Tuesday, 6 December 2011

It’s raining Hallyu

Super Junior, f(x), miss A and B1A4 rocked a 7,000-strong crowd last Saturday.
THERE’S no stopping the 7,000-strong crowd that flocked to the MBPJ Stadium in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, in hopes of getting a dose of Hallyu (the Korean Wave) on a drizzling Saturday night.
Despite the gloomy weather at the beginning of the show, the audience of M LIVE by CJ, MO.A 2011 came prepared. As the thunder rolled above their heads followed by raindrops, they slipped into their ponchos – many in the colour of sapphire blue – and buzzed with excitement at the tiniest sign that indicated their favourite stars were here.
Korean wave: Super Junior and miss A (below) at M LIVE by CJ, MO.A 2011
They were rewarded for their devotion: the drizzle stopped just in time for South Korean girl group miss A to take the stage. Rocking in all-black attire, Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy flicked their hair, flashed their dazzling smiles and flaunted their saccharine vocals through catchy numbers likeGood Bye BabyBreatheBad GirlGood Girl and Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.
Pausing in between songs, the leggy beauties greeted the Malaysian crowd in Korean, Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia.
Next, the crowd welcomed Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul, Baro and Gongchan, collectively known as B1A4 (named such for their blood type and the expression of “Be the One, All for One”).
The boys, who debuted in April, delivered five songs and won over the audiences’ hearts with their youthful appeal and Sandeul’s strong vocals.
Compared to miss A’s sexy moves, the third act of the night, f(x), came off as girlish and playful with their cutesy stage wardrobe. Despite the absence of Krystal, the other girls, Victoria, Amber, Luna and Sulli channelled high school charm with their doll-like faces and playful antics as they performed songs like their debut single LA chA TA.
Amber, looking cool in shades and a yellow jacket, was the crowd’s favourite, sending them into a frenzy whenever the camera zoomed in on her. The American-born Taiwanese also posed for the snap-happy crowd in between songs.
“(It’s) so hot!” exclaimed the girls before launching into the aptly chosen song, Hot Summer.
True enough, ranging from miss A to Super Junior who appeared last, the Korean idols’ faces glistened with sweat, but they soldiered on, delivering a highly energetic performance.
After f(x)’s Pinocchio, it was finally the “highlight” of the night, with the E.L.F (EverLasting Friends, fans of Super Junior) screaming louder than before.
Making their grand entrance with the rousing Superman, Super Junior launched into the fluid dance moves that they are so famous for, belting out a string of infectious numbers like Mr Simple.
Despite being massively popular in the region, the good-looking group introduced themselves, with leader Leeteuk greeting the crowd with “Assalamualaikum!
Yesung turned in a moving solo delivery of It Has To Be You, the theme song of Korean drama Cinderella’s Sister. The SuJu boys further made the crowd very happy as they handed out autographed T-shirts when singing Marry U.
“There’re so many beautiful girls in Malaysia,” teased Leeteuk, before the boys ended their set with monster hits Bonamana and Sorry, Sorry.
After Super Junior’s performance, the four acts came out for one last time to thank the fans. Leeteuk, who will officially enlist and begin his two-year mandatory military service next year, was especially appreciative, rushing to the front of the stage, bowing and thanking the crowd in different languages, including Japanese.
Source: thestaronline

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