Thursday, 9 February 2012

Shindong-Kim Shinyoung's radical sexy couple pictorial revealed.. "provocatively chic"

Super Junior member Shindong and gagwoman Kim Shinyoung's radical couple poster has been unveiled. 

Shindong and Kim Shinyoung have recently been named as the MCs of MBC Music's "Show Champion", and their pictorial shots have been released on the 7th. 

Previously Shindong had posted on his personal Twitter saying that, "I had a photoshoot with a woman with beautiful looks..who exactly is this beautiful woman?". He also published a photo of him wearing a black suit and staring ahead with an intense gaze and his mouth covered by someone*, arousing curiosity. 

In the photo, the two of them were wearing black outfits and accessories along with fashionably-styled hair, and through their chic expressions and provocative poses, they have evoked the amazement of the viewers. 

On the other hand, "Show Champion" is a music chart programme that, through talks and shows, explores the week's most popular songs, the music industry's hot issues, the top newcomers and more. There is a growing expectation towards Shindong and Kim Shinyoung's tacit understanding, where the both of them would run the show through a showcase of their distinctive glib and wits. The first broadcast will be on the coming 14th. 

This is the photo that the article is talking about.

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