Tuesday, 14 February 2012

6 Cutest ‘We Got Married’ Moments

Even though they try to make us believe that these couples are fictional, some of us see right through that. With all the sweet moments that happen in just about every episode, who could blame us? Although there are sprinkles of aww-worthy moments with every couple, there are only a few that are special because of the specific couple. Have a look at a few sweet We Got Married moments between our favourite couples.
This couple may be rather new, but they have already found a place in the heart of We Got Married fans everywhere. As newly-weds, cute moments are always around, and this one in particular made viewers squeal with delight. From the sweet uniforms to a meal shared, the Dimples couple quickly became a favourite after this.

Credit: Ningin Blog
*Only related part with Eeteuk is shared

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