Saturday, 26 November 2011

Shindong was disappointed when Seo Woo answered “My ideal guy is Ha Suk Jin.”

SUPER JUNIOR’s Shindong showed his affection for Seo Woo.
Shindong expressed his great fondness for Seo Woo on Simsimtapa’s Radio Entertainment on November 25.
Shindong often showed his affection for Seo Woo his ideal woman. The staff called Seo Woo without telling him in advance.
The staff said Shindong was little embarrassed but couldn’t stop smiling during the phone call.
Shindong asked her, “Who is your ideal guy?” and she answered, “Ha Suk Jin.” Shindong was disappointed. Seo Woo is starring with Ha Suk Jin on If Tomorrow Comes.
Seo Woo was happy for his gift of gab and requested SUPER JUNIOR’s song.
Source: Starnews

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