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Streaming For Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook

Honors For Super Junior A-Cha Official MV


KBS Music Bank - SNOWDROP Splash Page Update

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Now! Download Super Junior's latest SSKIN Theme Wallpaper for iPhone!!!

Now! Download Super Junior's latest SSKIN Theme Wallpaper for iPhone!!!
You can go to the store by taking picture of QR code on the image!
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Kim Hee-Chul's Impression of Training Completion at Korea Army Training Center

What your impression about your completion of four weeks of training?
First of all, I'm glad. I feel really good. Honestly, I was worried a lot about having training at KATC because of my injured knee. I'm sure I caught many other recruits' attention, so that I can't be look sick or having an issue while having training. My thoughts have been changed in a positive way after I got to have conversations with recruits. I will be fully responsible for my 2 years of service as a public service worker, and I won't let two years just fly by. I will make those two years of service counted for my life. Lastly, I want to be shown up to my fans as a grown person.

What have been changed at Korea Army Training Center?

Before I joined the army training, I did not eat any of chocolates, candies, snacks and fast foods, because I had to manage my appearance, and I didn't like them much. So, when I got a box of choco-pie on the first week, I gave it to other recruits. I said, "you eat it,' because I'm the oldest, "You eat, I don't like sweet stuff. I'm fine." However, a box of choco-pie meant different to me after few days. I got a box of choco-pie on the third week, and leave it in my cabinet. Then, other recruits asked, "do you have choco-pies?" Then, I really thought whether I should give it to them or not. It's not that I love sweet stuff, but just that because I'm here at KATC.

How were foods at KATC?

At KATC, foods aren't horrible like what people normally expect outside of training center. Rather, KATC offers variety of healthy meals, so that recruits don't get unbalanced diet. I think I gained about 3kg. Outside of KATC, I had not eat three times a day, but here, I eat regularly and sleep a lot at night. 
Many fans sent me letters. I read them, and most of them said, "oppa, you seem like you are enjoying training," "oppa, I like seeing you looking healthier," and "oppa, was shooting training fun?" Many of letters talk about me being looking healthier or about my skin looking better. Well, I don't understand what kind of photos they are seeing...(subtitle : I really had a hard time...)

Who is the most memorable fellow recruit?

I'm number 101 recruit. Number 102 recruit, Jeong Woo-Suk, is the most memorable fellow recruit. I have a trouble with my knee, but he has an issue with his back, so he can't even sit to take a rest. Because he and I are partners, we gave a lot of help to each other.

How difficult was it for you to fit in Korea Army Training Center?

Fortunately, although I'm very sensitive, I'm very flexible to new environment. My platoon and company leaders worried about me taking a shower with a group of other recruits, because although I'm the same recruit as others, I'm also a public figure. At first, it was awkward to see other recruits starring at me with weird looks, but I thought 'being introverted isn't really me. It damages my title, the world star. Let's be myself, Kim Hee-Chul. Let's be cool!" Then, I took my clothes off, took a shower, and said, "oh, good!" I wasn't embarrassed to show myself being naked. I was being a 'real man'! It was pretty memorable and interesting moment.

When you think of yourself after joined the army, how changed are you, compare to before you came here?
In fact, whether a person joins the army to be a public service worker or a soldier, he is drafted, not by his own choice. It's something all Korean men must do. But, I'm sure most of Korean men including myself would think that, "what can I do there? Joining the army is such a wasting time." So, I was worried. I worried about me returning back to where I originally belong. I thought, 'ah, can I do that again?' However, my mind changed since I came here. I think people really should experience any situations to make their minds. Thinking that joining the army is wasting time was totally unnecessary and immature. I did not waste time, and I rather had an opportunity to assemble my broken thoughts and mind to think of the past and future. Also, I wasn't so thankful to many people who supported and loved me. But, now, I realized that I was too proud of myself to ignore their support and love. From KATC, I learned to give words of comfort to others, learned to be cheered, learned to be thankful to those who love me so much and learned that I'm not the best, but not the worst, either. I'm still learning a lot of things. Although I thought that joining the army would stop me from what I do and where I belong, but now I positively think that joining the army gave me an opportunity to jump higher to reach my goal.

Last words for fans...
Hello, my fans! I will have a training completion ceremony, tomorrow, then I will work as a public service worker for 23 months. Meanwhile, thanks to all who visited 'Hoon-Nam Story' blog, and thanks to all who gave me attention and love while training at KATC. Honestly, I thought of myself as 'the world star' and 'the best.' Moreover, I even think of myself greater and the best of best, after I trained with other recruits and completed the march in full gear. Ha Ha... My voice was actually louder than others! You guys didn't have to worry too much! I got along well with other recruits, too. Well, it's little hard to keep speaking by myself. I should get going to get ready for the completion ceremony. Please, take care of you guys! Cheung-Seong!

