Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Super Junior are Supermans for SUPERSHOW 4 in Singapore

For the smashing two-night sold concert from 18 to 19 February, 2012 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the senior of K-pop idols Super Junior returns to rock their stage of SUPER SHOW 4 in Singapore!
With a fantastic stage that once again mesmerized fans and to make all fans happy, this concert was reportedly to have spent a total of S$2 million, watched over 11,000 ELFs around the world from Malaysia, Phillippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and many others, wouldn’t be able to be a great success if it wasn’t for the organizer Running Into The Sun who has brought them in for the second time, creating a repeated success from their SUPER SHOW 3, and sponsors F&N and OCBC Cards.
The powerful, red opening of the stage featuring their song ‘Superman’ coming from behind the stage and LED lights brightening up all over proves the fantastic, upgraded stage compared to last year’s SS3. With just the returning 9 members: Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Siwon, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Yesung, Shindong, and Eunhyun, and Super Junior-M members Henry and ZhouMi, the stage was much more powerful and alive, making all ELFs happy with the furious lightstick glowing of Sapphire Blue! Fans were all mesmerized by stage effects and lighting dynamics, plus of the fireworks that kept audience’s heart jolted and a surprising installed water fountains in the middle of the stage!
What’s more special this year, is that out of all the total 36 songs sung for two days back to back, special guests from f(x) Sulli and Amber was present to sing Oops with Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong and Donghae!
Setted in a beautiful, casual theme for their song Walkin, it was seen that the members were having a lot of fun with the props, especially with this image captured of Shindong in the little airplane. Bicycles were also used to go across the entire screen of the stage, where Leeteuk was caught off-guard by the string that he was flying all the way upside down, and Sungmin passed him with ease.
The fun continued on with solo acts from each member: Henry performing his brilliant talents as a musician player and a singer performer with Billionaire, Lazy Song, Lighters. Siwon and his guest Pastor PJ (which Korea.com has a special videonterview with him at SS4, make sure you check back!) brought his band and guitars to strum into Your Grace is Enough. Touching song A Man by Yesung has captivated his fans by his sweet voice that croons over the stage.
Eunhyuk, or his real name Lee Hyuk Jae, sung his own-written song Self Luminous Bejeweled Handsome Guy Lee Hyukjae, coming out from a huge diamond model and rapped his own power stance with hilarious lyrics that self-praises he’s the best. Comparing himself to Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and even fellow member Choi Siwon, putting him last. However, after the phrase in the song “Say, My, Name…” everyone shouts “Lee Hyuk Jae!” instead of the four names he said previously.
“I’ll trust you. I believe in you,” he laughs and continued on his narcissistic and cheerful, hilarious song to sing to
Sungmin brought up One In A Million with a sexy dance move with his entire dance crew and a lead female dancer which the audience wooed in excitement; Moves Like Jagger by Ryeowook has the same reaction by the entire audience.
Notable and memorable solos in this SS4 includes Kyuhyun‘s ballad, and with his self video criticizing himself “to always sing ballad, ballad, ballad, you are so boring!” from behind, he quickly changed his piano acts to the song Isn’t She Lovely.
Showcasing his talent skills, leader Leeteuk took off his solo act with a saxophone, wooing his fans into such dazed of enchantment, and piano repertoire and singing Loving You and She.
The fun favorite by Eunhyuk-Donghae of Oppa Oppa was a colorful stage act, suits of red and green and their hilarious antics proved to be a night’s hit favorite, not seen performed anywhere else.
The concert that lasted for 4 hours proved to be a definite huge hit where fans immediately scrambled off into their SNS accounts by commenting “the SS4 show was so good!”, “we so love the concert, I watched it twice and still cannot get bored!”, “I’m missing them already as they’re leaving tonight!”. Fans were reported to have queued a long way for the official merchandise of SS4 on both days as well as to queue for the mosh pits section.
Day 2 started at 4:30PM and ended at 8:30PM. On this day, even leader Leeteuk finally shed tears, which didn’t happen in day 1.
The Super Junior members, with Zhou Mi and Henry, sang Destiny as their final song.
The 4 hour concert didn’t feel long at all as everyone was kept at the edge of their seats for worldwide popularity and world-class entertainment systems to transform the stage into a playground for ELFs and the Supermans of two days!
As they have left with good feelings, fans have already talked amongst themselves for a SUPER SHOW 5 in Singapore. How will that be? You’d have to keep in tune with us only on Korea.com!
Wait – there’s more to what happened for special ments not found in day one! Keep yourselves updated for the latest release of the news as we bring you the latest from Skip Beat! Press Conference, SS4 Press Conference and the inside scoop of SS4 Highlights.

Special thanks to Running Into the Sun for the invitation.
Photos Courtesy  Running Into The Sun Singapore
credit: en.korea.com

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