Monday, 2 January 2012

SJ’s Donghae pose with Shinee’s Taemin,a Hottie and a Cutie

Recently, SJ member Donghae shared a cute picture through his twitter, where he pose with Shinee maknaeTaemin.
He simply tweeted “2012.. stay healthy” but the picture got more attention because of a combination of a hottie and a cutie person.
Donghae who is wearing a vivid red dress is posing seductively for camera while Taemin is simply sitting beside him with naive and sweet expression
Netizens commented, “Taemin is looking like a girl and Hae so hot in red” ,”They look like a couple” ,”They are looking so nice, Taemin sitting so cutely..” ,”Hae are you frightening the maknae with your hot looks?”
Source: Donghae‘s twitter

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