Monday, 9 January 2012

Super Junior Feast On Ramen and Cola After Another Good Concert

Super Junior recently went out for dinner following a successful day, with Leeteuk tweeting a picture of the yummy ramen they ate:
He wrote:
    “We always celebrate by going out to eat after the end of a concert. Always ramen and cola. Ramen family, Rafam~ Together with Fighting Junior, who’s always full of fighting. Let’s always laugh and be there for one another like now! I love you guys!”
Only Leeteuk, DonghaeKyuhyunEunhyuk, and Sungmin were celebrating in the Japanese ramen restaurant, as it seems the other members were busy. What Leeteuk said about always eating after a good show is true though; just look at this. Come to think of it, the exact same members ate together again!
Leeteuk also tweeted:
    “Donghae‘s phone camera quality is really great. Dongsengs! Let’s always be bright like this and never get tired! And our fans! Let’s be together for a long, long time! Today was such a happy day for me.”
The tweets looked a bit weird after I read them but I couldn’t get a hold on what was wrong. Then I noticed after scanning through them a second time…
He used the word “always” five times, haha.
via Ningin

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