Thursday, 8 December 2011

Super Junior, The Boss, SHINee, Rainbow and more in today's Oricon daily and weekly rankings

After having already revealed the amount of Kpop releases in Japan for December 7th last week, the charts were put together earlier today and it seems that Super Junior took the top spot for Kpop releases in today's singles chart. Super Junior's "Mr. Simple" sold 17,185 copies on its first day, getting to the 3rd spot in the rankings. The Boss's newest single, "Love Days" snatched away the 7th spot just above Rainbow's second Japanese single "Mach" and SHU-I's "Nebagiba Yeah!". On the 16th spot we have "Ready Go", 4minute's newest single.

On the weekly single chart, TVXQ grabbed the second spot after popular boy group KAT-TUN, with the release of "Winter ~Winter Rose/Duet~". The single sold 129,525 copies in total. FT Island took the 4th place with 39,120 copies of "Distance" sold since its release day last week. T-ara, who released their second Japanese single last week, sold 31,801 copies which made them get to the 7th place in this week's Oricon Single Charts. JYP Nation's Christmas single was sold 3,558 times, leaving them at the 34th spot.

SHINee released their first full length Japanese album today and the release sold about 38,922 copies on its first day. "THE FIRST" managed to get to the 3rd place on the daily album rankings.

For the second week in a row, KARA gets into the top 3 of the Oricon weekly album sales with their latest release "Super Girl". Though they sold enough for a top spot last week, KARA kept onto the 2nd place with another 96,072 copies for their second week sales. 2PM's "REPUBLIC OF 2PM" sold 50,265 copies and snatched away the 4th spot on this week's album rankings.

BoA's latest single "Milestone", was released as a DVD Single and is therefor included in the music DVD rankings. It got to a 4th place on the day of its release. MBLAQ's "MONA LISA STYLE" charted at the 8th spot of the same list.

Next week's charts will include releases by U-Kiss and Big Bang

Daily Single Chart
03. Super Junior - Mr. Simple (12/07)07. The Boss - Love Days (12/07)
08. Rainbow - Mach (12/07)
09. SHU-I - Nebagiba Yeah! (12/07)
16. 4minute - Ready Go! (12/07)
19. TVXQ - Winter ~Winter Rose/Duet~ (11/30)
30. T-ara - YAYAYA (11/30)

Weekly Single Chart
02. TVXQ - Winter ~Winter Rose/Duet~ (11/30)
04. FT Island - Distance (11/30)
07. T-ara - YAYAYA (11/30)
34. JYP Nation - This Christmas (11/30)
38. After School - Diva (11/23)
39. 2PM - Ultra Lover (11/02)
48. KARA - Winter Magic (10/19)

Daily Album Chart
03. SHINee - THE FIRST (12/07)
04. KARA - Super Girl (11/23)
19. 2PM - REPUBLIC OF 2PM (11/30)
29. Secret - Shy Boy (11/16)

Weekly Album Chart
02. KARA - Super Girl (11/23)
04. 2PM - REPUBLIC OF 2PM (11/30)
18. JYJ - In Heaven (09/30)
28. Girls' Generation - The Boys (10/21) Korean Release
37. Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation (06/01)

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daily & weekly), Albums (daily & weekly)

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