Thursday, 22 December 2011

Choi Siwon enjoys a year-end dinner with his trainer

Super Junior member Choi Siwon recently shared the above photo via his Twitter page and wrote, “A rather simple year-end dinner without alcohol. This is my trainer hyung whose face I am unveiling for the first time since ’09. I won’t reveal his name, but let’s just call him Guru Lee.”
In the photo, Choi Siwon is eating with his trainer at a restaurant and on the table sits a high stack of sushi plates. Choi Siwon earned the praise of netizens as his casual clothing could not hide his smashing good looks.
Netizens who saw the photo remarked, “I want to have a year-end dinner with Choi Siwon too“, “Food must’ve been good. They look happy“, and “How many plates is that? It’s a nice year-end dinner“.
Source & Image: MyDaily
via allkpop

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