Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Kibum's Twitter Update

도곡초등학교, 지나가는 길에 잠깐들러봤다. 어렸을땐 엄청커보이던 학교가.. 왠지 너무작아보인다. 갑자기 어렸을때 친구들도 보고싶고.. 참 많이도 변했구나. 슬프다.
Dogok Primary school, I went into it and had a look for a while when I passed by the school. The school which looked extremely huge when I was a child.. somehow it looks so small (now). Suddenly I miss my childhood friends.. ah..a lot of things have changed. Sad.
Source: Kibum's Twitter
Translated by @jinn8812elf

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