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Leeteuk, Sungmin and Eunhyuk to film Special Dream Team episode

To celebrate the 2011 World Track & Field Championship, KBS2 will be filming a special Dream Team episode on June 4 and 5. On June 5, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Sungmin from Super Junior, Minho and Taemin from SHINee, and Jungmo from TRAX will be participating. The episode with all the SM artists will be aired on June 26 (the other episode will air on June 19).

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Super Junior M @ Hari Belia Negara 2011 [PART 13] - My CAM

Super Junior Twitter Update [30.05.2011]

@siwon407 다들 오늘 하루 어떻게 보냈어요? 기억에 남을 좋은일들 많았나요? 하루하루.. 복되고 기억에 남을 좋은일들만 가득하길 바랍니다 sweet dreams ;) (p.s) vampire diaries 제작진분들 고생많으신건 알지만.. 다음에피소드좀 빨리..
@siwon407 How did everyone spend their day? Were there many good things that will remain in your memory? Day by day.. I wish there to be lucky and memorable good things sweet dreams ;) (p.s.) vampire diaries staff I know they are working hard but.. the next episode please hurry..

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@siwon407: New day. nice sunshine. fresh air, lovely. have a wonderful day !
@siwon40 hello, 오늘도 여러분들이 어디에 계시던 기억에 담을 좋은일들만 가득하시길 소망합니다 :)
@siwon407 hello, I hope that today as well wherever you are that it is filled with memorable and good things :)

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촬영을 마치고 어릴적 가족들과 자주찾았던 chilis라는 패밀리레스토랑을 찾았다 ^^ 어느순간부터 우리나라에서는 보이지않던 그곳이지만 여기서 가보니 너무 반갑고 좋았다. 역시 여긴 나초가 최고인듯 ^^ yfrog.com/gziforovj
After filming had ended I arrived at the family restaurant called 'chilis' which I frequently go to with my family when I was young ^^ Although from one point of time the outlet couldn't be seen in our country anymore(,) but when I came here I feel delighted. As expected the nachos here are the best ^^ yfrog.com/gziforovj
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Super Junior occupies top of Taiwanese charts for one full year, creating astounding unbeaten record

Idol group Super Junior has continuously occupied the top of the Taiwanese music charts for a year, creating a wonder with their unbeaten record.

Super Junior has topped the largest Taiwanese music site KKBOX's Top 100 Korean/Japanese Music Charts with their comeback title song "Bonamana" last year for the week of 22 May-28May, and continued to dominate the charts on the first week of June before continuing to remain at the top of the charts for the next 52 weeks. The extremely long period of time of their unbeaten record has effectively attracted the attention of the public.

Aside from that, Super Junior with their 3rd album title song "Sorry Sorry" also occupied the Korean/Japanese Music Charts of KKBOX for 36 consecutive weeks, while setting a shocking record of being the champion for 34 consecutive weeks on the ezpeer+ charts.

Super Junior-M, who is actively promoting in the Chinese music industry, has also successfully claimed the top of various major Taiwanese charts with their song "Perfection", with their sky-high popularity. Aside from that, members Choi Siwon and Donghae have also been successfully casted in the Taiwanese drama "Extravagant Challenge, and are playing the main characters.

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SJM records congratulatory video for Guang Liang's new album release, expresses intentions to work together

The "King of Composing and Singing Love Ballads" Guang Liang will be releasing a new album that is a compilation of his new songs and live footages from his concert on the coming 3rd of June. Aside from having his new song "On a Rainy Sunday in Taipei", the album will also record more than 20 live concert versions of his classical songs, which includes "Palm", "First Time", "Fairytale", "You're the One Who Changed" and more. On the press conference which was held in conjunction with the release of his new album on Monday afternoon, he had announced three pieces of good news at the same time, including the moving in to his new office, the release of his new album, and also the launching of his concert tour.

Aside from that, Super Junior-M who has immense popularity all across Asia also recorded a congratulatory video while requesting for a song at the same time, and Guang Liang said regretfully that: "Actually they have been asking for me to write a song since their first album, and the song has been delayed for close to two years, so I'm really sorry about it."

