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SJ-M Is The King Of Album Sales "Perfection" Beat SJ

South Korean idol group Super Junior’s subgroup Super Junior-M made a “long stay” for two months in Taiwan this year to study Mandarin. They appeared frequently in Taiwan, stimulating sales of their Mandarin album “Perfection”. Adding on the fact that the pronunciation of “too perfect” is similar to that of “Taiwan is beautiful” and “Taiwanese girl”, they sold 60000 copies, becoming the bestselling South Korean artist in Taiwan.

Most popular Korean group SJ, concert tickets on sale today

SJ’s new Korean album “Mr. Simple” was not far behind, selling 45000 copies, taking second place behind the first-placed SJ-M. On February 3, 4, and 5 next year SJ will be holding their concert at Taipei Dome, and the tickets will be going on sale at 1PM today through the 7-11 i-bon system. For more information please refer to the Taipei Dome's official website.

Korean stars’ albums dominate, top 10 all sold over 10000 copies

Jang Geun Suk released an album after experiencing success in acting. He came to Taiwan in June to hold a fan meeting and sold out both meetings, raking in NTD 26,720,000 (about $883000). With his explosive popularity, his album “The Lounge H Vol. 1” defeated Girls’ Generation, selling 40000 copies, and is the only artist in the top 5 that is not a part of a group. 4th placed Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” sold 26000 copies.

South Korean boy band CNBlue had a busy schedule this year, and even though they have not been to Taiwan to meet the fans, they still took 5th place with 20000 copies. In addition, Kim Hyunjoong (15000 copies), F.T Island (15000 copies), Big Bang (12000 copies), TVXQ (11000 copies), and f(x) (10000 copies) round up the top ten of the sales chart, selling more than 10000 copies each, proving the Hallyu wave’s popularity.

Source: Liberty Times
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Best of the Gigs by The Star Online - Super Show 3 Live In Malaysia


Best K-pop concert 
March 19, Super Junior – Super Show 3 
Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, KL

I’ve watched K-pop act Super Junior perform five times this year – three shows in KL, one each in Singapore and Manila! But the group’s Super Show 3 tour stop in KL in March was definitely the best of them all.
You can be cynical about K-pop but the Putra Indoor Stadium show had it all (songs, showbiz, wire work, confetti, indoor fireworks, etc) from this energetic bunch – except for the boys taking off their shirts and cross-dressing. Well, you know the concert rules here, but Super Junior, even without the cheeky turns, made a huge impact in a pop sense.
For added thrills, the 10-member boyband from Seoul were joined by Henry Lau and Zhou Mi from the sub-group Super Junior M.
Over 9,500 Malaysian ELF (acronym for their fanclub Ever Lasting Friends) were left in a tizzy after the three-hour show! The screams were deafening from start to finish.
If I remember correctly, 35 songs – in Korean, English and Mandarin – were dispatched. This group, by far, has earned its best K-pop band ranking. Best yet, Super Junior has already embarked on its Super Show 4 world tour and I look forward to diving into another sea of pearl sapphire blue (the group’s official colour) again! – Seto Kit Yan

SBS Entertainement Awards 2011

Credits: SBSNOW @ twitter
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2011 MBC Gayo Daejoon performers list!

Check out the performers list of the 2011 MBC Gayo Daejoon,the show will start in a few hours' time,stay tuned for more latest updates!

Super Junior
Wonder Girls 
Miss A 
A Pink
CN Blue
FT Island
Teen Top
Brown Eyed Girls
After School 
Dal Shabet
Baek Chung Gang
Kwon Si Re
David Oh
Girl's Day
Kim Bum Soo
Lee Sora
Park Hyun Bin
Park Sang Chul
Park Jung Hyun
Shin Moon Hee
Baek Ji Young


SBS Gayo Daejun 2011 [9]


Who is the loveliest couple on ‘We Got Married?’

Among the three couples, including Kim Won Jun and Park So Hyun, Lee Jang Woo and Ham Eun Jung, and Leeteuk and Kang So Ra on We Got Married, who is the best couple?
The December 31 episode of MBC’s We Got Married will air the awards ceremony, which will re-cap the episodes in 2011.
On December 30, according to the production crew for the show, the three couples will compete against each other to win several prizes, including the Most Jealous Prize, the Best Sound Prize, and the Best Tear Prize.
The production crew said, “All the three couples want to win the Best Couple Prize. The couple who wins the prize will receive very nice presents. To win the prize, each couple has to act cutesy to each other.”
Source: TV Report

Top K pop idols will appear on the New Year episode of Running Man

The episode of SBS’s Running Man that will air on this coming January 1, is creating a stir because many popular K pop stars have appeared.
In this broadcast, Super Junior’s Siwon, ShiNee’s Minho, Wonder Girls’ So Hee, F(x)’s Sulli, and Sistar Hyo Lyn will be teamed up with Running Man members and compete against each other.
It is said that Running Man members couldn’t hide their excitement when idols appeared on the recording at Kimpo Airport.
In this episode, the members of Running Man sing at the Public Hall of Deung Chon SBS to complete the mission, ‘Challenge 1,000 songs’. Especially, idols struggle to win the competition.
The mission race between K pop idols and members of Running Man can be seen on January 1 at 5:00 p.m onRunning Man.
Source: TV Report

