Friday, 16 December 2011

Super Junior’s Ryewook writes a post implying about Ali

Super Junior’s Ryeowook drew attention by writing a post implying about Ali.
On December 16, Ryeowook tweeted, “My heart aches… I hope her tears don’t go to waste.”
Previously singer Ali held an emergency press report conference to apologize about the controversy that her original song “Nayoung” has caused. She stated, “I sincerely apologize for stirring up trouble. I also would like to apologize once again to Nayoung, her parent and her relatives.” She also confessed that she is also a victim of sexual abuse and shocked the public.
Therefore, most people believe that Ryewook is talking about Ali even though he didn’t directly state whom he is talking about.
Netizens commented: “Isn’t Ryewook talking about Ali?” “I think he meant that about Ali.” “I saw Ali’s news article about the press report conference. What she said tugged at my heart.”
Source: TV Report

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