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It is reported that the questions from the press were submitted before the press conference. The questions had been pre-selected for each of the K-pop acts by Sophia Ridza (a Malaysian who was once appeared in KBS’s Chit Chat with Beautiful Ladies). Each of the group had been asked three questions.
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Super Junior still remember the old times

Dashing guys of Super Junior (l-r): Ryeowook, Donghae, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Sungmin and Lee Teuk.
Wherever they go, they really want to say “hello” in the local languages because that is the only way to show their appreciation to their fans. Eventhough Super Junior is from different country, and their fans here didn’t speak the same language as them, ELFs (Everlasting Friends) still support them, still love the songs and still love them for who the are.

Happy Sungmin with Eunhyuk and Lee Teuk
Lee Teuk still remembered the old memory that made him moved, during SS2 (Super Show 2) in Malaysia, many ELFs camped overnight at the stadium just for the concert.

These slim guys eat a lot!
When asked, the biggest challenge of having a large group so far, the ‘special’ leader confessed that they don’t really have any problem among them except they tend to eat a lot (because of the big-sized group), which is of course, very costly.

Super Junior is now known not only as a Hallyu Star, but also a World Star. But for Lee Teuk, being a World Star doesn’t mean to only receive love from the fans worldwide, but it means to share the love with others who face adversities as well.

Source: K-popped!
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