Sunday, 27 November 2011

Super Junior, f(x), 2AM, Miss A, B1A4 with ‘MO.A’ concert around Asia!

5 Idol groups plan to hold concerts around Asia.

Super Junior, f(x), 2AM, Miss A and B1A4 are attending MO.A concert organized by CJ E&M Global Concert Brand M-Live.

MO.A is from ‘Most Amazing’, it started in 2010 with MULA (Mnet Ultimate Live in Asia). The concert is to spread K-POP and make it stable.

First stop, MO.A was held in Khaosung, Taiwan with the name ‘M-Live by CJ MO.A 2011 in Khaosung’ with Super Junior, f(x), Miss A and 2AM attending the event. The tickets have been sold out since last October.

Moreover, there will be MO.A in Kuala Lumpur and B1A4 is attending the event as well.

CJ E&M’s concert orgaziner said “Many people expect about the show in Kuala Lumpur. 2PM and Wonder Girls’ showcase had been held here last year and it shows us that there’s a posibility that more artists will come to promote here.

This concert is different from other Hallyu concerts, mini concert of each Idol group will take about 40 minutes. MO.A Producer said “With this high-quality stage, I’ve to focus about the expectations about K-POP even more”

Source: joynews24
Translations: Creamaya @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM

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