Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ryeowook's Twitter Update

달 진짜 크다 ^^ 정월대보름인 어젠 구름이 많아 못봤는데 드뎌 보네 ㅋ 사진은 작아 보이지만 이래봐도 큰 달이라네 ~ 소원을 빌어보세요 어여 다들 http://pic.twitter.com/WmcNnDRf
The weather is getting cooler ^^ Yesterday was 15th, the clouds was relatively thick so I didn't see the big moon ke Since it still the moon, let's make a wish everyone pic.twitter.com/WmcNnDRf

Source: Ryeowook's Twitter
Translated by @TaiwanLuvSJ


missxidi said...

Please continue blogging...i love ur sites!!!

Ainim SuJu said...

Thank you for reading my blog and thanks for the support. :)