Sunday, 1 January 2012

Super Junior expresses their desire to perform in Pyongyang, North Korea

Recently, Super Junior conducted an interview and expressed, "This year we went out of Asia and performed in places such as Paris in France and New York City in the United States. We received our fans’ love and support, and thus looking back, 2011 is a year that we are thankful for." This year, Super Junior performed in Paris, Tokyo, and New York City in June, September, and October respectively with their fellow artists from SM Entertainment as part of the SMTOWN World Tour. Super Junior also began their Super Show 4 with stops in Seoul and Osaka. 

Additionally, the group’s 5th album, "Mr. Simple," exceeded 300,000 copies sold this year. When asked about the fact that new idol groups are being created at a quick pace nowadays, Super Junior, as seniors in the industry, expressed, "In the past, idol groups were usually only active for five years, so everyone always says that idol groups only last for five years. This mentality does make us feel uneasy, but it also motivates us to be a stronger team. We need to protect our team. There are junior idol groups that express worries and tiredness, but we always tell them that perseverance leads to success."

Super Junior’s next goal is to continue to expand globally. In regards to this, Super Junior once said, "When we were performing in Malaysia, we walked by a VIP room and heard that there was someone high-rank from Pyongyang inside. We seem to be close to each other, and therefore should be performing there first, but from a different perspective, it may be the place that is furthest away from us. We are hoping we can perform as Super Junior at a stage in Pyongyang and create some warmth for each other through the performance." 

Source: Wen Wei Po


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