Monday, 26 December 2011

KPOP music and idols makes it into the ‘Guinness Book of Records’

Unbelievable right?! KPOP Idols have made it onto the most honorable list in World’s history! ..Uh, did I get you guys excited? Well, technically our beloved KPOP idols have made it into the the Guinness Book of Records but just SBS E! ‘K-Star news‘’s version. Their version of the prestigious list is called ‘2011 Idol Guinness Book of Records‘ that will showcase the key moments of the idol stars in 2011.
The show will be split into four segments. Part 1 will feature idols who made it into the actual Guinness Book of Records for such events where records were broken by idols such as 2PM, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, TVXQ, and more. Part 2 will be titled ‘Body Guinness‘ and will be dedicated to the various body records of the idols including those who have the thinnest waist line, the longest legs, and so forth. Part 3 will be ‘Music Guinness‘ and will be a collection of the most pivotal moments of idols’ careers. Part 4 ‘Luxury‘ will showcase the high-end brand name bags the celebrities carry corresponding to their high figure yearly incomes.
Meanwhile, the episode will air on December 27th at 7:00PM KST.
Reading what each part presents, I have a hazy idea of who will win what. With that said, which idol would you like to win and for what category?
via Ningin Blog

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