Since the time that Super Junior-M held their first fanmeeting session in Taiwan, they had already chosen Guang Liang's song "Tong Hua/Fairytale" to interact with their fans. The members all expressed their love for Guang Liang's songs, and specially recorded a congratulatory video, at the same time expressing that since Guang Liang finally released a new song, Super Junior-M now has a new Mandarin song to practice on. Aside from delivering their well-wishes for the album sales to do well, Super Junior-M did not forget to request for a song as well, and also hoped that both parties would have the opportunity to work with each other in the area of music. Kyuhyun even very sweetly called Guang Liang as "Guang Liang gege*", and Siwon even delivered "congratulations, congratulations" that was full with the Taiwanese flair. There were hilarious moments within the recording of the video itself. As the original video was supposed to have all 8 members of Super Junior-M singing to the tune of "Fairytale" for its opening, member Donghae sang it ecstatically to the point that he was still singing (the song) to Henry even though the filming had ended. This caused Zhou Mi, who was delivering his congratulatory message, to be unable to complete his sentences time and again, while Kyuhyun couldn't hold it in and said: "Be quiet!" This interesting well-wishes caused Guang Liang to be extremely touched, and cooked up an immediate response to Super Junior-M's invitation: "This is an honour for me, of course there's not a problem!" However Guang Liang also expressed that he would find the time to compose diligently in the midst of his promotions, in order to resolve his song debt to them.

* Something like "Guang Liang hyung".
Note: Other information not related to SJM omitted.

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Super Junior M @ Hari Belia Negara 2011 [PART 5] - FAN

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Super Junior M @ Hari Belia Negara 2011 [PART 4] - FAN

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Super Junior M @ Hari Belia Negara 2011 [PART 2] - FAN

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Super Junior M @ Hari Belia Negara 2011 [PART 1] - FAN

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Super Junior’s Yesung is sick?

Super Junior’s Yesung is known for having awesome vocals gaining him the title, “Art of Voice”. Alongside fellow members Kyuhyun and Ryeowook, they formed the Super Junior sub-unit, K.R.Y. Yesung has been known to be busy with his individual activities in SUKIRA and Immortal Song 2. His recent tweet made fans worry though the picture that accompanied it made the fans smile. Check out his tweet below!

Original: 오늘 컨디션최악이네요 … 그래두 응원하러와준 우리엄마 종진이때문이라도 힘내야지이!!!
Translation: Today my body is at it’s worse condition… But I will try my best as my mother and Jongjin came to support me!!!
*Note: For those who don’t know, Jongjin is Yesung’s younger brother.
Source Pics: korean-drama-guide.com + @shfly3424|twitter; Tweet: @shfly3424|twitter
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SJ-M says I love you in 3 different languages, ten thousand fans captivated

SJ-M says I love you in 3 different languages, ten thousands of fans captivated
(Kuala Lumpur, 29th May) Korean group Super Junior-M (SJ-M) uttered the words “Sayang, I love you! Wo ai ni!” during their concert in Malaysia and this immediately melted the hearts of ten thousands of fans who came to cheer them on. On Saturday, 6 members came to Malaysia to have their concert1, owing to the fact that Donghae and Siwon are currently in Taiwan filming the idol drama «Extravagant Challenge», they were unable to come along with their members to Malaysia.
Shortly after the opening, 6 lucky fans that were drawn were brought on stage to have a close-up interaction with SJ-M, and each fan was allowed to ask their idol one question. After answering the questions, each member used their “killer acts”, and this allowed fans to fulfil their desires! Henry and Ryeowook hugged the female fan, Zhoumi kissed a female fan’s hand while kneeling down on one knee, Kyuhyun2 on the other hand went behind a female fan and hugged her, causing fans beneath the stage to continuously scream and at the same time feel envious. One of the fans who were invited on stage was even moved to tears.
Eunhyuk’s moonwalk
During the solo segment, Zhoumi specially performed a song by his close friend Z-Chen (Zhang Zhi Cheng) titled «3am in the morning», and he also revealed that Malaysian singers Fish Leong and Michael Wong (Guang Liang) are also his best friends. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun each performed songs from their favourite singers which include Teresa Teng’s «I Only Care About You» and Zhang Hui Mei’s «If You Have Heard Before». The more special performance was done by Eunhyuk, who had prepared Michael Jackson’s classic moon walk dance for that night’s concert, and even boldly caressed his lower body several times, allowing fans to enjoy his performance “for free”!
Zhoumi3 claimed that he is most shy
Later, the MC asked who is most shy among the 6 members, and Zhoumi3 automatically raised his hands in acknowledgement, he continued saying: “When I become their Chinese language teacher, I will become more strict, I’ll spank their bottoms if they make mistakes!” During the interview session on stage, the 6 members would not obediently remain in their positions, they were always seen teasing each other, and from time to time they’ll “hug” or “kiss” (each other).
Before the end of the concert, all 6 members made a 90-degree bow to the fans twice to bid their fans goodbye, and to signify the end of the concert. They are definitely the most courteous Korean idol group.
SJ-M was invited by the National Youth and Sports Ministry to give a one hour finale performance at the «Malaysia National Youth Day Event». As this event is held free of charge, more than 10000 people attended this event, causing some people to have breathing difficulties; some also felt unwell and passed out, requiring first aid from the medical personnel before being sent to the hospital.
Performance song list: SJ-M «Perfection», «Blue Tomorrow», «Destiny»
Solo : Henry- «Off My Mind»; Zhoumi «3am in the Morning»; Ryeowook «I Only Care About You»; Kyuhyun «If You Have Heard Before»; Eunhyuk «Michael Jackson’s Dance performance»
Encore: SJ-M «Super Girl»

