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Lee Hongki and Kim Heechul snap a photo at the hair salon

Fellow ‘Chocoball’ members Lee Hongki and Kim Heechul have posed for a picture the day before Heechul’s enlistment with the military.
On August 31st, Lee Hongki revealed that the two of them were at a hair salon. He tweeted, “Our Heenim… Waiting to shave his head.
In the attached photo, Lee Hongki playfully positions his cap right above his head so that it looked like he was the one about to shave his head. Luckily, he was just in for a trim!
As for Heechul, he presents his ‘cool guy’ look with his dark sunglasses and an unreadable expression. The contrast between the two members drew some laughter from fans, as Hongki looked quite young next to his sharply-dressed friend.
Fans commented, “It’s hard to imagine what Heechul will look like without any hair“, “Please don’t shave your head too!“, and “Chocoball reunion <3“.
‘Chocoball’ is a unique celebrity group comprised of members who carry the blood type AB. Kim Heechul is considered the leader of this group, which is also comprised of F.T. Island’s Lee Hongki,Supreme Team’s Simon DB2ST’s Junhyung, and many more.
Meanwhile, Kim Heechul will begin his four-week basic training program on September 1st before he goes off to complete his 23-months of mandatory military service as a public service personnel member.
For those fans who’ve been dying to know what a shorn Heechul looked like, he kindly updated his Twitter with a post-op photo.
Heechul wrote, “Long hair & short hair, but I look like Choonja nunaㅇ0ㅇ”. The Super Junior idol is referring to a much-beloved veteran singer named Choonja, who’s famous for her androgynous style.
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Super Junior releases a mobile app for “Mr. Simple”

Super Junior recently released a mobile app co-created by SM Entertainment and online music service Soribada!
The ‘lite’ version of the app is available for free, but fans who want the full version will have to pay $7.99 USD. In the free version, you can enjoy one-minute previews of every track on the album, as well as viewing teaser videos and photo galleries. The full version includes entire songs, their music video, making-of videos, an image gallery and Facebook capabilities.
The app is being offered in conjunction with the group’s ‘version B’ of “Mr. Simple”, which includes the track ‘Superman.’ The music video and galleries will be updated soon as additional features on the app as well.
A representative of Soribada said, “Super Junior stands at the center of the Hallyu wave and you can now interact with their music through your smartphones. Fans are very excited because you not only get the music, but videos and photos of the group as well
SM Entertainment has previously released mobile apps for many of their artists, with the latest being forDana & Sunday’s digital single.
Source & Photo:  Sports Korea via Nate

Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Music Video of Super Junior’s ‘Mr. Simple’ Ranked 5th on YouTube Chart Worldwide!

August 27, 2011
The Music Video of Super Junior’s ‘Mr. Simple’ Ranked 5th on YouTube Chart Worldwide!
Proved Super Junior’s Global Popularity!
Super Junior Attracted the Attention by Releasing the Music Video of Their New Song, ‘SUPERMAN,’ as well!

The music video of Super Junior’s 5th album title song ‘Mr. Simple’ ranked No.5 on YouTube chart worldwide.

The music video of ‘Mr. Simple’ (released on August 4th) ranked 5th on YouTube Chart's ‘The Most Viewed Videos’ of this month (July 27th ~ August 26th) and it proved global fans’ intense interest in Super Junior. 

Especially, Super Junior is the only Korean artist to be included in the top 10 among outstanding foreign pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Kanye West, etc. so it is good enough to prove Super Junior’s high status as the leader of Korean Wave. 

Also, the music video of ‘Mr. Simple’ ranked in first place for this month’s (July 27 ~ August 26) ‘The Most Viewed Videos,’ ‘The Most Commented Videos’ and ‘The Most Favorited Videos’ on the YouTube Chart in Korea as well so Super Junior has been receiving enthusiastic responses from music fans.  

Moreover, Super Junior won the first place for three consecutive weeks on both ‘ Mcountdown’ (25th) and ‘KBS Music Bank’ (26th) and proved their tremendous popularity. 

Meanwhile, by releasing the music video of ‘SUPERMAN’ on the 26th, which caught the eyes of fans with their witty lyric and powerful performance at the comeback stage, super Junior is expected to make massive headlines once again. 


