other ways, like acting or advertising," he says.
That diversity of roles is helping to spread their appeal to other countries, as well as to other areas of the South Korean economy. Many tourists who come for the music also buy the clothes and cosmetic brands promoted by Korean stars.
According to South Korea's Trade and Investment Agency, income from cultural exports like pop music and TV shows has been rising by about 10% a year. In 2008, it was worth almost $2bn.

Source: BBC News
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Super Junior M To Headline MTV EXIT Free Concert in Chiang Mai!

MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) campaign will hold a massive live concert in the Thai Northern capital of Chiang Mai on June 25th to raise awareness and increase prevention of human trafficking.
The free outdoor concert will be headlined by Asian stars ‘Super Junior M,’ and held at Chiang Mai’s 700th Anniversary Stadium. Thailand’s top artists will also perform at the concert, which is expected to attract over 20,000 local music fans.
Members of Super Junior have been passionate supporters of MTV EXIT and this will be the second time the group is invovled in an MTV EXIT concert. The first concert, held in Hanoi in April last year, drew over 45,000 fans. Members of the group went on to visit a shelter for survivors of human trafficking to learn about this important global issue firsthand.
Super Junior M, often referred to as SJ M, is the third official sub-unit of Korean boy band Super Junior. SJ M features seven original Super Junior stars plus two additional Chinese members Henry and Zhou Mi.
MTV EXIT Live in Chiang Mai is produced in partnership with the Royal Thai Government, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Australian Government's Agency for International Development (AusAID), with additional support from TQPR and Nok Air. 

source: mtvexit

Super Junior To Headline MTV EXIT Free Concert in Chiang Mai!

MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) campaign will hold a massive live concert in the Thai Northern capital of Chiang Mai on June 25th to raise awareness and increase prevention of human trafficking.

The free outdoor concert will be headlined by Korean megastars, Super Junior, best known for their international smash-hit “Sorry Sorry”, and held at Chiang Mai’s 700-Year Stadium. Thailand’s top artists will also perform at the concert, which is expected to attract over 20,000 local music fans.

Super Junior are passionate supporters of MTV EXIT and this will be the second time the group performs at an MTV EXIT concert. The first concert, held in Hanoi in April last year, drew over 45,000 fans. Members of the group went on to visit a shelter for survivors of human trafficking to learn about this important global issue firsthand.

Check out photos from “MTV EXIT Live in Hanoi” featuring Super Junior to get a glimpse of what you can expect to see in Chiang Mai!

Also, check out “Super Junior in EXIT” to see exclusive footage of Super Junior’s concert in Hanoi.

Source: MTV Exit

Debuted for 2000 days, SJ Japan album pre-orders reaches first place

28th is SJ’s 2000 days after debut. Debuting in 2005 with their first album , followed by and, among other songs that were in the rage in South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia as well as other Asian countries showed that SJ is indeed one group with high popularity that is able to make it to such an important day of their career. As most groups too tend to split up after 5 years, and this is adds to yet another meaning towards the 2000 days after the debut of SJ.

To celebrate this day, fans will be listening to SJ albums and compiling all SJ related photos into a video, while wishing the members on their Twitter, Cyworld and Mini.

Apart from the 2000 days celebration, Japan’s TOWER RECORDS has revealed that the pre-order of is currently ranked first. This song will be for the Japan release of the 4th album , and will also be SJ first single album to be released in Japan. After being absent from activities in Japan apart from “SM TOWN LIVE’ and The Asian Tour “Super Show”, fans there are still not deterred, showing their support by getting the pre-orders in the first position.

SJ is currently doing much promotional activities in China, and the Japanese version of will be released on the 8th of June

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Super Junior to Debut in Japan?

Popular group Super Junior will show off their first Japanese album. It is analyzed as a strategic move to expand to the Japanese market. Many Korean idol groups challenged the Japaneses market. But Super Junior has never officially expanded to the Japanese market. 

The management company SM Entertaiment stated on April 26, "the group will be releasing their first Japanese single "Beauty(Bonamana). Starting next month, the song will be shown on major Japanese TV channels as the commercial song for Japanese convenience store company Circle K Sunkus." "Beauty" is already a hit song in Korea as well as the countries all over Asia.

Super Junior has contracted with Avex at the end of last month and has thought about advancing into the Japan market. Even though they did not officially debut, they held 3 concerts at Yokohama arena, Japan in February. A SM rep stated, "even thought they will be releasing a single in Japanese, they will not be doing any promotion activity in the country. Their official debut will occur at a later time."

Source: Sports Khan
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM 

Super Junior to Release Their First Japanese Album in June

Super Junior was chosen as the CF model for Japan's famous convenience store. 

Super Junior was chosen as the model for Japan's famous convenience store company, "Circle K Sunkus." They finished filming the CF in February. Starting May 16, the commercial will meet viewers all over the country via TV. 

A rep from Circle K Sunkus said, "Super Junior is very active all over Asia as multi-talented entertainers and they are also popular in Japan that we decided to hire them as our model." The company showed their expectation about the group's future activity. 

Super Junior will show off their first Japanese album with the release of Japanese version of "Beauty" (美人)' in June.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will meet TV viewers with their first single "Beauty" featured as Circle K Sunkus' CF song.

Source: Joynews
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
*Beauty is pronounced Miin in Korean.

【MYSJ】(Teaser) ELF & Kpop Cover in TV2's "In-Trend "

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Donghae Cyworld Update


2011... Extravagant Challenge*

* The drama he's filming now, together with Siwon

Original Source. 이동해미니홈피
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Super Junior releases "Bonamana" japanese version in June

Today it was announced that SUPER JUNIOR will make their first appearance in a Japanese commercial and that they’re releasing a Japanese version of “BONAMANA” in June.

Their commercial will be for the popular convenience store chain “Circle K Sunkus”. The members will promote the chain’s “South Korea Fair” that will be held in all stores from May 17th to June 13th. During that time you will be able to purchase various special products such as onigiri filled with bulgogi and other Korean dishes. The commercial starts airing on the 17th.

Super Junior's japanese version of their hit "Bonamana", "Bijin" will be the theme song for the commercial. That will also become the first Japanese single that is going to become available in digital form on May 18. The CD release is on June 8th.
It is said that the recording with the Japanese lyrics back in March wasn’t much of a problem for the members and the commercial, that was already filmed in February, was almost done in one take, proving the professionalism and versatility of the group.

Super Junior commented, “We hope that you will get to know as a bit more through our appearance in the commercial and our song ‘Bijin (BONAMANA)’.”

The group is also going to participate in the “The 4th K-Pop Super Live” concert in Chiba on May 15th.

Source: Sanspo

Jiangsu TV Fei Chang Bu Yi Ban Recording [PART 11] Eunhyuk

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Kyuhyun for Play Magazine

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