Saturday, 11 February 2012

Extravagant Challenge Episode 7: Highlights and Thoughts

In the previous episode, we were left with Gong Xi stuck in a cage as Coco chicken. What happens next? [SPOILER ALERT!]

Gong Xi gets let out, then sees Lian nearby, trying to study a script. Lian hear someone there, so Gong Xi hides in her costume to talk to him. She finds out there is something he doesn’t understand in the script, so she tries to help him and finds out that it’s just something he completely misunderstood. As the chicken, she actually has a comfortable conversation with him, and she sees a side of him she didn’t know about. The next day, she is afraid to let Lian know that she is the chicken, so she tries to avoid him, but he forces her to greet him by following her. Lian also gives her some advice about the business by telling her if she wants to become famous, she needs to stand out from the crowd.

Gong Xi plans to audition for a commercial company, and Jiang Nan Qin is also auditioning, but they meet Jiang Nan Qin’s rival from childhood, Fei Li Hua, who has always been stealing top roles from Jiang Nan Qin by bribing people because her family is rich and famous. Gong Xi doesn’t get put down by Fei Li Hua, and instead, she feels more reason to support Jiang Nan Qin. At the first part of the audition, the judges seem to be very impressed with Fei Li Hua especially because she told them who her father is. Jiang Nan Qin feels like the audition will end like all the other auditions Fei Li Hua beat her in, but during Qin’s argument with Gong Xi about it, the director of the commercial company overhears. He turns out to be a fair guy unaffected by money because he doesn’t accept Fei Li Hua’s bribe and plans to judge according to real talent. The director then comes up with a way for them to audition by having them be split up into random pairs to act out a scenario where two best friends like the same guy and get into a fight because of it. Although the pairs are random, Gong Xi gets paired with Qin, and Fei Li Hua thinks it’s unfair, so she suggests that their pair shouldn’t be allowed to have time to discuss how they are going to act out the scenario. Jiang Nan Qin agrees and takes it as a challenge, which makes Gong Xi worry about whether or not she will be able to perform well and not embarrass Qin. When it is their turn to act, they just glare at each other, and then Qin slaps Gong Xi and that is where the episode ends.
I’m loving this drama! I like how they follow along with the manga pretty well, and although that makes me know what is going to happen beforehand, I like seeing how they act it out in the drama. I have to admit that at the beginning, I didn’t really think the actors all suited their characters because I imagined them to be different when I read the manga, but now that the drama has progressed more, they couldn’t have chosen a better cast. I’m so excited for the next episode!
Credit: Ningin Blog

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