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Why did Park So Hyun draw Shindong instead of Kim Won Joon in We Got Married?

Park So Hyun draws Shindong instead of her pretense husband Kim Won Joon in We Got Married.
In the upcoming episode of We Got Married, Park and Kim couple set out to carry out their mission: “Create a Family Motto”. They decide to draw their family motto, and climb up a hill with drawing kits. Kim is especially confident in drawing and suggests that they draw each other’s faces.
When both finish drawing, Kim is surprised to see that Park has drawn Shindong’s face instead of his.
On October 1’s episode of We Got Married, Park explains the reason she has drawn Shindong instead of her husband.
Source: TV Report

Boom and Leeteuk are chosen to act as MC for Starking together

Boom and Leeteuk have been chosen to act as MC for the SBS TV show Starking.
On the 29th, it was reported that Boom and Leeteuk will fill in Gang Ho Dong’s place as MC to lead the show.
The production crew says, “We were very careful in deciding on MC who would fill the empty space left by Gang Ho Dong. At the end, we chose Leeteuk, who have previously led the show with Gang Ho Dong for some time, and Boom, who have taken an active role in Starking. For the time being, the two of them will be leading the show together.”
Leeteuk and Boom will host the show starting on October 3, which will air on October 15.
The production crew of Starking says, “We will continue to put every effort and energy into making our show even more enjoyable.”
Source: TV Report

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon focuses on ‘Poseidon’

Singer and actor Choi Siwon recently decided to focus more on his TV series Poseidon.
Choi is currently playing the role of maritime police officer Kim Sun Woo in KBS’s Monday-Tuesday seriesPoseidon. Even though Choi’s group Super Junior is busy with their new song “A-CHa”, Choi is trying hard to focus on performing for the series.
Choi said, “I was worried about appearing on the series because Super Junior’s schedule overlapped. But I really wanted to appear on the series after I heard about the synopsis, director, and writers.”
Choi also talked about the other actors on the program, Lee Sung Jae and Lee Si Young. He said, “Sung Jae is a great actor. He advises me a lot and cheers me up as well.”
He added, “Si Young is also helping me a lot to perform comfortably. Sometimes, her punches really hurt.”
The production company said, “Choi is doing a great job playing the role. Please keep watching the series and check out Choi’s variety of charms through the series.”
Poseidon airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m.
Source: Star Daily News

Help boost SuJu’s digital sales and rankings on charts

ELFs, please spread and read this. We need help to boost SJ’s digital sales and rankings on charts.
I remembered when we first started out this year, there were many twitlongers like this asking ELFs worldwide to pitch in and help SJ, help to fulfill their dreams.
But now, after watching today’s M!CD perf – where are ELFs that wanted SJ to win?
Have you checked our digital ranking? 
 it’s #5.
F I F T H.
And next week we have SNSD coming back too. (no further comment on this to prevent fanwars, please.)
Let’s all do something to help.
Digital scores for k-music program charts are made up of:
#1 digital downloads;
#2 digital streaming;
#3 SJ’s popularity on the music portal (as reflected by # of searches on the music portal site).
You can try signing in at Melon using this K-ELF group’s account. I got in from Youtube cr:lalaland298 (:
Login with their account and please listen to A-CHA to help raise digital streaming rankings.
ID: velfsinkorea
Pass: 20110912 melon(DOT)com/cds/album/web/al­­bumdetailmain_list(DOT)htm?al­b umId=2013637
ID: velfsinkorea
Pass: superjunior13 kpop(DOT)soribada(DOT)com/ En /Artist/overview(DOT)php?AID=A K007896
Of course, international ELFs can’t help much for the first two; but there’s searching! What’s better? IT’S FREE. YES FREE NO HIDDEN COSTS DUH.
SEARCH for “슈퍼주니어” or “A-CHA” at search box at the following music portals:
*Do NOT be lazy and type Super Junior, it’s a Korean portal so of course it’s safer to type 슈퍼주니어. “A-CHA” is accepted is because it’s the only name of the song.
Please tay at the page for at least 2 minutes before you close the page.
You can open a lot of tabs to do the search at different sites simultaneously. Searches are not limited, so please do continuously (as far as possible) help to search.
Go do something instead of staring at our boys drooling without helping them! Heechul said he didn’t need cheers or presents, he only needed SJ sales to pass through 500k copies. Please, let’s fulfill our boys’ dreams.
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Heo Gak joins Super Junior?

On the 30th, Shindong uploaded a picture and tweeted, “Dong! Kyu! Gak! We are singers! It’s a gathering of people who sing well.”
Sitting next to each other, they are smiling at the camera. Shindong’s comical expression evoked mirth.
Netizens commented: “It seems as if Heo Gak is a member of Super Junior.” “I can feel how close you guys are.”
Recently, Super Junior is busy performing their new song “A-Cha” from their fifth album.
Source: TV Report