Monday, 26 December 2011

Leeteuk confesses, “I had secret dates” on We Got Married

Kang Sora showed disappointed looks when Leeteuk confessed that he had secret dates.
In the episode of MBC’s We God Married that aired on December 25, all three virtual couples of the show gathered at one place to celebrate the end of the year.
Kang Sora has been married for only three months, but she had to hear Leeteuk’s confession on having secret dates.
Leeteuk was talking about “idols” being on dates, and accidently spilled out his own experience of dating secretly. Kang Sora even asked him, “Have you been (on secret dates) a lot?”
Panicking, Leeteuk tried hard to manage the situation, but he was put to the lie detector game instead.
The lie detector said that Leeteuk was lying when he said he had only two secret dates. The result made him feel restless.
Then Kang asked him, “Did you secretly date the girl who you said you met two years ago?” revealing her disappointed feelings.
Meanwhile, the episode also drew attention with a surprise appearance of Kim Sin Young, who had a virtual marriage life with actor Shin Sung Rok.
Source: Xportsnews

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