Winners from the 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards

On December 30th, stars from all over Korea gathered for the 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards, which honored the best and brightest of SBS’s programs this year.
While many were looking forward to seeing Kang Ho Dong nab his sixth consecutive award, the talented host was unfortunately nixed from nominations due to his tax scandal.
Still, many of his colleagues sent him a shoutout as they received their awards, acknowledging his importance and contributions to the entertainment industry.
Check out the list below to see which stars were honored this year!
Entertainer Daesang: Yoo Jae Suk
Best Excellence Award: Lee Seung Gi (Strong Heart), Kim Byung Man (Law of the Jungle)
Excellence Award: Song Ji Hyo & Kim Jong Kook
Best Excellence Program: Running Man
Excellence Program (Variety Show): Strong Heart
Best Talk Show MC: Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Boom, Jo Hye Ryun
Netizen Best Popularity Award: Lee Seung Gi (3rd consecutive year!)
Best Teamwork Award: Star Junior Show
Special Award: Kim Yuna (Kiss & Cry)
Best MC picked by Producers: Lee Kyung Kyu (Healing Camp, Star Junior Show)
Radio DJ Award: Choi Baek Ho (Choi Baek Ho’s Romantic Time), Park So Hyun (Park So Hyun’s Love Game)
Announcer Award: Kim So Won
Best Entertainer Award: Paeng Hyun Sook, Super Junior’s Shindong, & Jung Juri
Best Variety Entertainer Award: Park Joon Geum, Yoo In Na, Haha
Couple Award: Choi Yang Rak – Paeng Hyun Sook (‘Honey’)
Comedy Award: Son Min Hyuk, Hong Hyun Hee
SBS Variety New Star Award: Han Hye Jin (Healing Camp), Lee Kwang Soo (Running Man), Kang Jaejoon (Gag Tonight)
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Super Junior pose together backstage at the 2011 KBS Music Festival

The members of Super Junior gathered together for a photo backstage at the 2011 KBS Music Festival.
On December 30th, Donghae first tweeted,
The 2011 KBS Music Festival has begun ^^ SJ Let’s Go!!
Then Siwon tweeted,
You watching  ’2011 KBS Music Festival’ with SUPER JUNIOR. Enjoy and having lovely night with us.
And lastly Yesung tweeted,
2011 Super Junior, let’s do this together!!
In the photos, Super Junior is found dressed in black suits standing in front of their entrance ceremony banner.
Fans commented, “You are all so handsome” “Hope you have a great performance!” and “go go go Super Junior!!!
Source: DonghaeSiwon, & Yesung‘s Twitter

Meet Michael Sinson!!!??

Super Junior's Siwon shared a new photo on his Twitter.

Siwon mentioned,"we are brother baby. Michael sinson. Photo by SW."

It seems that Siwon is enjoying taking photos lately,Shin Dong can be seen posing smartly in the photo above,maybe he will have another special performance on MBC Gayo Daejoon tonight??

Anyway,Siwon should receive some praises for updating new photos of Super Junior from time to time,Siwon jjang!

Photo Source:Siwon's Twitter


Hongki Introduces Chocoball's 5:5 Hair Parting

FT Island Hongki through his twitter on Decemebr 31, makes fun of their group's (*Chocoball) members hairstyles as he realized that they had similar hair partings.

He tweeted, "Kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke! Chocoball 5:5 hair parting, kekekekeke" and posted a photo of some Chocoball members Hongki, Jang Geun Seok and Super Junior Heechul's who had similar hairstyles which he called 5:5 hair parting.
In the photo, all three members have unintentionally similar hairstyles for certain occasions.
Do you think they agreed to have this hairstyles?

Source: Hongki's twitter
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Chocoball- is a group/club formed by Super Junior's Kim Heechul composed of his close AB friends such as FT Island’s Lee Hongki and Choi Jonghoon, Mighty Mouth's Sangchu, Supreme Team’s Simon D, Jang Geun Seok, singer Jo Sungmo and Jungmo of Trax. But recently, they are already accepting non AB members like B2ST Junhyung.


Super Junior's Mr. Simple As The Ending Song for Japan's "Tsubo Musume

Super Junior’s fifth album has been a huge success, with the title track “Mr. Simple” setting new records and making its way into fans’ hearts. Adding on to the list of achievements, the track has now been chosen to be the ending theme song for a Japanese TV show!

Starting January 11th next year, viewers of the show will now hear the catchy tune of “Mr. Simple” playing at the end of every show of ‘Tsubo Musume‘. This show airs every week on Wednesday, late at night. There are two main segments, the first being a talk show with popular girl groups or anchorwomen. The second segment focuses on pop culture and entertainment related news.

Credit: Ningin

Another Oppa Joining Eunhyuk and Donghae On MBC Gayo Daejun?

Well,he is none other than SHINee's dancing machine Taemin.

Fans managed to snap a few photos of Taemin rehearsing with Dong Hae and Eun Hyuk for today's Gayo Daejoon.

Anticipating his collaboration with Dong Hae and Eun Hyuk tonight?

Photo Source:heechulie_ @ Twitter


KPop Covention 2011 - 2 Awards for SJ

Credit: @sjunitedph

Siwon's Twitter Update

we are getting old. with @Brianjoomuzik @jesterhee BFAM!!

Source: Siwon's Twitter

KBS Gayo Daejun 2011

Super Junior + INFINITE + 4minute + f(x) - Shuffle Dance

Credit: kawaiiasiaclub

Super Junior Performances At KBS Gayo Daecukje

Credit: teukiefied

Link To Stream MBC Gayo Daejun 2011

MBC Gayo Daejun will start at 9.50 PM KST and will end at 1.50 AM KST , 1st January 2012

Tomorrow's schedule of MBC Gayo Daejun: Part 1 will be broadcast 9:50 PM and part 2 at 11:30 PM KST. It will end 1:50 AM the next day!!

Here is the link to stream the song fest

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