Monday, 20 February 2012

Super Junior’s wet and wild night in Singapore

Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Running Into The Sun
Videos: Tay Yixuan and Teng Siew Eng

If we had to compare between Super Junior's Super Show 4 concert in Singapore and Seoul, which we both attended, local fans definitely got the most bang for their buck as no expense was spared in bringing the original Super Show 4 Seoul concert to Singapore.

From its special guest stars f(x) and Super Junior-M members Zhou Mi and Henry, to the stage layout in Korea, the indoor stadium was remodeled and outfitted with water fountains, two huge cranes, and even moving stages and trolleys, to present fans with an upclose, all-rounded sensory concert experience.
The two-night full house concert that was attended by 11,000 concertgoers in total got off to a strong start as the boys kicked off with the title song from their latest album, 'Superman'. Looking picture perfect in their all-black ensemble, they were soaked in sweat as they danced to five consecutive dance songs, one after another.
Speaking his first words to the Singapore crowd, leader Leeteuk cried out in Mandarin, "Are you guys happy? Do you guys miss us?" and drove fans delirious with his cheeky comments in English, adding, "We feel more heat than yesterday! There are more beautiful fans than yesterday too!"
Choreographed dance performances aside, what truly makes a Super Show concert standout from the rest, no doubt boils down to the boys' innate tendency to interact and monkey amongst themselves.
Their cheeky antics, unexpected banter, and impromptu dance moves, makes every show a different experience for the fans. It's no wonder the group has international fans trailing behind them when they embarked on their world tour, going from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and finally Singapore.
When it was time for the boys to shine in their solo acts, following their solid group performances, while most of them stuck to their original performances, Henry, Sungmin, and Shindong opted to put on a different show.
Super Junior-M member Henry had fangirls squealing at his envy-worthy musical skills on the guitar, violin and keyboard as he jammed and sang to 'Off My Mind', 'Lazy Song' and 'Lighters', while Shindong garnered loud shrieks when he jiggied his booty in a HyunA spoof of 'Troublemaker' and 'Bubble Pop'.
In a concerted effort to give Super Junior a memorable night, fans also took it upon themselves to drum up the concert with fan projects and printed banners, which they distributed and placed on the stadium's chairs, and had concertgoers hold them up at various points in the concert.
Nearing the end of the concert when the boys were crooning to the ballad 'Storm', the stadium morphed into a starry night sky as it was lighted up with white flash lights instead of the group's signature blue lightsticks.
Taken aback by their fans' gestures, Leeteuk marveled, "We saw the white lights like yesterday and it was like a scene of stars. I never knew that Singapore has so many beautiful stars."
Living up to their titles as 'Fan Service Kings', the boys did not disappoint fans when they made their rounds in the stadium, running up the extended stage platforms to greet them, throwing towels, toys, extending handshakes, and charming them with their smiles and winks.
After their second encore song 'Miracle' when the boys were saying their final thank-you speeches towards fans, they voluntarily offered to "wet" themselves because "this is what we do when we feel fabulous during concerts".
Starting off with Siwon, Donghae and Zhou Mi, when it was Kyuhyun, Henry and Leeteuk's turn to get wet, leader tickled everyone when he said, "I wanna be cool so while I'm being sprayed by water, so please play 'Superman' for me."

Source: xinmsn

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