Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rumors about the leaving of 3 couples of We Got Married show

Brave Couple – SoJoon Couple
Kim Won Joon who belong to group M4, planning activities undertaken this year. In fact, it’s hard to carry out both We Got Married filming and the propaganda activities at the same time. 
Kim Won Joon official staff said that “Due to he had film for We Got Married for a long time, so if you want to get off from the show will be difficult.  Therefore, we never discussed this problem with the production team as well.

【Campus Couple – WooJung Couple】
Lee Jang Woo who recently finished his filming of KBS drama, now was busy to preparing for ‘Roly Poly‘ musical show.
Other than that, he was recently selected as the host of KBS music program “Music Bank” with UIE, yet Lee Jang Woo’s brokerage company stated that “We had not heard the news that we are going off from the show (WGM).  Furthermore, we don’t have the intention to leave WGM too.”

Ham EunJung currently busy for T-ara new album “Lovey-Dovey” activities, however, their company did not said that EunJung is going to leave WGM soon.
Dimple Couple – TeukSo Couple
There are rumors keep saying that Lee Teuk will be leaving WGM as he need to go for Korean military soon.  However, Lee Teuk had clarify about the rumors. 
On the other hand, Kang Sora who is the leading role of “Dream High 2” will be going to on show soon.  But, Kang Sora’s affiliated company indicated that “The filming of Dream High 2 doesn’t mean that Kang Sora will not attend for other activities.”

Source: TV Report
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