Thursday, 5 January 2012

Italian K-pop fans bid farewell to 2011 with a flashmob

2011 was the year of the K-pop wave. Although Hallyu music had already started to spread in previous years, it is in the last one that the true extent of this cultural phenomenon was acknowledged by Korean entertainment agencies. Not only were there concerts in the United States and all over Asia, like there had been previously, but also concerts were held in Southern America and Europe. European fans from countries such as France, England, Spain and Germany were able to enjoy stunning performances from top artists such as the SM Town ones, CUBE Family ones and JYJ. However, no concert was held in Italy, yet. Italian fans have therefore given their all to garner attention from their favorite idols’ agencies in order to host a K-concert.
Many projects were started throughout the year, such as continuously tweeting SS4Italy, creating facebook groups, establishing a national K-pop web page,, and most of all organizing flashmobs; a total of 6 were held, 2 in Milan, one in Rome and 3 in Naples. The latest group-up of the Neapolitan K-poppers was to bid farewell to a wonderful 2011 during which a beautiful Korea-loving community was born in the southern city and to express their wishes for an even brighter 2012, during which they will keep supporting and loving Hallyu stars and hoping to welcome them in their country soon.
Here is a video of the last 2011 K-pop flashmob in Naples, held on December 27, during which the participants danced to TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down,” Super Junior’s “A-Cha,” Beast’s “Shock,” SNSD’s “The Boys,” 2NE1′s “I Am The Best,” SHINee’s “Lucifer,” f(x)’s “~Chu,” Se7ven’s “Digital Bounce,”’s “Supa Solo,” Big Bang’s “Tonight,” U-Kiss’ “Neverland,” MBLAQ’s “Mona Lisa,” T-ara’s “I go crazy because of you,” Infinite’s “Be Mine,” B1A4′s “OK,” BoA’s “Hurricane Venus” and MissA’s “Baby Goodbye.” You will also find pictures from various events.

Many passers-by stopped to wonder what the flashmob was all about, among them even some Koreans who took pictures and exchanged a few words.
The first flashmob of 2012 will be held on February 16 in Milan. Italian K-pop fans have shown lots of love for K-artists, let’s hope they will get lots of love back in 2012!

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