Monday, 9 January 2012

Extravagant Challenge Episode 3: Highlights and Thoughts

In the previous episode, we were left with Gong Xi auditioning for LME. What happens next? [SPOILER ALERT!]

In the audition, the participants are required to act out their reaction to a phone call. When it is Gong Xi’s turn, the person speaking on the phone reminds her of Shang, so she blows up in anger and then starts to sob. Although she received high scores for her audition from all the judges, she still doesn’t get accepted because the director explains to her that she is missing the most important thing an entertainer should have: the heart to love her audience and wish for them to love her back, which she feels she lost when Shang hurt her.

Because she failed the audition, she decides that maybe it is best for her to just go on with her life and forget about Shang, so she gets a job at a gas station. However, while working there one day, Shang happens to go there too and she is forced to meet him, but he doesn’t act like he knows her. The real reason was that he couldn’t see her face because of his sunglasses, but she thinks that he is acting like he’s too high above her that he doesn’t even know her, so she gets pumped to join showbiz again. At the same time, the president of LME feels like it is a waste to just let her go because she is such an interesting person, so he begins a new branch of the company just for her, the Love Me branch. As the first member, Gong Xi has to earn “points” by helping other people, which will eventually get her an official debut. The job also comes with an embarrassing hot pink outfit that she must wear whenever she is helping out others.
At the end of the episode, Shang bumps into Dun He Lian at a cafe, and Shang wants to prove to Dun He Lian that Shang is the most handsome guy, so he purposely knocks over a trash can into Dun He Lian’s path.
So far, the drama is following the manga pretty well. Also, this episode moved a lot faster than the first two, so it was much more enjoyable. I can’t wait for the next episode where Gong Xi will finally be able to show more of her talents!
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