Heechul shares some words before his enlistment

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul was interviewed after his last performance on ‘Music Bank‘ before enlisting in the army.
Kim Heechul shocked the nation with his sudden plans to enlist in the army, but both fans and fellow members supported him and wished him good health during his term.
Heechul stated, “I feel like I’m getting too much attention for this, but I’m so glad that everyone has been so supportive.” His fellow members tried to hold back the tears as they joked around with him, and Heechul told them that he would “be back in a month, so don’t be too upset.”
Heechul will be receiving boot camp training at the army training camp in ChoongNam Nonsan for four weeks, starting September 1st. He will then be on official army duty for 23 months following.
Heechul wished everyone good health for the time he will be away, and vowed to return as a different man in two years time.
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Source & Image : Newsen via Nate
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Leeteuk’s depressed tweet worries fans

A recent tweet from Super Junior’s Leeteuk has raised some concerns amongst his fans.
On August 28th, Leeteuk tweeted, “I tried to be patient but this is too hard… Really.. Very.. I feel like my body’s about to break into nothingness. I think it’s telling me I should die“.
In response, fans tweeted back, “What’s the matter oppa? Isn’t it something you could quickly settle through the company?”, “What in the world is the problem? I’m worried for you”, and “Because of your tweet, I can’t focus on my work. You always have us [fans] to cheer you on. Be strong.”
What could possibly be wrong with leader Leeteuk?
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate News
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Super Junior’s Leeteuk cries as Heechul gives his final words on ‘Inkigayo’

On this week’s broadcast of SBS’s ‘Inkigayo‘, Super Junior received their second consecutiveMutizen award for their latest hit, “Mr. Simple”.
This week’s win was a lot more meaningful for both the group and their fans, since it was the last music show for member Kim Heechul before he withdraws for army service on September 1st.
It seems that out of all the Super Junior members, leader Leeteuk was hit hardest by his emotions. Overwhelmed, Leeteuk’s tears flowed down uncontrollably as he gave his thank you speech and hugged Heechul tightly in his arms.
Leeteuk expressed, “Thank you to everyone who has given us love. Heechul is also leaving for the army soon, so thank you for giving us such a special gift.”
Heechul added, “This was my last stage before the army. It feels great to have been given such a special award before my leave. I’m always thankful to Jungsoo (Leeteuk) as well as the other members. For the fans who have loved us, I love you too. Thank you to all the staff of ‘Inkigayo’ who gave us so much of their time, and I’m especially thankful to all the managers who put up with my bad temper. I’m not very good at expressing myself, so I’ll just leave it here. I’ll come back safely, stay healthy!”
Source: OSEN via Nate
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Super Junior Presented The Best Fan-Service At Idol Athlethics Championship

Super Junior presented the best fan-services at Idol Athletics Championships.

Yesterday (August 27th), MBC Holiday Special ‘Idol Athletics Championships’ was held at Sports Complex Jamsil Stadium, Seoul. More than 10,000 fans came to cheer for their idols among the 150 participants.

In the middle of filming, Super Junior Leeteuk personally provided drinks and bough ice-cream for the fans who went to watch the competiton, revealing his kind-side. Shindong who recently had double-eyelid surgery had fans excited when he took of his sunglasses and greeted them.

Source: via Nate
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Sungmin Styled Attracted Attention At The Idol Athletics Championship

Super Junior member Sungmin attended the recording of MBC Holiday Special ‘The 3rd Idol Star Athletics Championships’ held in the Sport Complex of Seoul Jamsil Stadium. His appearance caught everyone’s attention since he came wearing sunglasses and headband.

Also appearing on the set of Idol Star Athletics Championships were Super Junior, SHINee, SISTAR, MissA, MBLAQ, Infinite, Ze:A, T-Ara, G.Na, Teen Top, HwanHee, Boyfriend, Davichi, B1A4, Mighty Mouse, LeeHyun, 5dolls, A-Pink, DalShabet, Dalmatian, Sunny Hill, Baek Chungkang, David Oh, Kwon Rise, No Jihoon, and many more.

Meanwhile, ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ is scheduled to air on September 13th.

Source: SSTV
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Super Junior Tearing Winning Speech On Inkigayo! #MRSIMPLE8THWIN


An emotional day for Super Junior and ELF,the boys celebrated their 8th victory with Mr Simple today,congratulations on that.
However,this is also HeeChul final stage before enlisted in the army,leader Lee Teuk burst in to tears when delivering the winning speech.

Hwaiting Kim Hee Chul,we love you and we will wait for your comeback!!!!!!

