Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Leeteuk and Kang Sora is a romantic couple off-screen too

The cute ‘Dimple Couple’ of ‘We Got Married‘ showed their romance off-screen.
‘We Got Married’ season 4 couple Leeteuk and Kang Sora are very much applauded for their on-screen chemistry. But what interests viewers is their off-screen talk on Twitter where Leeteuk expressed how much he is missing his wife and Kang Sora showed concern over hubby’s busy schedule.
The couple’s conversation stared with Leeteuk’s tweet, he wrote, “This is Taiwan! After this, we will head to Singapore for next concert, then Thailand after that Malaysia and then will be back to Korea. Such a long journey.”
Kang Sora replied to his tweet, “That would be tough on you.
After this Leeteuk replied, “You said you will be going to Singapore! I think I’ll arrive there on same day, I’ll be glad to meet you. Anyway, we will meet each other and you stay by my side I’ll go mad if you leave me!”
Leeteuk again tweeted to make fans more jealous, “Week passed so fast, members are in Singapore and my heart is already in Singapore.”
Excited ‘Dimple Couple’s fans commented: “They are so cute” ,”I love the way Leeteuk mentioned Kang Sora, ‘my heart’” ,”You both rock”
Source: Leeteuk‘s and Kang Sora‘s Twitter
Picture source: WGM fan blog.
via en.korea.com

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