Monday, 20 February 2012

K-pop boyband Super Junior charms S'pore female fans with super show

Photos: Zinkie Aw

Over the weekend (Feb 18 and 19), more than 11,000 Super Junior fans, better known as ELFs, spent over four hours rooting for the nine men of their lives at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Like supermen, the guys in Super Junior, or SuJu for short, bounded across the stage, leapt over barricades to get to their fans, somersaulted across the clouds or popped out suddenly from the stage. There were even mechanised platforms which carried the suave young men to the upper strata of the venue, just so fans could have a closer look.

Lights, camera, and action: Their show had it all. From hot dance numbers with easy sing-along lyrics flashed on the huge screens (Sorry Sorry, Oppa Oppa, Oops), to heartfelt solo performances which showcased their extensive musical talent (saxophone, piano, guitar, harmonica, violin) and even a spoof of The Sound of Music and a funny fictional (or not?) retelling of their school days in which they morphed into hilarious versions of famous people.

26-year-old Shindong showed off his dance moves with a comedic twist -- he was also the designated crossdresser, replete with schoolgirl ponytails and short shorts or a matronly dress. 

Then there was Siwon, 24, charming the girls with his manly good looks, leaping off the stage and springing into the midst of the seated audience. A platform right up front also saw members taking turns to make sudden appearances in front of the seated audience, popping up in front of them to sing a verse, before disappearing below once more.

One highlight was when Leeteuk climbed down from the raised platform and sang a cover of "She" while serenading a lucky fan with a rose. Later on in the show, before their performance of "You & I", Leeteuk also picked a lucky fan to be his 'girlfriend', before revising the dance moves with the cheering stadium. He then hugged the fan, who had come all the way from Japan, before walking with her 'down the aisle'.

Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun really knew how to work the crowd, teasing, joking playfully with each other and even executing sexy dance moves with the backup dancers. Apart from the pyrotechnics and fantastic motion graphics cum lights, there was even a water feature which surrounded them in tall jets as they performed on a raised platform.

The young men even added Mandarin songs in addition to their English covers to the setlist, a winning move seeing that they were touring Asia (they will be heading to Macau for a show on March 10). For the uninitiated, romanised hangul showed on the big screens so everyone could sing along.

Just as the fans were reluctant to let Super Junior leave, so were the boys to leave their fans. Donghae even joked that he had locked all the doors so no one could leave. "Everyone will stay overnight with us," he announced cheekily to the piercing screams of excited fans, some who were there for two nights running.

However, all good things have to come to an end. After taking turns getting soaked by the water jets, saying goodbyes which were cheesily cute and affectionate, they ran around the stage for the last time, shouting "Thank you!" in Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, English, Thai and French, pausing to wave for a few seconds before heading on their way.

The Supermen had left the building, but they would be back for an even bigger and better Super Show 5, they promised. And you can bet they will.

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