Heechul's last stage TT

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Daegu IAAF World Championship Concert [1]

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MCD BackStage_Super Junior

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Kyuhyun, G.O.,Jay Park, and Jiyoon also confirm that they’ll be leaving ‘Immortal Song 2′

KBS’s ‘Immortal Song 2‘ will be going through drastic cast changes once again!
Earlier, we revealed that SISTAR’s Hyorin would be leaving the show due to a hectic personal schedule. Unfortunately, it looks like she’ll be joined in her exit by Super Junior’s KyuhyunMBLAQ’sG.O, and Jay Park. The idols will leave the show after their final recording on August 29th.
The idols enjoyed a boost in their popularity thanks to their strong performances on stage. Hyorin placed first several times on the show and has earned the nickname, “Korea’s Beyonce“, due to her outstanding talent. Her fame brought in an explosive amount of attention for SISTAR’s new album.
Similarly, G.O also showed off his talent as MBLAQ’s lead vocalist, and he even received the praise, “G.O’s Re-discovery“, through the program.
Meanwhile, Jay Park will be departing for the States to prepare for his new album.
As for Kyuhyun, his busy activities with Super Junior have made it impossible to stay on the show. These idol singers are working hard to produce new albums, participate in variety shows, prepare for overseas advancements, and/or meet their promotional schedules, so it’s no wonder they’ve decided that they could no longer fit ‘Immortal Song 2′ into their planners.
Huh Gak will remain on the show, and ‘Immortal Song 2′ plans to recruit new members to their line-up. The production team is currently preparing specials to add an exciting twist to the program.
As for replacements, Go Min Goo PD had previously hinted that f(x)’s Luna would be joining the cast. Go Min Goo PD had stated, “Kyuhyun was added first, and Luna will join ‘Immortal Song 2′ around late August. As power female vocalists, Luna and Hyorin’s match will be quite a sight.
Unfortunately, it seems that with Hyorin’s early departure, the match between Luna and Hyorin will not be possible. Still, it’s feasible that Luna will join the program regardless, and may even take Hyorin’s spot as the next female songstress on the program.
Stay tuned to allkpop for more details!
In an another update, it was revealed that 4minute’s Jiyoon will also be leaving.
Source + Photo: Newsen via Nate (1) & (2), Daily News via Nate, Sports Chosun via Nate

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Siwon discards boy-next-door disposition, becomes a playboy in Poseidon

Super group SJ's member Choi Siwon has discarded his boy-next-door disposition, changing his style into a matured man.

In the KBS Monday/Tuesday drama Poseidon, which would be aired beginning 19th September, Siwon would be challenging the character of Kim Shinwoo, a Marine Special Forces personnel whose career fell apart due to a messy case.

On 15th August, Siwon appeared at the Nonsan, Donghae beach with wheat-coloured skin, a clean white shirt, floral-patterned beach shorts and shades, immediately catching attention. He who was emanating a valiant vibe and cool, was closely chasing bikini-clad girls who were passing him by with his eyes.

The content of that particular day's shoot was that Shinwoo had came to the beach together with his junior Bae Daesung (played by Park Sungkwang) and close brother Wonta*, and was gazing at girls all the time. Shinwoo, who was formerly the ace of the marine special force, sank into a depression after an incident in Gunsan City, and became a person who loitered around a lot.

Siwon, Park Sungkwang and Lee Sanghun finished filming their scene in a relaxed manner as though they were at a beach resort, and in order to create an authentic atmosphere, the producers have hired more than 100 extras**. Because of the persisting rain, the whole filming process was delayed for two days, but under the actors' hard work, the whole filming process wasn't affected too much. 

The drama crew for Poseidon mostly base their settings by the sea, and the actors and staff were tanned because of this. Nevertheless, Siwon's tanned appearance gave him the extra edge in carrying Shinwoo's character off in a better manner. 

The production company also expressed that "Just like the Korean Nautical Police have said, we would like to grasp the opportunity to show everyone the cooling seaside through this drama", and that "Choi Siwon, Lee Shiyoung and other young actors gives off the youthful feeling, resulting in the drama being filled with energy and the taste of youth." 

Certain character names are guessed based on how the sounded like in Chinese, may have discrepancies because of that. If anyone has the full list of characters of Poseidon in Korean, please notify me ^^

** To be the beach-goers.

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SM to sue Moroccan singers for plagiarizing Super Junior’s “Bonamana”

SM Entertainment has announced that they will take legal action against Moroccan singers Tiralinefor plagiarizing Super Junior’s hit track, “Bonamana“.
On August 26th, a SM Entertainment representative stated, “Our music staff listened to the Moroccan singers’ song, ‘Matal Maghribi‘, and decided that it was definitely plagiarized. We will contact the company that has publishing rights to the song and take neccessary measures.
Tiraline had revealed “Matal Maghribi” through their MySpace page on February 7th, but the song only recently became a hot issue due to recirculation amongst outraged Super Junior fans.
Source: Star News via Nate
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