Friday, 17 February 2012

Meeting Super Junior Heechul

Alodia and some of her co-stars like Eugene, Ariel Ureta, Miriam Quiambao and Mura just came back from filming in Korea, where they also got the chance to meet K-pop idol Kim Hee Chul of Super Junior at their cast party. Hee Chul, who is currently serving his military duty in Korea, is a friend of one of the cast members, a Korean actress.

Before she met Hee Chul in person, Alodia’s uploaded video of her talking to the K-pop idol on the phone went abuzz online. The video showed Hee Chul’s number, and Alodia immediately blurred it. Many fans reacted and Alodia apologized to Heechul and their fans, or Elfs.

“When we met, the first thing I said was ‘Mianhe’ which means ‘I'm sorry’ in Korean. But he said "No, no, it's okay.’ It was such a great feeling to hear it directly from him. He was such a nice person, so cute,” Alodia revealed.

Some of the cast members didn’t know who Hee Chul is when he first came to the set. But they later got excited to know him more and take pictures with him. Photos of Hee Chul mingling with the cast and crew of the movie, including a picture of Hee Chul with Alodia, Eugene and Joyce, spread online.

“It was unbelievable, very unexpected! They were also surprised but very happy and excited to take photos with him. He looks so much cuter in person,” Alodia exclaimed.

Alodia also shared how their interaction with Hee Chul went. Alodia and Hee Chul, who both love computer games and cosplay, showed each other’s cosplay photos. She also sung “Sorry, Sorry.”

“Heechul was amazing. He sat next to me and the first thing he showed me was his gray shorthaired cat on his iPhone. Then I showed him my pet cat, Tako,” she said. Hee Chul’s cat, Heebum is also popular among his fans.

Since popular K-pop group Super Junior may not be able to come to Manila for a concert this year, Alodia did not forget to tell HeeChul how much Filipino fans love them.

“He said ‘Thank you!’ I really hope he comes to the Philippines along with the rest of the group,” Alodia said.


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