Friday, 10 February 2012

Fans stunned by Siwon's middle finger scene in Skip Beat

Super Junior held a concert at the Taipei Arena, bringing up the viewer ratings for Skip Beat by a small margin of 1.46% yesterday night. However, the scenes of Siwon and Ivy Chen showing the middle finger because they were displeased with each other has sparked queries amongst netizens whether it would be a bad influence on children. GTV expressed yesterday that warnings that "This is a theatrical effect, please do not imitate" were put up during the broadcast, (but) will take more precautions in the future if similar scenes appear in other shows. 

After their concert had ended two days ago, Super Junior held a celebration party at a Korean restaurant, and the restaurant (staff) took the opportunity to watch Skip Beat with the group members. Watching their own acting in Taiwan for the first time, Donghae and Siwon exclaimed that it was amazing. The Super Junior members only left the restaurant after watching the entire episode. 

Siwon and Donghae filmed for Skip Beat during their long stay in Taiwan, and thus kept the viewer ratings close to mind. The concert on the day before was a matinee session, and Donghae chose to sing the ending theme for Skip Beat. Before the concert had ended, he even reminded the fans to hurry home and wait in front of the television (in order to catch the drama). The fans' passionate emotions were reflected on the official website's discussion board; there was a person who said that when she had heard the ending theme, she couldn't help but cry when she thought about the fact that her idols were leaving Taiwan soon. The Super Junior members left Taiwan in separate batches yesterday, and their Super Show 4 tour will be held next in Singapore on the 18th and 19th (of February), continuing the spread of Super Junior's global popularity. 

Following the progress of the storyline of Skip Beat, Siwon and Ivy Chen continued with their subtle interactions of being seemingly interested in the other yet displeased with each other. The middle finger scene on the day before was not censored on television, causing the fans to wonder that, "Doesn't the Korean management company always pay great attention to their artist's image? How can they agree to Siwon showing the middle finger?" Aside from that, while flipping through his script in the drama, Siwon could not understand the idiom "一本正经"*, and thought that it was the name of a Buddhist scripture, causing the fans to end up in stiches and engage in a heated discussion on the Internet.

Yesterday, the producer of the Skip Beat drama Comic Ritz expressed that the scenes filmed for the drama have been discussed with the Korean side, and was only implemented after receiving their consent. The middle finger scene was an original arrangement in the script, (and they said that) "The Korean side gives great respect to the script, and does not think that it was inappropriate.

* The idiom 一本正经 (yī bĕn zhèng jīng) means that the person has a solemn/serious expression. If read literally, "一本" denotes one copy, and in the Chinese language, the word "经" usually refers to religious scriptures. That's why Siwon's character in Skip Beat thought that "正经" was the name of some Buddhist scripture of sorts, because he was taking the phrase literally.

Source: UDN (via Korea Star Daily)
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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