Monday, 5 December 2011

Sukira New Logo Songs

Video by nkh625

listener messaged that the logo song changed to their name, then wook said he made this logo song 5years 3 months ago in his room, ming also participated together. he said it's really precious so he couldnt change it >< it was sung by ryeosong and eunteuk, it's not obvious but kyu and yesung also sang it lol ming sang kyu sang the 'kiss the radio~~~" lol then they play the original logo song and another brand new logo song again ~ ming said there's another one!!! they made 2 new logo songs!! both sung by ryeosung~ 
lol ming prefer the second one and he was expecting they played it just now but they only played the 1st one in the first place xD Ryeosung said they recorded these after they backed from Malaysia! they recorded it secretly cuz they wanted to give us a surprise gift~ they just decided to use the 2nd one start from tomorrow~ming really really like it lol xDDD

Translated by @jinn8812elf

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