Super Junior-M’s press conference, requested for a song from Michael Wong
Korean popular group Super Junior-M (expressed that) apart from wanting to have a chance to collaborate with A-mei, Zhoumi revealed that he had earlier requested a song from Guang Liang, and at present, it is still under discussion, (but he hopes) that they will be able to successfully receive the song. After launching their 2nd album «Perfection», Super Junior-M has for the first time held an outdoor concert in Malaysia. During the press conference, they expressed that the happiest thing for them is being able to perform the song «Love is Sweet» which was written by Jay Chou.
When they were asked about their feelings towards Malaysia, Eunhyuk said: “The fans here are very amiable!” Sungmin said: “Malaysia is a beautiful country and if there is opportunity in the future, he would definitely travel to Malaysia.” Henry on the other hand expressed that: “I’m very happy whenever I visit Malaysia, Malaysia is a multilingual country, be it English, Cantonese or Chinese, everyone would be able to understand!”
Members who had diligently learned Chinese, gives 8 marks for their own performance
They have been living in Taiwan for almost 2 months, and when they were asked how would they rate the Chinese that they have diligently practiced, Eunhyuk took a deep breath and said: “We will give our Chinese…8 marks!” And when they were asked with Chinese phrase left them with the deepest impression, Kyuhyun laughed as he replied saying: “Tai Bu Xiang Hua! (It’s outrageous)” Ryeowook answered: “Hen you geng! (You’ve got guts)” Eunhyuk then suddenly shouted: “The one word that we heard most when we were in Taiwan is fans shouting “Ah!”.”
Apart from that, when they were asked which member is the most perfect, Zhoumi replied using his not so fluent Cantonese: “There is a unique feel to each member, and I belong to the more natural and comfortable category.” Because Zhoumi replied rather slowly (due to the language he is using), the media urged him to reply using Chinese. Zhoumi jokingly said: “I have actually practiced Cantonese for about a year and a half, but because we seldom have activities in Hong Kong, I’m taking this opportunity during our visit here in Malaysia to speak using Cantonese.” When the members were asked on what awards they would wish to challenge, they expressed that they are actually very ambitious, as they have really given so much effort throughout their showbiz journey, they would love to receive every possible award, not wanting to miss out on any of them.
1 Malaysia Youth Association Day concert (Hari Belia Negara)
2 Reporter fail #1. It was Eunhyuk who hugged the fan from behind, not Kyuhyun.
3 Reporter fail #2. It wasn’t Zhou Mi who admitted that he’s the shyest. It’s Kyuhyun.
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Super Junior M @ Hari Belia Negara 2011 [PART 9] - My CAM

Super Girl

Super Junior M @ Hari Belia Negara 2011 [PART 8] - My CAM

Last Song- Super Girl

Super Junior M @ Hari Belia Negara 2011 [PART 7] - My CAM

"Musical revival of film 'Temptation of Wolves'" - Ryeowook

It has been decided that a musical based on the 2004 hit film “Temptation of Wolves” (directed by Kim Taekyun, based on the original story by Gui Yeoni), which was seen by over 2 million people, will open this coming July the 12th at the private theatre COEX Artium Hyundai Art Hall.

