Tuesday, 10 January 2012

f(x)’s Victoria and Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi will act alongside Fahrenheit’s Calvin Chen for new Taiwanese drama

It’s no secret that KPOP idols are starting to star in Taiwanese dramas, but the language barrier somewhat limits acting as they must have their voices dubbed by voice actors. Well, now, there is no need for such dubbing as f(x)’s Victoriaand Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi have been cast alongside Fahrenheit’s Calvin Chen for a new Taiwanese drama.
The drama, 失去城堡的王子, or The Prince Who Lost His Castle, will see Victoria as the long-lost granddaughter heir to a large corporate company, while Calvin and Zhou Mi will play rivals for both the company and her heart. It seems that filming will commence in a few days’ time and will first see broadcast in Taiwan before branching out (if the drama is popular).
This is awesome! No dubbing needed! I am not a big fan of dubbing (it sounds weird, to be honest). I’m guessing the Victoria-Zhou Mi rumors will be fueled by this, hah.
via Ningin

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