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Super Junior in Singaporean Newspaper – Everynight SJ “sleep off” 10,000 dollars

Korean group, Super Junior (SJ) with high social status, 9 members, each a suite of rooms, stay in one night in Singapore, “sleep off” almost $10,000.
Continue from last year, January, after Super Junior have their first concert in Singapore, during this weekend, Super Junior is going to stand on the stage in Singapore Indoor Stadium again and holds 2 “Super Show 4 – Super Junior World Tour” (SS4).
The concert costs $2,000,000, enormous production fees, compared to Super Show 3 concert, the cost has exceeded nearly $300,000, even SJ’s accommodation fees also turn up, and rises double.
Last year when SJ came to Singapore to have their concert, stay (at a place during a trip) at 5 Star’s Swissotel The Stamford hotel suite, one night fees is in between $400 to $600. At that time, it also included Heechul, who is now in the military, altogether 10 members, each a suite of rooms, uses the most cheapest grade to calculate, one night they “sleep off” the organiser Running Into The Sun (RITS) around $4,000.
Last year, November, when SJ came over to Singapore and attended the Korea “MAMA Awards” stay (at a place during a trip) at Marina Bay Sands (MBS). According to some source, this time, they are going to stay at MBS as well. For SJ to store up their energy, the organiser even given them Superstar treatment, and arrange them to stay in the luxury suite.
For the different graded suite in the hotel, the price are in between $1,000 to $1,900 every night. 9 members, each person a suite of room, uses the most cheapest $1,000 suite to calculate, SJ stays in Singapore for one night, the organiser would have to pay nearly $9,000 for the fees.
According to them, who will arrived the venue a day before the concert to have their rehearsal and their 2 nights concert schedule, SJ will at least stay in Singapore for 3 nights. In another words, the accommodation expenses for this concert would be nearly $30,000, compared to last year, the expenses has rises double.
[Title: The Korean Buffet Restaurant "Closed" the shop because of SJ]
SJ leader, Leeteuk revealed that, during their visit last year, they first tried the local Chilli Crab, the period when they were staying in Singapore, they had sumptuous feast everyday. The concert will commence this weekend, even though chilli crab are their craving but the first choice would still be Korean foods.
When SJ’s junior, SNSD came to Singapore last year, December to hold their concert, after completed their concert, they went to the same Korean Buffet Restaurant that located at MBS to fill their stomach. Even though, weekends is a “prime time”, but the restaurant still “closed”, to let SNSD to have their meal without disturbing.
This time SJ “got underway”, the restaurant will definitely giving them the same VIP serving, the restaurant even prepare to extend their opening hours for them.
[Title: 100 Korean Staff Specially Came Over]
SS4 got underway 100 Korean Staff to fly over from Korea, including local staff, altogether it will be over 200 crew helping SJ with the behind and front the scene for the concert matter concerned.
Some of the crew had already arrived Singapore last weekend to prepare for the set-up of the concert in Singapore Indoor Stadium.
[Subtitle: Donghae & Siwon will arrive Singapore first]
Before the concert begins, SJ once used the Jet Quay economy CIP to leave the airport and apologised to fans by saying “Sorry Sorry”.
For promoting the drama, Skip Beat that starred by Donghae and Siwon, both of them will arrived Singapore first, they will also attend the Meet-and-Greet in the evening today, estimate that the rest of SJ members will arrive by tomorrow.
The past 3 visit of SJ, even though they had already announce that they will use to the CIP to leave the airport, but fans are still following them in cars, during last year concert, because of rainy day and the road is slip, there were a accident.
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