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9 Idols That Would Be The Worst Valentine

Valentines Day is nearing, or shall I say, Single Awareness Day? It’s okay to admit that you’re single, because well, I am too (saving my love for my awesome bias Kyuhyun even though…). However, there are a few idols that you shall never, EVER find as a valentine (unless you are as devoted as I am). Ladies and gentlemen, here I present you the “9 Idols That Would Be The Worst Valentine.”

1. Junhyung from Beast
Our hot rapper from B2ST. I could never forget to include him. Even when all he does is lean back and look at you, that killer stare of his just makes you melt like a chocolate in Max Changmin’s belly. I know Hara did. Though, he’s a mysterious and laid-back, and barely talks on anything. Joker might seem all fast-talking and filled with energy, but he never really expresses it. Spending valentines day with a super duper chill guy can be difficult sometimes.
2. Boram from T-ara
The cute little ex-leader is known to be not only a big food-eater, but really socially awkward as well. Plus, her petite height and super hilarious aegyo often make people think that she’s an elementary student. You probably don’t want to be mistaken as Mr. Pedo who loves awkward kids, do you?
3. Seohyun from SNSD
Ahhh, the natural maknae from our beloved SNSD who still manages to find guys gross even though she is in the company that has the cutest and most (in number…Super Junior + EXO + DBSK + SHINee = hotness overload) guys in the kpop world. Even though our CN Blue representative Jung Yonghwa has managed to shaken that idea a bit, as Seohyun recently revealed, she still didn’t fall in love. (nooooooooooooo my Goguma T^T)
4. Lee Joon from MBLAQ
Does anybody really know what goes on in his 5D brains? At least Heechul and Hongki’s logic actually make sense sometimes. Lee Joon is made of 100% cheerfulness and confusion. He talks like everyone were his brain cells and all know what in the world goes on in his mind, and is always hyper with his screams and laugh. Doesn’t he just sound like the perfect date you’d want to take to an elegant restaurant with? He’d probably order a Happy Meal and share the ketchup with you while he goes and takes of his shirt.
5. CL from 2NE1
We all know that CL can be adorable and hilarious - if she wants to. We also know that she can be all fierce and dangerous - if she wants to. If you don’t know her too well and just randomly take her out on valentines day, you’d be in the danger zone for the whole 24 hours if she doesn’t like you. Beware because you’ll end up having an amazing day…or as a body with no head.
6. Kwanghee from ZE:A
He’s nothing bad, really. But his diva-ness can be a little tough to put up with at times, while he would probably keep encouraging you to get some plastic surgery even though you look perfectly fine. Plus, as he has previously revealed, you might have to spend your Valentine’s Day with a group of 4~5 people so that you don’t get noticed. Positive side, he probably will bring Siwan along.
7. Yesung from Super Junior
The turtle-loving singer is just super unpredictable. He tries super hard to be funny and impressive but often end up in an awkward spot. It’s painful for me to watch someone try so hard with no results. Though, if you’re the right girl for him, he would definitely make you crack up 24/7 and no just on Valentine’s day. It’s a fifty-fifty chance of risk you will have to take. Extreme awkwardness filled with turtles or forever exploding laughter? Your choice.
8. Onew from SHINee
Yeah, I get the fact that his heart-warming personality can make him one of the greatest boyfriends out there, but great boyfriends don’t equal to great valentines. He will definitely treat you like some kind of treasure on a daily basis, but well, you would probably need to stick to Chicken restaurants when it comes to Valentine’s Day, along with his never-ending epic fails.
9. Kyuhyun from Super Junior
Do I even need to start on this one? He is adorable, evil, hilarious, talented…and obsessed with Starcraft. Or just games in general (I’d like to think he moved on from Starcraft. It’s been years). Ever read those Facebook likes that talks about how a nice boyfriend would be like? Well, Kyuhyun is basically out of the game when you get to the “stop playing video games to text his girlfriend”. I don’t think he does that for Sungmin either.
So that ends our list of idols that make the worst valentine! I’m sure that despite some of their weirdness and awkwardness here and there, as our biases, we will always accept them as a whole, because I am determined to learn all the games out there if it means a game day on valentine’s day with Kyu.
Who’s your idol valentine that doesn’t really make a good one?
Credit: Ningin Blog

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