Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Super Junior member Shindong's girlfriend sends a witty wreath for his business opening

A flower wreath sent by Super Junior's Shindong's girlfriend has caught the limelight for its wittiness.

A picture of it was uploaded by Shindong on his me2day on February 13th. He commented, "Nari, these days people send really witty wreaths, but isn't this too much? What do you mean breaking off the engagement... breaking off the engagement! No way... I'll work hard."

The photo shows Shindong clenching his fist and mock yelling, in a pose that goes with his declaration of working hard. Beside him is the wreath sent by his girlfriend, which says, "If your business flourishes, marriage. If it fails, engagement is off."

Netizens commented, "Your business will definitely take off," "Wish you longevity in your business. Your girlfriend is so cute," and "She is the perfect match for you. I sincerely wish you all the best." 

Meanwhile, Shindong's online shopping mall is in the midst of its opening.

Source: Newsen

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