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Super Junior's Super Show 4 begins in Seoul

Super Junior has started off with their Super Show 4 concert at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena on the 20th (of November).

The Super Junior World Tour, Super Show 4 has Seoul as its starting point and would be held worldwide. On the press conference held prior to the concert, the members expressed that: "Up to Super Show 3, we have attracted 500,000 fans (to the show), and we will continue singing until the day we have 1 million fans." The Super Show 4 concert of Super Junior, who would like to attract up to a million fans, raised its curtains under the VCR of "returning from the sea" and the cheers of more than 10,000 fans. The members began the concert with the song "Super Man", and also performed "TWINS" and "Miinah" among other exciting performances for the fans. The luxurious video clips, in addition to the neatly synchronised choreography and the members' outstanding singing abilities won over continuous cheers from the audience. 

After the opening show, Super Junior expressed that: "We will do the concert in such a manner that after the concert ends, the members would feel extremely exhausted"1, causing the audience to cheer loudly. Aside from that, f(x) members Victoria, Sulli and Amber also made the concert even more lively with their joint-performance for "Oops", and the members hovering over the fans while being on cranes also made the concert even more unique. 

One of the segments which cannot be lacking in Super Show 4 is the solo performances from the members, which allowed the audiences to be able to see the individualistic performances from each of the members. Eunhyuk sang the song "Shining Jewel Guy Lee Hyukjae" which was composed by Super Junior-M's Henry, while the lyrics were provided by himself. Using a rap performance and strong choreography, a military attire-clad Eunhyuk showed off his charms. Later on it was Sungmin with his rendition of "물들어"2, while Kyuhyun performed the song "Isn't She Lovely" with his soothing vocals while playing the keyboard. Meanwhile, Ryeowook showed off his powerful dancing through "Moves Like Jagger" and romantic Leeteuk performed the song "Secret"3

In addition, Shindong performed "Twinkle" with 30 other backup dancers, and Yesung utilised his unique vocal range to perform a whole new rendition of "Kiss Me". Siwon performed the song "Your Grace Is Enough" alongside the band and playing the guitar, and lastly, Donghae performed the song "떴다오빠"4, which has a disco-feeling, for the fans. The members all showed off the star quality that belonged only to themselves. Aside from that, Leeteuk also presented a ring to his on-screen wife in Season 3 of We Got Married, Kang Sora, during his solo performance, causing everyone to be surprised. Leeteuk put on the ring for Kang Sora before hugging the her lightly, showing off the romantic side of him. 

Aside from having splendid singing performances, Super Show 4 also contained a hilarious cosplay show. Ryeowook was dressed as Gollum5, Kyuhyun transformed into Steve Jobs, Sungmin dressed up as Marilyn Monroe, Siwon was Superman, and Leeteuk transformed into Hulk Hogan, causing all the fans in the venue to laugh endlessly. In addition to that, Super Junior-M's Henry and Zhou Mi had also put on magnificent performances, adding more flavour to the concert. 

During the concert this time, the members sang a total of 38 songs, and had an enjoyable time with the fans which lasted for 3 1/2 hours. The large-scaled stage and the huge LED screen which was 20 metres in width, alongside the glass stage, cranes, laser shows, and 6-metered water fountains which altered according to the music also added a lot to the visual effects. 

Super Show 4, with Seoul as its starting point, will be heading to Osaka, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Beijing and more, and also other major cities in Europe and America. Super Show 4, which was held at Seoul on the 19th and 20th, has attracted the attendance of more than 22,000 fans. The Super Show 4 fever will continue in Osaka on the 10th and 11th of December. 

1 Meaning that they would do the concert to the best of their abilities and use up all their efforts.
2 물들어 = Stained
3 Secret is the piano piece from the movie of the same name; but Leeteuk also sang the song "She" after his piano performance.
4 떴다오빠 = Oppa Has Risen
5 Gollum, the character from The Lord of the Rings.

Source: Korea Star Daily
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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