Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Super Junior Twitter Updates [Updated]


신동감독의 첫 뮤비작품 동해은혁의 떳다오빠 공개!! SMTOWN 유투브 채널에서 볼수있습니다^^
Reveal the first MV production of Director Shin, Donghae Eunhyuk's 떳다오빠!! You can watch it on SMTOWN's youtube channel ^^

드디어 떴다오빠 신동감독의 뮤비등장!! 떴다오빠 뮤비보기 클릭많이 사랑해주세요^^ 요호!!^^
Finally 떴다오빠, Director Shindong's MV is out!! Click to watch 떴다오빠 mv. Please show a lot of loves^^ Yoho!!^^

속지마세요!! 뽀샵에 속지마세요! 근육시리즈에 이은 여장 시리즈!! 사진으론 판단하기 어려운 세상!ㅋㅋ아! 그리고 내일이면 멀티성 오픈이네요 꼭 들러주세요 미리크리스마스^^
Don't be fooled!! Don't be fooled by the Photoshop (skill)! Dress-up-as-woman's series after abs series!! This is a world which is hard to make judgement by photo!ㅋㅋAh! Multisung is opening tomorrow. Please visit for sure. Early Chritsmas^^

슈퍼주니어의 동해 은혁 의 떳따오빠 뮤비가 잠시후 공개됩니다..^^ 그리고 오늘 심심차파 생방송에 동해 은혁이 출연한답니다..^^ 기대해주삼!! ㅋㅋ
The MV of 떴다오빠 from Super Junior's Donghae Eunhyuk is going to be revealed after a while..^^ And Donghae Eunhyuk will be on today's SSTP live broadcast..^^ Please look forward to it!! ㅋㅋ


나름 술없는 조촐한 망년회^^? 09년이후 오랜만에 공개하는 트레이너형. 성명은 공개하지않고 그냥 이도사님이라고만 하죠~^^

A simple year-end party without alcohol ^^? It's been a while to reveal trainer hyung after 2009. I won't reveal his name, just call him Guru Lee~^^

어제 홍콩에서 Yahoo!! 4관왕!!! 오빠들 상받앗다잉!!^^감사합니다

Yahoo!! quadruple crown in Hong Kong yesterday!!! Oppas received award~ing!!^^Thank you 

Source: Shindong, Siwon & Donghae Twitter
Translated by @Jinn8812elf

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