Saturday, 25 February 2012

Chinese version of "We Got Married" to be officially aired on Korean channel on the 25th

The Chinese version of the programme "We Got Married" has officially been aired locally yesterday (14th February), and the programme has been scheduled to air on the Korean channel MBC TV on the 25th. It is bound to trigger a new craze. The Chinese version of "We Got Married" is a programme which has been specially created by Korea's MBC TV and China's SMG in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Korean and Chinese relations. 

The programme has made it onto the "Shanghai Entertainment" magazine, earning the attentions of a large number of fans in China. Before the broadcast of the programme, SMG began their fervent promotions through their online video portals in order to increase the hype on the programme. Both parties also hoped that through this opportunity, they would be able to increase the cultural exchange between the young artists of both countries when the 20th anniversary of the Korean-Chinese relations rolls by. 

In the Chinese version of "We Got Married", the celebrities from Korean and China crossed the country barriers and became a pair of made-up coupple. Super Junior's member Kyuhyun was paired with Lou Yixiao, while T-ara's member Hyomin was paired up with Fu Xinbo. It is highly anticipated how the differing cultures and values of both countries would spice up their 'married life'. 

On the other hand, because of the worker strike going on at MBC TV, "We Got Married" was forced to go off air for two weeks (4th and 11th), and this caused concern amongst viewers whether the strike would be prolonged with the addition of the Chinese version of "We Got Married". 

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