Production company PMC Productions has said “Out of all the options available to us through which to make a jukebox musical with hit ‘Korean wave’ songs, we’ve chosen this story. It has proven to be popular both as a novel and as a film, and we’ve chosen it because we feel the story is suitable to be told through singing and dance.”

Therefore the most critical part is the songs through which the story is conveyed. The songs will range from songs by the first generation of idol groups from the 90’s (H.O.T, S.E.S, G.O.D, etc) to more recent songs from Korean wave groups such as Dongbangshinki, Kara, and Girls’ Generation. PMC Productions has said “The main characters have grown up during this time, so we’re paying particular attention to how these teenagers express their worries, conflicts, love and hope through these songs.”

Also, they’ve stated that the reason they have chosen to use hit Korean wave songs instead of an original score is that they’re hoping to sell the musical in the Asian market. From next year on, they plan to open shows in other major Asian cities.

This musical revival of the “Temptation of Wolves” story will be directed by choreographer-cum-director Oh Jaeik, with composer and active consultant for MBC’s nightly show “I’m a singer” Jang Soyeong working as music director.

The music will be performed from July 12th to October 3rd at the COEX Artium Hyundai Art Hall, tickets going on sale in the first week of June.

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Ryeowook's first musical since his debut... "Temptation of Wolves"

Super Junior member Ryeowook will be taking on the challenge of appearing in his first musical since his debut.

He has been cast in an acting role in the musical “Temptation of Wolves”, which will be opening this coming July 12th at the Seoul COEX Artium Hyundai Art Hall.

“Temptation of Wolves” is a jukebox musical that merges popular "Korean wave" idol group music with Gui Yeoni’s original novel that expresses teenagers’ love and worries, conflicts and hopes.

A film of the same name, starring Kang Dongwon and Cho Hanseon, which also was based on the novel, was a box office hit.

Ryeowook will be playing the role that Kang Dongwon played in the film version of the movie, the main character “Jeong Taeseong”. He will be showing the audience a different side of his talents and charm.

Ryeowook’s entertainment company SM Entertainment has said: “Ryeowook has become known through his Super Junior activities for having a charming tone and an outstanding singing voice”, and “In the future, Ryeowook will show more of this new transformation in films.”

As he’s gained huge popularity due to his activities in Super Junior, and through his subsequent work in Super Junior KRY and Super Junior M, Ryeowook’s first musical will certainly be gathering attention from not only Korea, but also of course all his Asian fans.

Original source: Nate
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Tens upon thousands of people awaits SJM at Malaysian National Youth Association Day

Becoming the final act of the National Youth Association Day, tens upon thousands of people awaits Super Junior-M

Super Junior M performed as the final act for the Malaysian National Youth Association Day on Saturday night, and attracted tens upon thousands of people to wait for them on the streets, only to welcome SJ-M's stage appearance at 10pm. There were quite a number of fans who rushed to climb the railings and traffic lights without caring for their safety for the sake of seeing SJ-M with their very own eyes, and there were even fans who fainted at the scene.

The concert was an open performance, and in addition to SJ-M's appearance on stage, dancing and singing to their new song "Perfection", they also showed off their Malay language (skills) with "Apa Khabar" and "Sayang" as well, each sentence driving the fans to go crazy and lose control.

Fans were extremely elated

Aside from that, SJ-M also used their "trump cards", making 5 female fans and 1 male fan who was very luckily picked to go on stage to be extremely elated. The male fan was too delighted that he didn't know what to do when he could hug with his idol. Henry and Ryeowook bear-hugged the female fans, causing the fans be to emotional to the point of tears. Zhou Mi unexpectedly expressed that he didn't want to hug with the female fan, but immediately knelt down and kissed the girl's wrist, causing the fan to be extremely shocked; Eunhyuk chose to hug the female fan from behind instead, causing the fans below the stage to be extremely jealous.

SJ-M, who hopes that they could return to Malaysia to have a fanmeeting session and concert, sang for a total of an hour during the event, and they also had their solo performances. During Eunhyuk's solo he even danced the moon walk while grabbing his crotch, causing the fans to go into hysteria. Zhou Mi, who has considerable friendships with Malaysian artists, specially picked his good friend Zhang Z-Chen's song, "Ling Chen San Dian Zhong" (3AM) to be performed (at the event).

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