Saturday, 25 February 2012

Skip Beat Drama Promotions [Singapore Press Conference]

Super Junior members Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae arrived in Singapore much earlier to promote their Taiwanese drama Skip Beat alongside lead actress Chen Yi Han. Skip Beat, also known as Extravagant Challenge is a rom-com adapted from a manga. The female lead strives to make it big in the entertainment industry as revenge against her ex-boyfriend who left her after he shot to fame.

The day before the press conference, the cast had a fan-meet session at Plaza Singapura shopping mall. Their popularity was evident by the large crowd that it drew. Despite the limited number of fanmeet passes given out, every corner of the mall was packed with fans of the cast, and especially of Super Junior.
The response and atmosphere was so great, that even the voices of the cast were drowned by the deafening fan screams. Fans also celebrated Siwon’s birthday with a cake and a song.
The cast also did a special suprise event, not usually heard of in Singapore: A School Invasion/Attack. Students of the middle school were caught by surprise by the cast’s school visit and so were the media. This became the burning question of the moment at the press conference.
The cast then joked about attending middle school 2/3 years back to hide the actual 10-year gap. Donghae beat the other two cast by saying that he felt “that his age was rather similar to the students’ and that they could actually have a class together”. Which made Siwon burst out laughing.
 When asked about the biggest sacrifice they would make for a drama. Donghae opted for a death scene. Siwon suggested to shave his head before dying, to which Donghae spontaneously agreed without a problem.
Curious about the relationship between the two Super Junior members? Donghae reveals that he sees Siwon not only as a friend or brother, but as a father figure. Reason being, Siwon’s undeniably good physique and tall stature. Whenever Donghae does a task well, he receives a hug from Siwon, hence feeling very protected and secure.
Donghae jokingly mentioned that he believes Siwon is a good candidate to depend on, in times of financial difficulties. To which, Siwon painfully promises to help.
Siwon also mentioned a kiss scene between him and the female lead, but chill fans! The kiss was quick and short. Chen Yi Han mentioned that she feared to be bashed by fans for the kiss, but I’m sure we are nice and civil people right?
The press conference was smooth and light-hearted, definitely enjoyable. Thanks to Starhub for the invites!
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