Thursday, 9 February 2012

Kyuhyun's Father Interview


 Interview Kyuhyun's dad- 
Q: Have you ever give him some reward? 
A: is son so no have many chance, I just gave him my love as a father

Q: Will you give punishment when he got a bad score? 
A: not worry much abt his work, no have to reminds him

Q: If Kyuhyun not become a singer, what you want him to do? 
A: Maybe is a lawyer, this is just what i hope

Kyuhyun's dad talk about before he thought Kyuhyun will follow and be a lawyer but when he was senior, I let him to choose his future

Q: Do you think Kyuhyun is the most handsome in SJ? // 
A: Ahh, I don't really think so (fm:Love JK)

Can't say exactly who is the most handsome one but except our Kyuhyun, other 12 members all handsome

Video: aKyufan23
Note: @TaiwaLuvSJ

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