Tuesday, 6 December 2011

It’s raining Hallyu in Malaysia!

One of the leading newspapers in Malaysia, The Star, has featured a story of the last Saturday’s concert in their Entertainment section, which was the Most Amazing (MO.A) 2011 Live in Malaysia. It is reported that despite the gloomy weather at the beginning of the show, the 7000-strong audience had came prepared by slipping into their ponchos – majority in sapphire blue (you know what that means!). Of course, their devotion were totally rewarded!
Miss A came first to take the stage – and thank God the drizzle stopped, – in their all-black attire and flaunted their saccharine vocals through their popular songs like Goodbye Baby, Breathe, Bad Girl, Good Girl and also Lady Gaga’s Pokerface. The girls also greeted the crowd in Korean, Mandarin, English and Bahasa Melayu in between the songs.
Then B1A4 were welcomed by the crowd by delivering five songs that won over the hearts of many fans with their youthful appeal and Sandeul’s strong vocals.
The third act then took off the stage, it’s none other than f(x)! These girls came off girlish and playful with their cute stage costume. Even without Krystal, the other girl mesmerized the audience with their doll-like faces and playful antics as they performed their debut single La chA TA. Amber was the crowd’s favourite as they turned into a frnzy whenever the camera zoomed in on her. The girls even exclaimed, “(It’s) so hot!” before singing into the next tune, Hot Summer.
Right after f(x)’s Pinnochio, it was at last the “highlight” of the night – Super Junior! Making their grand entrance with Superman, they also came up with their cool and awesome dance moves throughout their popular number such as Mr Simple. Lee Teuk, as the “special” leader of the handsome-looking group, even greeting the crowd with, “Assalamualaikum! (Peace be upon you)“. Yesung, one of the lead vocals with soothing sweet voice then went solo with It Has to be You, an OST of Cinderella’s Stepsister. Apart from that, those SuJu guys even made the crowd extra happy by handing out their autographed T-shirts when singing Marry U. “There’re so many beautiful girls in Malaysia,” teased Lee Teuk, before ended their performance with their famous hits Bonamanaand Sorry Sorry.
After Super Junior ended their performance, all the four acts came out for their last time to thank the impressive fans.Lee Teuk was especially appreciative, rushing to the front stage, bowing and thanking the crowd in different languages including Japanese. Lee Teuk will officially enlist and begin his two-year mandatory military next year.
Source: The Star
via en.korea.com

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