Sunday, 8 January 2012

Two couples confirmed couple for "Pit-A-Pat Shake"

Hyorin and Lizzy have previously been confirmed as two of the females on the show "Pit-A-Pat Shake," a spin-off of "We Got Married." The male partners were kept secret in the beginning when producers revealed the news. The only details that were given were the male partners would be actors and singers. However, Hyorin's partner has been revealed as Super Junior's Sungmin! 

One official revealed Super Junior's Sungmin through a shooting at the National Theater of Korea for their new episode or pilot episode. The episode has been named "Exciting Shake."

Lizzy and Lee Joon have been confirmed by MBC as another one of the couples. On January 5th, during the first recording for the show, a coach was invited. This coach specialized in aerobics and joined them for fun activities for the variety show. Thus, authenticated them as a couple for the new show. 

Anticipation has settled down after the release of the two new couples. The show has grabbed the attention of many netizens. Now only Sunhwa from SECRET and Seungyeon from KARA are left without their partners revealed. Previously, some netizens had already guessed who might be their partners. 

Look out for the first debut episode special on January 23rd during MBC's Lunar Year Special. This show will display many different sides of some of the most popular idols. The show will continue if the viewer rating is high enough for the Lunar New Years Special episode. 

Source: TV Report and Review Star

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