Monday, 5 December 2011

Ryeowook's Twitter Update

라디오 첫 디제이가 되었습니다!!! 슈키라 가족분들 축하해주셔서 고마워요 ~^^ 12월 5일 역사적인 순간 함께 해주신 분들 계속 함께해주세용 ~ 오늘 12월 6일 우리 부모님 결혼기념일도 추카추카 ~~~캬캬 감사합니다 려욱
I become a (official) radio DJ for the first time!!! Sukira family members, thank you for the congratulations ~^^ Those who was with us at this historical moment on December 5th, please continue being with us ~ and congratulations to my parents for their wedding anniversary on December 6th today~~~kyakya thank you. Ryeowook

Source: Ryeowook's Twitter
Translated by @jinn8812elf

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