Monday, 9 January 2012

Hulk Hogan and Lady Gaga Emcee for MBC’s Idol Sports Competition?!

150 idols showed up for MBC’s Idol Sports Competition and 2 very special idols joined them. Hulk Hogan and Lady Gaga! Or…Leeteuk dressed as Hulk Hogan and Boom dressed as Lady Gaga.
MBC’s Idol Sports Competition, which is scheduled to air on January 24th, is a special program for the Lunar New Year. At the event were BEASTINFINITEmiss AT-araAfter SchoolZE:ABrown Eyed Girls and more! And the MCs were Kim Je DongBoomOh Sang Jin, and Super Junior’s extra special leader…Hulk Hogan…I mean Leeteuk.
In addition to normal performances, Leeteuk wrestled comedian Kim Gyung Jin while dressed as the retired wrestler, and Boom danced while dressed as Lady Gaga along with Leeteuk.
Can’t wait to see the full special episode when it airs on January 24th! In the meantime…I need to find a way to stop laughing at the pictures of Leeteuk as Hulk Hogan.
via Ningin

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